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Old Jun 28, 2010, 02:29 AM
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ドアドア is "Door Door", not "Doa Doa."

ザース is "Zarth," not "Zasu."

ライーザ in 地球戦士ライーザ is "Rayieza," not "Raiiza." The title romanized is "Chikyuu Senshi Rayieza," but an English translation of "The Earth Fighter Rayieza" appears in the game.

Sugiyama is not credited anywhere on this album that I could see. Composition for Jesus, Wingman II, and Gandhara are confirmed for Sugiyama by this album: I have no idea how many other games on this album he's responsible for, but it doesn't look like it's all of them. As you can see above, The Earth Fighter Rayieza's music was done by Y. Sawamura. He's in the PC-88, FM-7, and MSX opening credits.
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Old Jun 28, 2010, 03:01 AM
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The issue of missing credits may be due to me having an incomplete copy. Most CDs of this vintage have a booklet that consists of just a front and a back, with a folded insert inside that contains all of the information (credits, lyrics, score, etc.). Unfortunately, my copy of this album only has the booklet, with no insert. I don't know for sure if there ever was an insert, but I think it is reasonable to expect that as a possibility.
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