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Old Jun 6, 2014, 07:56 PM
trypetide trypetide is offline
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So, I'll try to propose you some changes to do concerning the tracklist (english and japanese) of this soundtrack. I'm not an expert but I tried to explain as much as possible "why".

-Japanese name of track 15-


The Kanji "「戦」" should be changed for "「戟」".

戦 can be romanized as "Sen" -meaning "battle"- but isn't the kanji used on the booklet/back cover.

On the other hand, 戟 can be romanized as "Geki" -meaning "Arms"- this is confirmed by the Katakana "-ゲキ-" at the end of the track's name.


-Potential change of the first track's name AND so the romanized part of the soundtrack's Title too-

ドラマ “幻世虚構・精霊機導弾” 外伝

I think it would be more accurate to use the term "Maboroyo"
[contraction of "幻" -Maboroshi (Illusion/Vision/Phantasm)- and "世" -Yo (World)-] ~as you can see HERE, HERE or even HERE also writted in Katakana (まぼろよ)~

than "Gensei" [writted here, based on "幻" being "gen" + "世" being "Sei", which doesn't mean anything with these 2 kanjis put together].
At least, "Gensei" would be correct if used as "現世" (Present/Transient world), but again it wouldn't make sense because of what happens in the Drama.

The drama is directly related to the introduction of the game where Tagami, the principal character (AKA the player) is "reading" what happened before in the past -the events that had caused the world to be in its presently desperate state- by touching some stones when searching for clues about the world's situation where the game takes place.

So in short, the track's title would be something like

DRAMA “Maboroyo Kyokou・Seirei KIDOUDAN” Gaiden

As for translating it...

"DRAMA “Imaginary Phantasm World ~ Soul Machine Guidance Part” Side Story"

This could work I guess... I don't have something to back this up though, apart from translating each kanji and try to make sense with them.

AS for the Title of the soundtrack itself, well then it should be "Maboroyo Kyokou・Seirei KIDOUDAN ELEMENTAL GEARBOLT SOUND TRACK & DRAMA" as seen on the cover.
I don't think the japanese part would be translated as "elemental gearbolt", but if someone can offer us the explanation, I'm all ears \o/ !!

-About other tracks' names-

I suppose the tracklist is directly taken from the US version of the game's sound test, hence the differences, but here are other little changes to do.

Track 03: 「静」(メニュー)-シズカ-
The right word would be "Quiet" (静 / シズカ = Shizuka), not "Solitude".

Track 08: 「怖」(ステージ3)-フ-
I think using the word "Fearful" would be more accurate than just "Fear". But I'm nitpicking~

Track 11: 「城」(ステージ5)-シロ-
The right word would be "Castle" (城 / シロ = Shiro), not "Fortress".

Track 19: 「終」(オープニング)-シュウ-
The right word would be "Final" (終 / シュウ = Shuu), not "Ending".


And that's it.
A magnificent soundtrack that will forever bring joy to my ears~

Last edited by trypetide; Jun 6, 2014 at 08:08 PM.
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Old Jun 6, 2014, 10:53 PM
CHz's Avatar
CHz CHz is offline
VGMdb Administrator
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Track 15 yeah that should be 戟, good catch.

幻世 in the title is read gensei -> Perfectly valid using on readings of the characters, as one would expect in a compound. It's a made-up word, don't get too hung up on it.

Re. album title: the obi only uses 幻世虚構・精霊機導弾 オリジナルサウンドトラック&ドラマ without the "ELEMENTAL GEARBOLT" subtitle, so that's what I went with. I'd be interested in what titles appear on the spines.
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Old Jun 7, 2014, 05:32 AM
trypetide trypetide is offline
Join Date: Jun 2010
Posts: 34

Well, Maboroyo was a good match at least, but okay, "he" said it XD
As for the OBI, yeah I saw that... Strange in a sense but again, not that rare.
The only other pics I've got of the package is THIS. Again, no spines u_u, but it should be the same as the Obi anyway.

And as for the other tracks, what's your opinion ?
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Old Jun 7, 2014, 05:36 AM
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Phonograph Phonograph is offline
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actually "gensei" is the common reading for 幻世, "maboroyo" is a special reading (furigana)
like you can have "uchuu" for 宇宙 and "sora" as special reading, etc.
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Old Mar 6, 2021, 10:11 AM
Blaqthourne Blaqthourne is offline
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Booklet p. 9 & 10 are missing. I've changed the image descriptions of the later pages to reflect this. I cannot get a good scan of it due to how the booklet is attached to the bifold.
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