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Old Nov 4, 2010, 09:17 PM
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Default Muscle Bomber: The Body Explosion: Composer Discussion

Well, after doing the Rockman X 1 topic, i decided to do one on another game, Muscle Bomber.

Now let's get on to business. Two Composers confirmed, Masaki Izutani(T-Yomage) and Syun(Nishigaki)

Here is my un-official breakdown as to who did who, done in a different style than normal.

Intro: Masaki
Game Select: ?
Player Select: ?
VS: Masaki
Tokyo: Syun
Moscow: Syun
Hanover: Syun
London: ?
New York: Masaki
Victory: Masaki
New Challenger: ?
New Challenger Select: ?
Calgary: Masaki
Los Angeles: Syun
Mexico: ?(oddly reminds me much of Yuko Takehara's works despite having no credited work here)
Sydney: Syun(Interestingly, it shares a riff also used in Rockman X2 Stage intro theme)
Zalazoff: Syun
Colt: Masaki(no doubt here, sounds almost exactly like a stage from Captain Commando)
Stinger: ?(Reminds me a bit of Setsuo Yamamoto's work, namely adon's theme, though setsuo has no credit here)
Titan: Syun
Budo: Masaki
Haggar: Masaki
Gomes: ?
Sheep: Masaki
Kimala: Syun
Astro: Masaki
Ending 1 and 2: Syun
Credits: ?
Continue: Masaki
Game Over: Masaki
Ranking: Masaki

This is my take on this whole thing.

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Old Dec 16, 2010, 01:17 PM
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I'm not even gonna try with this one (at least not yet, anyway ), since this is more outside my range than others, but here's the in-game sound staff list, for context clues

The fact that Masaki Izutani and Toshio Kajino are significant among the other three tells me that they are either
a) The music composers as opposed to the sound effects/sound program, OR
b) The heads of the sound department as opposed to those with lesser music and sound roles

I'm assuming b) is correct; here's why

-Masaki Izutani is on top, with an instrument no less. He did music, no doubt about that.

-Toshio Kajino being second from the top shows that he's a major component of the sound team, and his only music-related credit is technically arrangement [SNES version of Final Fight], so I think it's safe to assume he's SE only.

-This wouldn't be the first time Syun did only sound effects for a game. Furthermore, both The Punisher and every game in the Muscle Bomber series isn't on his official website ( Considering X-Men: CotA of all games is there, I'd have to say that Syun's choice of games in that list were those in which he was significant as a composer, which would explain why The Punisher (only SE) and Rockman 2: The Power Fighters (mostly arrangements, if not all arrangements) were not in that brief list. If the liner notes of the even-more obscure Super Muscle Bomber OST ( were uploaded, it would definitely shead some light as to the extent of his participation.

-Similarly, Kiyo was credited as "Compose" in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs as opposed to "Sound Design," so I wouldn't designate Kiyo as sound effects only so easily (furthers disrproves "choice a" from above)

-Nobuhiro Oouchi definitely seems to be sound effects only here, and unlike Yoshihiro Sakaguchi and Toshio Kajino, he never got a chance to handle music anytime during his time with Capcom. The liner notes in the Muscle Bomber OST were written by him, much like how Hiroaki Kondo and Ryoji Yamamoto [sound staff for Street Fighter Zero] wrote that game's OST's liner notes.

So, um, yeah, this is all I got for this one:
BGM: Masaki Izutani, Syun Nishigaki, Kiyo
SE: Toshio Kajino, Nobuhiro Oouchi (and maybe Kiyo? [along with or instead of BGM])

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