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Old Feb 14, 2018, 10:55 AM
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Uploaded the credits pages. There's at least 100 (!) musicians and they didn't even list the individual strings players. I don't have time to work on this right now so if someone else wants to start on it, then you're more than welcome to do so.

Interestingly, this time they gave us a full member list for the Bahamut Chorus. I added a page for them here:

Also, it doesn't seem to be listed but Yoshihiro Ike is also the conductor of this score.

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Old Feb 14, 2018, 01:58 PM
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I'll update the Album Info and add them in a few minutes but I wanted to post it in case someone else was working on it. All the information was pulled and validated from here:

Strings: 小池弘之ストリングス
Flute & Ocarina: 高桑英世
Flute & Piccolo: 若松純子, 多久潤一朗, 神田勇哉
Flute: 森川道代, 吉田杏奈
Oboe: 最上峰行, 大植圭太郎, 小野寺彩子, 北村貴子, 坪池泉美, 小山祐生
Clarinet & Bass Clarinet: 十亀正司, 有馬理絵
Clarinet: 中ヒデヒト, 黒尾文恵, 高子由佳, 濱崎由紀, 鈴木高通, 畑中真理
Fagotto: 井上俊次, 岡本正之, 武井俊樹, 石川晃
Horn: ジョナサン・ハミル, 上間善之, 大野雄太, 矢野健太, 松坂隼, 井上華, 加藤智浩, 鈴木優, 藤田麻理絵
Trumpet: 辻本憲一, 本間千也, 尹千浩, 多田将太郎, 田中敏雄, 濱口勝治, 重井吉彦, 安藤友樹, 伊藤駿, 川村大, 佐藤友紀*
Trombone: 鳥塚心輔, 佐藤洋樹, 中西和泉, 古賀光, 住川佳祐
Bass Trombone & Contrabass Trombone: 藤井良太, 山口隼士
Cimbasso & Tuba: 渡辺功
Cimbasso: 次田心平
Percussion: 高田みどり, 大石真理恵, 岩瀬立飛, 池頼広
A.Gt, Bouzouki & Mandora: 西海孝
Bodhran: 北川友里
Snare: 萱谷亮一*
Bouzouki: 中村大史
Uilleann Pipes, Irish Flute, Tin Whistle & Low Whistle: 野口明生*
Tin Whistle & Irish Flute: 豊田耕三
Fiddle Violin: 大久保真奈
Soprano Solo: 鐵由美子
Tenor Solo: 大槻孝志
Soprano: 鐵由美子, 二見麻衣子, 盛田麻央, , 山口清子, 田浦彩夏, 大西ゆか, 東中千佳, 臼木あい, 後藤真美, 藤田美奈子
Alto: 星野恵里, 池田恵利(理)子, 小林由佳, 北村典子, 長谷川忍, 三宮美穂, 木下泰子, 紙谷弘子, 山西さや香, 吉成文乃, 谷石奈緒子
Tenor: 大槻孝志, 馬場崇, 小城龍生, 中嶋克彦, 石塚幹信, 小野友輔, 高田正人, 高畠伸吾
Bass:  押見春樹, 駒田敏章, 石崎秀和, 大井哲也, 村山岳, 清水那由太(多), 狩野賢一, 吉川健一, 畠山茂

Lyrics: 矢崎恭子
Recording & Mixing Engineer: 松田龍太, 長谷川巧
Assistant Engineer: 川越誠也 (Avaco Creative Studio), 中山太陽, (SOUND CITY), 金井亮 (VICTOR STUDIO)
Recording Studio: Avaco Creative Studio, SOUND CITY, VICTOR STUDIO
Recording & Mixing Studio: Studio Kitchen
Musician Coordination: 関谷典子 (Face Music)
Score Copyist: 村井“ボックル”杏名
音楽機材協力: 光城精工

- The Bass artist (清水那由太) is either typo'd on the above webpage or typo'd on the insert. I'm not sure which but I noted above 清水那由太(多?) with the typo'd kanji from the website in parenthesis. *edit* Looks like typo is on the webpage.

- The following 5 artists are found at the above link but are not credited in the inserts (unless I missed them):

Soprano: 長谷川忍
Alto: 森永美穂
Tenor: 根本俊介, 廣田亮
Bass: 薮内俊弥

- The 3 artists with an astericks above were listed in the inserts but not on the website.
- Alto artist 池田恵利子 has a typo in the 4th kanji in the inserts, noted in parenthesis.

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Old Feb 14, 2018, 05:05 PM
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Nice job! Just two corrections:
藤友紀 -> 佐藤友紀 (Tomonori Sato)
谷亮一 -> 萱谷亮一 (Ryoichi Kayatani)

According to the two links below 池田恵利子 is Eriko Ikeda (soprano). However, in this album she is credited as alto.
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Old Feb 14, 2018, 07:47 PM
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Ah yes, thanks! ... radical lookup mistakes ... . I updated the note post.
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Old Feb 15, 2018, 02:33 AM
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Thanks guys. I cleaned it up a bit and added pages for a few of the musicians. The only other typo I saw was 矢崎子 -> 矢崎恭子 (Kyoko Yazaki).
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