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Old Jul 13, 2009, 04:20 PM
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Default Purpose of this forum

remixSite ( is a site for posting game music and videos that you have composed, rearranged, or produced, and listeners may download any work that's been uploaded free of charge. Visitors can rate your work and provide constructive criticism so that you may revise it. Then, you can post a new version of the song and everyone can work with each other through this process of incremental improvement. And if you're already experienced in game music, you might earn the to have your song featured at the top of the charts on the front page of the site. Furthermore, the site provides the opportunity for anyone to organize competitions between video game music composers.

remixSite was designed with the Video Game Music Database as a core element. Each song lists influences, which are tracks from VGMdb. Since the influences are cataloged using VGMdb's vast collection of data, it's easy to search for a specific game or track's remixes using the many grids, and even to create a custom playlist based upon your selections.

You can contribute by visiting the site and signing up for an account. There is no charge and your work's copyrights remain 100% yours. We respect artists' rights and artists are welcome to click the "remove" button to delete their media at any time. We strive not to be a clique, and if we are, then please call us out on it. There is no judging process or waiting period before your songs are live, and you may post songs that are originals or remixes, and songs that are available at other sites or have never been published before. Join our community by making a post in this forum to say hi.

If you're not a musician, then perhaps you might consider reviewing some songs or videos that have been posted recently, or simply browsing through our collection.
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Old Feb 18, 2010, 11:19 AM
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Default Rule changes

Recently, I announced that I would be putting more effort into the site and making some significant changes, but that in return, I would be asserting a greater control over some aspects of the site's running. In preparation for releasing these major changes, I wanted to post some rule changes.

I realize that the video game music community tends to be very competitive. However, I believe that there is a distinction between offering criticism in a reasonable manner, and making posts with no real opinions that are designed only to put down others. I'm not stating that either way is wrong or right; however, other sites have lesser or nonexistent policies on this behavior, and you are welcome to post there if you disagree with this stance.

I want remixSite to be foremost a place where people can go to feel welcomed in the community, and where there are no cliques or barriers to entry. That's why anyone can post songs, and it's also why I believe that a policy promoting a welcoming atmosphere is necessary.

Effective immediately, criticism and even personal criticism is welcome, but mocking people, making backhanded comments, and name-calling without any constructive benefit is not acceptable here. For a critical post to be welcome, it must satisfy the extremely low barrier of having some factual substance to it. For example, "X's song is awful because it is monotone and slow" is welcome, but "X is an idiot for posting this song" is not welcome. If something is questionable, we'll err on the side of allowing people to speak. For now, posts that are unwelcome will be deleted (but posts will never be edited). Later, unwelcome posts will cost that poster experience points. Posts made before February 17 will not be deleted.

In addition, users who rate a disproportionate number of songs with one star will face account suspension on the site beginning with the next release. You're welcome to rate songs with one star, but rating everything one star doesn't serve any purpose other than to put down artists. Like with Composition Combat, it is possible to track the patterns of individual users relatively accurately, even those who are not logged into their accounts or who switch IP addresses. If you don't yet have an account, then your ratings will be invalidated and you will not be able to register for an account. The threshold will be high enough that honest users won't have anything to worry about.

While some will disapprove of these decisions, I'm sure that others will agree that we can be civil and still allow people to offer their opinions freely at the same time.
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Old Feb 18, 2010, 04:09 PM
Kidd Cabbage Kidd Cabbage is offline
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Originally Posted by quintin3265 View Post
Effective immediately... mocking people, making backhanded comments, and name-calling without any constructive benefit is not acceptable here.

Old Feb 18, 2010, 07:31 PM
Omnomnomnom Omnomnomnom is offline
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/makes a backhanded comment about Kidd Cabbage. lols, then cries.
Old Feb 21, 2010, 05:30 PM
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these arent 'decisions', these are non-issues within your site. i hope it doesnt come off as sounding retaliatory towards you or your site, but you never implemented any staff, you never properly implemented any or many of the changes that much of the community suggested to you, and you never worked outside of these communities to build a unique userbase.

how are you going to address stuff like people abusing the rating system, or giving shitty criticism when you never even got to that point? your site has many more important feature functionality issues to address and change in order to simply bring a userbase to your site before you need to worry about stuff like that.

personally, i think your problem first and foremost is that you are far too technical and proper and you dont exhibit or maybe dont firstly have the technical skills to support the ideas you have, you can explain them but you cant follow through with them. i have seen you say to people when they suggest something to you 'oh wait, its right here', when the function isnt actually there to be found easily, timely, or in the way that was explained to you. often it seems like you are missing the point in what people are trying to explain to you, and by not really paying close mind to that, improving/changing, and implementing it, you are wasting people's faith in you that you have the time/desire/wearwithall to work with the site and make it something truly special. almost all of these factors is why i cant help you anymore, but ultimately you wasted that with me by not giving proper attention overall to remixsite as well as addressing non-issues instead of addressing the site, such as the 'its time to get real' thread and how you dealt with it and threads like this. you are and have shown that you want the site to be a success for your own personal desires, and that is not really something many people are going to help you make a reality when you arent showing that you want to be truly understanding and listen to people's communication with you. sorry man, but its gotta be said.
-shawn phase
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wandering in warp zones since 1997

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