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Old Feb 7, 2012, 11:55 AM
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Default Game Music Similarities.

Note, this post is composed of many posts i made on VG Music similarity topics beforehand modified to fit in and be presented as one topic. I just now decided to bring the discussion here, since, well this is a VG music forum. :P So yeah, i have always been kind of interested in this kind of stuff, hopefully others here are as well. :P

Anyway, this is always a topic i am interested in as i love game music and it always interests me to see where it MIGHT have stemmed from or what it is unusually similar to.

Our Jorney - Breath of Fire II
Wild World - Cat Stevens

It sounds like it all through the song, but for the best impression, i say start it at 0:42 until about 1:30.(I also hear a little of Bay Area form Mighty Final Fight in the CS song as well)

Captain Commando - MvC1
Magic User's Club Opening(OVA Version)

Not just the melody, but listen to how the drum kicks in, it starts a tad later, but it's the same basic beat. When i first watched this, i swore up and down it was going to be a happy version of Cap's theme. LOL The drumming in one part of cap's theme even sounds slightly similar.

Breath of Fire II - A Long Time Ago

Always reminds me of Dhalsim's theme

Dhalsim Theme

EDIT: Can't forget this famous one. I was the first one who noticed this similarity. At least that i know of, possibly someone else did before me, but i don't know them.

M.U.S.H.A. Offensive Overdrive
Incredible Hulk Genesis - Boss 2

This one, i had not heard the original genesis version, but i used to go to VGMusic before any of these video sites like YouTube were around, and then i got IH for the genesis afterwards and i was slightly spooked at how similar the song was. But this was way back in the day, all the way back to 2004. XD

Gemeni Man

1960's Spider-Man Theme

Maybe i'm crazy, but i noticed the similarities, similar beat, similar melody, similar chord progression. etc

This could either be intentional or coincidental, who knows. Not claiming either.

I might be the only one thinking this, but i always thought the Staff Roll theme From Street Fighter Alpha 2 sounded like Rick Astley. Two songs specifically.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Staff Roll 3 (Note, this song is exclusive from SFA2)

First one that comes to mind. I think i actually remember hearing this and thinking of the SFA2 credits theme. I think of this because the piano part sounds like the you know what part.

The Famous Rick Roll Song

Then it sounds like it begins to delve into this song.

Together Forever - Rick Astley

It has a similar beat and its melody is rather Rick Astley-like, possibly a coincidence, but could have been intentional. Who knows?

And yes i know of Chrono Trigger's Rick Astley thing...It's old, never bring it up. LOL

Enemy Spaceship - Captain Commando

Toxic Seahorse - Mega Man X3

As well as.

Muscle Bomber - Lucky Colt

City - Captain Commando

This might be a bit of a stretch as the similarities aren't that obvious, but there's something oddly similar with Harden My Heart by Quarterflash and Slash Man from Mega Man 7. The beat is entirely different, but the melody, atmosphere, and overall theme are very similar. I heard the song on the radio today and noticed some odd similarities that simply made me think of Slash Man.

Harden My Heart

Slash Man

(Note, this is not my finding, but interesting none the less)

Stevie Wonder - Superstition

Vectorman Song

Woe Is The World - Comix Zone

Very Ape- Nirvana

Alternative: Woe is the World Sega Tunes version

Pure Imagination

Windmill Hut

Earthworm Jim- Psy-Crow

Sounds a lot like Lover Boy - Turn Me Loose in the intro, and then goes on to sound like a dance mix of Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis

I have always thought Final Fight - Stage 5-2 sounded a lot like The Doors - Love Her Madly Same key and atmosphere.

This Version threw in moments that makes it hold more similarities to it.

Buttville 1

na na hey hey kiss him goodbye

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs - Swamp Forest

Live A Live - Wait For Truth

Here's one someone else mentioned also sounded like Swamp Forest.

Live A Live - Kiss of Jealousy

And, that's all i have for now. :P
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