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Old Sep 1, 2012, 06:12 AM
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Interesting thing I noticed about Media Factory recently is that they put up all their bonus CD track info on JASRAC well before they are released.

We already have the full tracklist+composer for this soundtrack (split across 4 CDs), for example. Only M-16 is missing, which may be a mistake.

M-01 A / Keigo Hoashi
M-01 B / Keigo Hoashi
M-02 A / Ryuichi Takada
M-02 B / Ryuichi Takada
M-03 A / Ryuichi Takada
M-03 B / Ryuichi Takada
M-04 A / Keigo Hoashi
M-04 B / Keigo Hoashi
M-05 A / Ryuichi Takada
M-05 B / Ryuichi Takada
M-06 A / Keigo Hoashi
M-06 B / Keigo Hoashi
M-07 / Keigo Hoashi
M-08 / Keigo Hoashi
M-09 / Keigo Hoashi
M-10 / Keigo Hoashi
M-11 / Keigo Hoashi
M-12 / Keigo Hoashi
M-13 / Keigo Hoashi
M-14 / Keigo Hoashi
M-15 / Ryuichi Takada
M-17 / Keigo Hoashi
M-18 / Keigo Hoashi
M-19 / Ryuichi Takada
M-20 / Ryuichi Takada
M-21 / Ryuichi Takada
M-22 / Ryuichi Takada
M-23 / Keigo Hoashi
M-24 / Keigo Hoashi
M-25 / Ryuichi Takada
M-26 / Keigo Hoashi
M-27 / Keigo Hoashi
M-28 / Keigo Hoashi
M-29 / Ryuichi Takada
M-30 / Keigo Hoashi
M-31 / Ryuichi Takada
M-32 / Ryuichi Takada
M-33 A / Keigo Hoashi
M-33 B / Keigo Hoashi
M-34 / Keigo Hoashi
M-35 / Ryuichi Takada
M-36 / Keigo Hoashi
M-37 / Ryuichi Takada
M-38 / Keigo Hoashi
EX-01 / Ryuichi Takada
EX-02 / Ryuichi Takada
EX-03 / Ryuichi Takada
EX-04 / Ryuichi Takada

Retailers and other websites don't list Media Factory bonus CD information, so it's useful to know the info is listed somewhere.

Edit: Unfortunately these credits are now useless since this release actually does have track names. I guess they submitted their information incorrectly.

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