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Old Mar 16, 2018, 11:49 AM
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- Updated track times from CD source
- Here is very preliminary, very much needs checking from anyone who has seen the movie or can provide more insight. There aren't any English resources for the film (yet) so I'm just doing the best that I can with what's available. I'm not posting this to the actual album until it gets checked or until I can watch the film and get more insight.

The following tracklist contains spoilers.


01. Iolf, the Clan of Partings -- The official English trailer for the films opening at the Glasgow Film Festival on 3/4 uses "Iolf" and "Clan of Partings" (
02. Wings of Destruction -- The Mesarte Army invades the town on an ancient beast called Renato (Lenato), from various English synopses.
03. Encounter with Partings -- I don't like the way this sounds but if "Clan of Partings" is the official translation, then this is appropriate.
04. Becoming More of a Mother Each Day -- I think this has a little more subtext than the title implies. Making an educated guess it has to do with the fact that Maquia has to become a mother after finding the child in the forest. A more literal translation would be "Being/Playing the Part of a Mother Every Day".
05. A Partings True Feelings
06. Unexpected Reunion
07. Hiding in the Celebration Parade
08. The Reality of Each Day -- "Reality" is also "The Hard Truth" and this might have to do with Maquia slowly having to come to terms with the fact that a mother that does not age will be problematic.
09. A Banquet for Workers
10. Faced with Becoming Lonely in the End -- I took some liberty with this but this is probably the core tenet of the film (from the trailer: "You cannot fall in love with someone from the outside.", "If you fall in love, you will become truly alone.")
11. The Complication of Love -- Given the theme of the film, I used "Complication" for 交錯.
12. Parting
13. Revenge and Madness
14. A Prologue to the End -- I stuck with "the End" for 滅び (see: M10).
15. The Clan of Partings and Their Madness
16. Life and Existence -- I don't like "Life and Life" so I just used an alternate synonym.
17. Mother and Child
18. Fly Towards the Heavens -- Could be "Flying" and could also be "Sky".
19. Gratitude and Preparedness -- I don't really like any of the options here "Thanks|Gratitude" and "Preparedness|Resolution|Resignation|Readiness ".
20. The Promised Flowers
21. Viator

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Old Dec 25, 2018, 12:43 PM
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I found out that the official translation for the first track should be "Morph, the Clan of the Separated", as that's what the official localization stands for.

I attempted a translated track list myself, and in doing so accidentally created a duplicate. Feel free to make corrections as you see fit.
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