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Originally Posted by Illidan View Post
It can be added as an alternative title regardless of whether it appears on the release or not, if it's an official translation. If it appears on the release, you can put it as default title (the first one).
Yes, I know that Illidan But I just ask you on which print of the album Hikari no Ken, you see the English title "Locke the Superman"? Or well the manga Chojin Locke has an English release?

I didn't delete them, it just appears that way because we don't have an artist page for TALIZMAN, so I can't link the performers to the unit.
If a page for the unit is created then the artists can be linked and they appear like in the field.
Ah ok, I understand better now

Note that the performer field isn't just for vocalists, you can and should put every instrument player on there.
I know already that too
But like Satoshi Ishii is a member of TALIZMAN, it's done a repetition on this line. I know, there's no choice if there's not an artist page for TALIZMAN yet
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