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Old Nov 14, 2010, 12:07 PM
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According to this, she is the composer of 12 tracks built into a visual novel minigame that was cut from the North American version of Final Fantasy Tactics. Many will recognize them as the ripped .psf tracks credited to "Mitsui". Actually, these particular tracks are quite good--I wonder what her other music sounds like?

The other composer, Yuuko Miura (the tracks credited to "myu"), has no entry here.

With the removal of the Zodiac Brave Story Sound Novel minigame during localization (see below), several pieces of music became unused in the overseas release, but still remained on the disc. These tracks are all numbered 81-96 in the sound test. Tracks 81-91 are credited to 'Mitsui' (Yukiko Mitsui) and 92-96 are credited to 'myu' (Yuuko Miura).
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Old Jun 26, 2016, 04:28 PM
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There's a profile of a 三井ゆきこ I've seen in a few places that says she worked on the Sylvanian Families project, of which that album is a part, but I can't really determine its providence and it's not entirely clear to me from the profile alone that it's the same person.

However, the biographical details there match the biographical details given on Basiscape's site, so I'm sure they're the same person yeah.
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