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Old Apr 20, 2020, 07:55 AM
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Default Animal Crossing Composer Inquiry

Hello! I am in search of some information. Would anyone here happen to know/have a source for who composed K.K. Slider's music throughout the Animal Crossing series? I would assume Kazumi Totaka would be the one who composed K.K. Slider's songs, but a source confirming this would be nice. Additionally, I am looking for the composer(s) of the aircheck (not live) versions of the same tracks (so for ex. K.K. Salsa vs K.K. Salsa (Aircheck). Anything would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Old Apr 21, 2020, 01:56 AM
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For the original N64 / GC game, all of the KK songs were seemingly made by Toru Minegishi. As he mentions here:

If any readers are dreaming about becoming video game sound designers, I recommend familiarizing yourself with a variety of musical genres. During the development of Animal Crossing, I was in charge of composing K.K. Slider’s “present music.” I needed to create more than 50 different musical tracks! It had to be from all kinds of musical genres, and it also had to sound like it was played on some cheap keyboard! I had no problem composing music from genres I was already familiar with, but I couldn’t create tunes from more than 50 different genres just using my imagination. I needed to study hard and learn about a variety of music to complete the project, and it was a very tough job to squeeze all that information into my head. In order to respond to these types of needs, it’s important for sound designers to be familiar with various kinds of music.
The total number of KK songs in the orignal release is 58, so I don't think is too far-fetched to consider that maybe he composed them all. That being said, we have sources that strictly confirm that he composed K.K. Chorale (けけさんびか), K.K. Bossa (けけボッサ), K.K. Soul (けけソウル) and Go K.K. Rider! (ゆけ!けけライダー), as well as K.K. Metal (けけメタル), which first appeared in the Japan-exclusive Dobutsu no Mori e+.

Actually, Chorale, Bossa and Metal are featured on their aircheck versions in each CD, which leads me to believe that Minegishi composed those first, and the live versions were made later. To some degree it makes sense, since Minegishi appears with a credit of "Indoor BGM" in Animal Crossing and the aircheck versions are indeed heard inside the residents' houses in the game (and, as he mentions, they kinda sound like they were made on a "cheap keyboard").

As for the live versions, I kinda believe they might have been arranged by Kazumi Totaka, since in this interview he mentions that he had to "arrange 58 pre-existing songs in two weeks". My guess is that after Minegishi's aircheck songs were made, Totaka made their respective KK Slider covers (none of this is being explicitly said though).

For further games, I don't know if there is much more info on who composed the new K.K. Slider tracks though.
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