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Hey, saw my name invoked, so I wanted to clarify things. I don't have anything against quintin, but I didn't say he could host the OCR catalog in the way that he's pitching.

He probably took something I said on the forums, possibly not even directly to him, out of context. I'm happy to be quoted, but I've said before, if you want to host an OC ReMix somewhere, you just can't alter the filenames or metadata like the site's Content Policy explicitly states. It seems as if he extrapolated that into "OK, I can mirror & databasify their catalog, he told me so."

I didn't.

The Content Policy's written to allow and encourage fans to share the tracks, as in one or a handful because you love the tracks & the artists, but in a way that doesn't alter the files. The Content Policy's also allows OCR to terminate that agreement in cases where it's not being used in the spirit of the agreement, and so djp has responded doing that.

Whether or not you'll host OCR's music isn't the primary issue of the criticisms you've gotten, it's simply about hosting a ton of these artists' arrangements with 0 permission and without their knowledge.
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