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Old Mar 7, 2010, 04:27 PM
kyubihanyou kyubihanyou is offline
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Proof of Irregular Hunter X's composers at 0:59

And here's Rockman Rockman just for fun at 6:37

Furthermore, all the composers should be in dark blue except for Toshihiko, unless "Theme of VAVA" is a new composition, in which case add the three Maverick Hunter X arrangers to the composer list as well.

EDIT: (03/08) "Theme of VAVA" is indeed a new composition, as it is his opening stage music [this:], and not Vava 1 or 2 from Rockman X, just as the original Opening Stage is used for "Theme of X." Title is also different from the original game ( I'm guessing Kento composed both of these, as the other two (Shinya and Seiko) aren't as guitar savvy in terms of Rockman titles.

Breakdown time:
Original compositions in Irregular Hunter X:
-Maverick Hunter X Opening Theme (US Opening) - Kento Hasegawa (guitar and main composer status)
-Title (the guitar) - Kento Hasegawa
-Theme of VAVA (Opening Stage VAVA) (the guitar) - Kento Hasegawa
-Stage Select VAVA (Guitar) - Kento Hasegawa
-Stage Clear VAVA (Guitar) - Kento Hasegawa
-Sigma Stage Demo (light guitar with horns) - Seiko Kobuchi (same techno beats as Irregular Hunters' Fate from Rockman X Command Mission)
-Sigma Stage 4 (Organ, piano, slow drama) - Seiko Kobuchi
-Sigma Demo (guitar) - Kento Hasegawa
-Sigma 1st Demo (dramatic techno with upward buildup in background) - Seiko Kobuchi
-Ending/Staff Roll - Seiko Kobuchi

-Opening Stage (Guitar) - Kento Hasegawa
-VAVA 1 (Violins and [not too] dramatic) - Seiko Kobuchi
-VAVA 2 (Guitar with techno) - Shinya Okada or Seiko Kobuchi
-Zero (Guitar with light techno) - Kento Hasegawa
-Demo (Piano) - Seiko Kobuchi
-Stage Select X (Guitar with much techno) - Shinya Okada
-Stage Start X (Guitar with synthesizer) - Shinya Okada
-Stage Start VAVA (Heavier guitar than X's version; same melody) - Kento Hasegawa
-Launcher Octopuld Stage (Techno with light guitar) - Seiko Kobuchi
-Icy Penguigo Stage (Techno; ambient) - Seiko Kobuchi
-Burnin' Noumander Stage (guitar) - Kento Hasegawa
-Boomer Kuwanger Stage (Techno beat with light guitar) - Shinya Okada (guitar sounds like one from Standby, Zero)
-Sting Chameleao Stage (guitar with piano) - Kento Hasegawa
-Spark Mandriller Stage (guitar with techno and violins) - Kento Hasegawa or Shinya Okada
-Storm Eagleed Stage (guitar with a lot of techno) - Shinya Okada (contains elements similar to Ninetails' theme from Rockman X Command Mission)
-Armor Armarge Stage (Techno beat, "rip" sound) - Seiko Kobuchi ("rip" sound also heard in Icy Penguigo stage)
-Boss 1 (Violins, light techno beat) - Shinya Okada
-Boss 2 (Techno beat, drums) - Shinya Okada (Sounds like Boss Battle from Rockman X Command Mission)
-Stage Clear X (Techno beat; high pitch) - Seiko Kobuchi
-Get a Weapon (Techno beat) - Seiko Kobuchi (Sounds like last part of Irregular Hunters' Fate from Rockman X Command Mission)
-Stage Select 2 (Techno and drums; very light guitar) - Seiko Kobuchi
-Sigma Stage 1 (Guitar and horns and violins) - Kento Hasegawa
-Sigma Stage 2 (Guitar) - Kento Hasegawa
-Sigma Stage 3 (Dramatic [but not too slow] techno) - Shinya Okada or Seiko Kobuchi (same part used in VAVA 2)
-Sigma 1st (guitar) - Kento Hasegawa
-Sigma Rebirth (guitar) - Kento Hasegawa
-Sigma 2nd (dramatic techno) - Seiko Kobuchi (reminiscent of Redips 3rd Movement, also done by Seiko Kobuchi)
-Dr. Right (Violins and slow-drama) - Seiko Kobuchi

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Old Nov 27, 2013, 03:02 PM
!!!!! !!!!! is offline
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Added scans of the entire CD Jacket front, back, and a larger image of the disc.
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Old Jul 7, 2021, 05:45 AM
Brad Evans II Brad Evans II is offline
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I think this entry needs a little updating. Couldn't Yuko Takehara and Yuki Iwai also be credited for Chill Penguin and Boomer.K?
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