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Old Nov 5, 2016, 09:02 PM
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Question Earthworm Jim Soundtrack (warning, potentially stupid post)

I apologize if this is the stupidest thing someone could say, but was there someone else involved in the sound design and engineering of the Genesis version of Earthworm Jim 1? The two composers listed for the game are Tommy Tallarico and Mark Miller, however, these two composers are notorious, at least to me, for REALLY mediocre sound design on the Genesis. I mean Tommy is a great at writing music, but he is mediocre on dealing with the FM soundchip on the Genesis. Mark Miller is even worse. His sound design is WEAK on the genesis, and to make matters worse, his compositions range from crappy, to mediocre, to decent, to good at best. This certainly feels nothing like Mark's sound design. He has that horrible habit of using the psg noise channel for snares for whatever reason. Even worse, he has work on the ps1 and SNES, and even they sound like crap. The compositions in the game feel more like Tommy Tallarico, but just about every time he has done FM sound programming, it sounds poor. He's better with CD tracks.

So where that leads to here is that the fm sound programming in earthworm jim on the genesis has really nice sound design. It's not out of league for the console, but it works nicely for what it is. It almost feels like a somewhat watered down version of Miki Higashino's sound design, and for possibly using GEMS, EWJ uses the sound drive surprisingly well. Jim 2 sounds far more like Tommy's sound engineering, in that it's inferior to the first one's sound. A couple songs in the game feel like pure tallarico sound design, but the majority of it sounds out of leage for him, and beyond out of league for mark miller. So was this some random fluke of his, or was there someone else having intervention on sound design and programming?

Again, sorry if this is the dumbest question ever asked, and if you agree it is, feel free to call me out on it, but i am curious.
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