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Old Oct 17, 2009, 08:22 AM
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Default Composition Combat registration thread

Those who intend to participate in Composition Combat should post in this thread. Information about the competition and detailed rules are available here. If you read the rules before October 17, you should read them again, as we adjusted and clarified a few issues in response to community questions before the competition period began.

Your post should contain the song number of your first revision. To make things easier for people, you can also include and update a URL that points to your latest revision. Upload a lossless version of your song if possible, so that listeners will be able to listen at the highest possible quality. Lossless files will automatically be compressed for browser streaming and both versions will be available for download.

While this is common sense, I'll post it here anyway. This is an original competition. You may not take melodies from existing game music and remix them into your song (although you may make a song that is influenced by a particular composer's style). You may not use the melodies of any video game remixes that have been posted at places like Overclocked ReMix, VGMix, VGMusic, or remixSite. Also, you may not include the melodies of any other competitor's entries in your work.

Good luck!


A long time in the future, humans have achieved a state of domination over nature. All forms of disease and even aging were cured long ago, thanks to nanotechnology that is powered by massive fusion power plants. Transportation whisks people instantly around the globe in seconds. Robots perform all of the necessary tasks of daily living, so that nobody has had to work for as long as anyone can remember. Fighting and violence are a thing of the past, because there is nothing to fight over. People spend their time playing games, having social events, and living out their fantasies in virtual reality. Happiness is a right, money is unlimited, and nobody has any reason to expect that this state won't continue forever.

Innovation has ceased, because most people believe that they have discovered everything they need to know. Only a few remain outcasts remain dedicated to discovering new technolgies and attempting to learn more about the Universe.

One day, an onimous darkness covers part of the sky, and a minute later, the world's power generation stations go offline. Those few engineers that remain are unable to restore the power, even though the generators continue running and appear to be generating electricity. In seconds, civilization is returned to the middle ages. Without electricity, millions are killed instantly, and billions die over the coming weeks of disease and starvation. As resources become scarce, wars break out for control of food and supplies.

Throughout it all, the darkness in the sky does not disappear. Some believe that the event was caused by God, and worship and pray for a return to their past lives. Others grow fearful and retreat underground, over time creating vast cities where they believe they will be protected from the darkness should anything further befall the planet. Some, unsuccessfully, attempt to contact the space stations that remain in orbit to encourage them to find out what is going on. Some devote their time to trying to restore the power, but even though the generators are intact, they simply won't produce any electricity. Others, knowing that they will now age normally and die after a brutally short 30 or 40 years, simply commit suicide. Nobody knows anything, and everyone is afraid.

The player is a man who, despite being five thousand years old, has never attended school, has never had any responsibilities, and has never had to work a day in his life. At the time the darkness appeared, he was hiking in the middle of what used to be called Arizona, with constant hydration supplied by the nanobots that survived in the air throughout the planet. Now, with no food, water, or any means to defend himself from animals or people, his first task is to find shelter. Near-death, the player eventually makes it to a place where people have started to assemble, but it is not suitable for long-term survival.

These people are the most unsuitable group imaginable for living together and embarking upon a journey of survival and discovery, but they find themselves with no other choice. Amongst them is a chemist who can create concoctions that damage enemies, a man who used his centries of wisdom to learn the art of the sword, a recently-born 10-year-old girl who is gifted with the ability to play music that can lull enemies to sleep or motivate her friends to perform more effectively, a husband and wife who were amongst the first to achieve immortality and who have invested their time researching the long-forgotten arts of gunsmithing and battlefield tactics, a woman who held the world championship in archery for over a hundred years, and a boy who used to spend his time exploring nature to find plants with medicinal properties.

After a long treak through environments ranging from desert to forests to snowcapped mountains, the group reaches safety at a settlement that has been formed by the survivors of the catastophe, but the accomplishment is short-lived. Settlements are already banding together to form groups to attack others and to steal basic necessities for life. Political intrigue takes on a role long forgotten. Greed and envy reemerge. A neighboring nation, however, seems to be rapidly gaining strength and appears to have its sights set on more than simply survival. The player agrees to infiltrate the neighboring state's territory, and his party begins to find out that some people here may know more about the nature of the darkness than they are letting on. One of these people, knowledgable in physics, suggests that the player's party travel to a former observatory where the optics can be manually activated to examine the darkness in the sky. The physicist betrays the party to his group's leader, however, and the group is imprisoned to prevent them from discovering the source of the darkness before the leader who now appears to be the villian.

After a daring escape through an underground city, the party learns that the villian has already visited the observatory and has traveled to an unknown location. Upon arriving at the observatory, the player sees that the source of the darkness is actually a large spacecraft in orbit. Suspecting that the spacecraft is the source of the world's power problems, the party travels to the space elevator, and there meets the villian. A decisive battle ensues, and the party is narrowly able to escape in one of the elevator's remaining fueled cars to orbit. Piloting first to a mysteriously abandoned human space station for refueling, and then to the spacecraft itself, they contact an alien civilization through a female who eventually grows to become the player's love interest.

The player learns that the alien civilization, far more advanced than humanity, was long ago based on a planet that has since become uninhabitable, and the remnants of their society were directed to board the current ship to continue to survive. Avid technologists, they believe they are close to discovering the meaning of the Universe, but have depleted their power reserves and desparately need additional power to continue their research. The ship is using advanced technology to channel humans' power to their ship. After a long trek through the huge ship, the party finally encounters the civilization's president, who has used the extra power to augment his fighting skills. An epic final battle ensues, with the player eventually emerging victorious. But just when things appear to be over, the villan from down below reaches the ship with news that world war has broken out down below, with his nation poised to achieve a commanding victory. At the same time, alien reinforcements overwhelm the area surrounding the power room and are within minutes of gaining entry. With the player's party now possessing the ability to destroy the alien civilization and return power to humanity, he is forced to make a choice between his warring, greedy, and lazy human who are still his race, and saving an advanced alien society that has continued to work hard and evolve despite the opportunity to live out its lives in comfort.

The tale is one of survival, mystery, and the human condition. The player's investigation will lead him to the far corners of the world and eventually to outer space, where he will confront the source of the darkness in an epic battle. Will the player decide to doom humanity to suffering, war, and perhaps extinction? Or will he destroy an advanced alien civilization, killing his newfound love in the process, in order to save a perhaps undeserving humanity? Either way, a tragic ending is certain.


You are to create a Main Theme for this game that would play in the title screen and ending credits. Generally, the basic motif of the Main Theme also appears in other songs in the game's soundtrack. In the interest of fairness, and to leave room for interpretation, no additional questions about this storyline will be answered; if something is not explicitly stated here, you may make an assumption of your choice. The genre of the game is also not specified, although role-playing elements are implied by the premise. You may utilize any choice of instrumentation, and may select any genre of music (classical, jazz, R&B, or whatever else). Since the description above does not clearly detail every scenario in the game, you may choose to focus the music around a specific theme, such as mystery, love, survival, discovery, tragedy, or any other theme. You should attempt to capture the essence of the story, as you see it, in the main theme. There will likely be vastly different types of music as competitors each see the main focus of the story in their own way, and no one theme is correct.
Now you can embed your songs in forum posts and webpages just like this image! Click the image to find out how!

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Old Oct 27, 2009, 02:31 PM
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Default Android

I would like to submit "Android" song into this competition:

Old Oct 31, 2009, 11:33 PM
dabeat11 dabeat11 is offline
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I would like to submit my Post-Apocalyptic Game Theme (Song #133) into the contest.

Laura Brown
Old Nov 21, 2009, 09:54 AM
quetz quetz is offline
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Would like to show you my work to this competition

this track is based on a classical workshop and lot of electronical additions as the fictional game have si-fi motive

enjoy, then vote and then visit my site:

Thank You!
Old Nov 23, 2009, 05:09 PM
dxnero dxnero is offline
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Here is my entry into the competition:

While somewhat unrelated to the composition at hand, more music by me (and my band) can be found at

Thank you!
Old Nov 23, 2009, 08:14 PM
Muuurgh Muuurgh is offline
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Default Decimation

I will be submitting my original work, entitled "Decimation", song number 156, to the competition. You may find it here:

*Disclaimer: Please read the description of the song before you listen to (or while listening to) the actual audio! I crafted this song specifically to match the prompt above, so it doesn't make as much sense if you don't.

Thank you to all listeners, and good luck everyone!

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Old Nov 23, 2009, 09:58 PM
WarpToken WarpToken is offline
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I would like to submit my song "Certain Uncertainty" in Composition Combat.

Thanks for listening. God Bless.
Old Nov 28, 2009, 08:03 PM
Kidd Cabbage Kidd Cabbage is offline
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Entry has been submitted!

Song title is "Etiolating Shade," and it's a modern and professional take on videogame music, fit perfectly to the theme given.

Link is here:

Originally Posted by Description
My entry for Composition Combat. I focused on the setting of the game for the song, to compliment the mood that would be given. The song focuses on the futuristic holocaust caused by the dependacy and failure of the 'paradise machines*.' The song is written as a videogame title theme would be - it's written in a cinematic fashion, where it's listenable on its own and it wouldn't distract as background music. Along with standard cinematic orchestration, there are a few other instruments thrown into the mix to add the tone of the game. The song evolves, but is cohesive and sounds like a single song rather than a mix of parts. Anyway, before I tell you how the whole song goes, why don't you just listen and see for yourself?

*I almost want to rename my song to "Paradise Machine" now.
On another note, it's said that the song is being processed to mp3 for a while, so there's no quick listen button. All of my other uploads have been near instantaneous, so hopefully this works itself out soon.
Old Nov 29, 2009, 02:00 AM
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I'd like to submit my number 168 song :


Hope u all enjoy,, thanx!
Goodluck 4 every1!
Old Nov 29, 2009, 07:30 AM
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Default Absit Omen

Hey all,

I'd like to present my track for this competition; "Absit Omen"

I really enjoyed working on this competition, though I did lose quite a bit of sleep. XD Thanks for the comp and good luck to everyone!
Old Nov 29, 2009, 12:57 PM
Prince of Darkness Prince of Darkness is offline
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For the Composition Combat, I'm entering my song "Carystas." Mega last minute stuffs here!


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