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Default Mega Man III - Wily Stage Boss - Guitar Cover

Somehow, I managed to find this site. Seems like a perfect place to share some of the stuff I've been doing. Feel free to critique, but know that I am already aware of my flaws. :-)

The most recent thing I finished:

My next project is the Metal Man theme from Mega Man II. I've been considering a Kickstarter project, and have been doing a lot of research. I would like to create a very high-quality album of NES covers (I don't have studio monitors, nor a good computer). I'd like to see if there is enough of a niche out there for what I do to actually support a campaign like that, because I honestly have no idea. A Kickstarter campaign could pay for some stuff like hiring an artist, getting it professionally mastered, etc.

Blah. Maybe some people here have some pointers? Pointers specifically geared toward a project of this sort (video game covers), in the context of Kickstarter, of course.
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