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Old Oct 19, 2008, 08:28 PM
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If this really is Tomohito Nishiura first work, according to the artist page, it definitely is more than adequate.

Well done 'Main Theme' that really grows on you after a while. The beginning of the soundtrack is well done with the menacing 'Ceremony,' soothing and revealing 'Open Your Eyes' and a pleasant town theme in 'Norune Village,' which is hard to find fault with. And The first boss theme 'The Djinni Dran' is probably my favorite on here.

There is a feeling of melancholy with 'Time of Destiny' that I quite like. It is the same as 'Memories', just longer and with different and more instrumentation. The former I enjoy more so.

'Last Battle' is pretty good for an ending battle track, but nothing that screams epic. It does bring across the sense of urgency of the situation though, which I assume was the point. Frankly 'The Djinni Dran' had the more epic feel. For those that want to hear it and see the final battle... Personally, I never made it to him as I moved on to other games and got a little bored.

'Main Theme (Bossa Nova)' ending the album is a little arrangement of the first track. I just think it is a little much.

A major downside of this album is the lack of tracks looping.


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Old Nov 26, 2009, 12:52 PM
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Some suggestions for tracklist corrections. I figured I'd make a post here before I made the changes to see if anyone has any objections, and also to explain these changes. I use the localized game as a basis for some these corrections, largely because Level-5 themselves never provided any "official" transliterations.

04 - The Resurrection of the Demons
Should be something like "Resurrection of the Genie", or "Resurrection of the Dark Genie" (in the localized game, he's referred to as the "Dark Genie", but the Kanji used is "Majin", which can be translated as just "Genie").

08 - The Cave of the Djinni
The localized version of the game refers to this as the "Divine Beast Cave". I feel "Divine Beast" is a more accurate translation of 神獣 than "Djinni", anyway.

10 - The Djinni Doran
As mentioned above, the official localization of the game translates 神獣 as "Divine Beast". ドラン was localized as "Dran", but I'm not sure if "Dran" is what the developers intended. I'd go with "Divine Beast Dran" (as he's referred to in the game).

14 - Blaunpou
Should be "Brownboo" (if one wishes to go by the localized name, otherwise, replace that last b with a p).

17 - The Guardians of the Forest
Should just be "The Guardian of the Forest" (or "The Forest Guardian"), as it refers to a single character.

20 - A Sinking Ship
Should be "Sunken Ship", or "Shipwreck". It's the name of a dungeon.

27 - Masca Rakka
Should be "Muska Lacka".

29 - If You Strain Your Ears…
Might be better translated as "Listen Carefully", or something along those lines.

30 - The Palace of the Sun and Moon
Should be "The Sun and Moon Temple".

33 - Aero Drop
Should be "Yellow Drop" ("Yellow Drops", if you want to go by the localized name), which is the name of an area in the game.

35 - Ocean and Moon
Should be "Moon Sea", another area in the game.
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Old Nov 26, 2009, 07:25 PM
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Your translations look better than what we've got, so go ahead and make the edits. Kudos for compiling justifications for your edits before doing them.
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Old Nov 26, 2009, 09:06 PM
Redfield Redfield is offline
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All right, I updated the tracklist. I wasn't sure how to correctly transliterate some of the names, so in those instances, I just went with their localized names, but left any names used in the Japanese version that I did know how to correctly transliterate alone.
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Old Jun 12, 2010, 04:17 PM
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Is the note that "Track 46 is arranged" really relevant? It's just the staff roll theme, not a track arranged specifically for the album (it is about two minutes too short on the OST, though). It is, however, worth noting that they used a different synth for the entire soundtrack (they did the same thing with Dark Cloud 2's soundtrack), so the tracks sound better on the OST than they did in the game.
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Old Jun 12, 2010, 09:13 PM
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Well, on that note, some songs are practically an entire octave higher or lower altogether. No pun intended on "note"

And I think better is relative. They do sound different though.

EPIC YEAR-AND-A-HALF EDIT: I don't know why I didn't pay more attention to that post. Track 46 is not an arrangement at all. It's like Redfield said, the staff roll theme. It is original soundtrack through and through.

Last edited by Hellacia; Dec 18, 2011 at 10:10 PM.
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