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Old Sep 30, 2018, 10:04 PM
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Does it say anywhere that it's "BGM Part"? Seems kinda weird to me that it's titled like that, ...I think it'd be more convenient if we just switched it to "Music Collection".

Same thing with the 80s TV Queen Millennia soundtrack.
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Old Nov 18, 2020, 04:40 AM
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I tried my hand at translating these titles, if there's anyone who could give them a quick look over before I submit them that would be much appreciated. The name and location spellings might not be 100% faithful to the original Japanese as I used the Manga/Streamline credits and the closed captions on Amazon Prime Video for reference. Its worth nothing that the closed captions on Amazon use different spellings for some of the names ("Katherine" instead of "Catherine," "Topolof" instead of "Topolov" and "Crystal Bowie" instead of "Crystal Boy") so I'm not sure if "Dah-kuba" & "Myrus" were spelt that way on the subtitles for the physical releases, if someone could confirm this that be really helpful.

*02 "タルカロス・ランデブー" → "Talcaros Rendezvous"
03 "ジェーン・マイ・ラブ" → "Jane, My Love"
04 "タコバの首" → "Dah-kuba's Head"
*05 "タートル号 発進" → "The Turtle's Departure"
*06 "コブラ・アタック" → "Cobra's Attack"
07 "トポロ教授" → "Professor Topolov"
*08 "宇宙刑務所シド" → "Space Prison Sido"
09 "対決クリスタル・ボーイ" → "Confrontation with Crystal Boy"
10 "ファースト・コンタクト" → "First Contact"
11 "コブラ絶体絶命" → Cobra's Desperate Situation
12 "キャサリンとの再会" → "Reunion with Catherine"
13 "愛に包まれて" → "Wrapped in Love"
*14 "愛のソルフェジェット" → "Solfeggietto of Love"
15 "ドミニクと光る馬" → "Dominique and the Shining Horse"
*16 "ディスコ・コスモ" → "Disco Cosmos"
*17 "スノウ・ゴリラの襲撃" → "The Snow Gorillas' Raid"
18 "コブラの追跡" → "Cobra's Pursuit"
19 "ドミニクの愛" → "Dominique's Love"
20 "スノウ・ゴリラ・ダウン" → "Snow Gorillas Down"
*21 "ミロスの掟" → "Myrus Law"
22 "コブラのテーマ I" → "Cobra's Theme I"
23 "コブラの悲しみ" → "Cobra's Sorrow"
*24 "ミロス星への接近" → "Approaching the Myrus Star"
25 "ミロスの門" → "Gate of Myrus"
*26 "ブラック・ゴッドのテーマ" → "Black God's Theme"
27 "コブラのテーマ II" → "Cobra's Theme II"

*02: I think "ランデブー " is supposed to be the name of the planet at the start of the film (though it could also just be the name of the bar,) either way, according to the 1980s anime episode listings on Wikipedia it's called "Talcaros."

*05: If I recall correctly, in the TV series the "Turtle" was the name of Cobra's ship, however in the movie (at least in the English dub) he says that it's called "the Kamiyama." I'm not sure if it's called the Kamiyama in the Japanese version as well or not. If it is then I can only assume that they named the track after his star ship in the manga (assuming that it's still called the Turtle there,) but then decided to go with a different name later on and forgot to updated the track title.

*06: There's no "の" in "コブラ・アタック" so I'm not sure if it be okay to translate it as "Cobra's Attack" or not, but it sounds better in English that way.

*08: I'm not sure if it would still be accurate to translate it as "Sido Space Prison" or not, but that would probably make more sense in context as the prison doesn't appear to be named "Sido." The prison is a ship that orbits one kilometer above the surface of the planet Sido and is even referred to as the "Sido prison" at one point. Though with that in mind it doesn't really seem like a "space" prison if it only orbits around the planet's surface. However, I'm not sure if this is the same ship that Crystal Boy uses to get around during the rest of the film or not, (though it doesn't look like it is) but if it is then the "space" part would indeed be warranted. Additionally, it looks like it was called the "Sid Prison" in the TV Show judging by the title of episode 4 ("Escape!! Sid Prison" ("脱走!!シド刑務所.") I suppose you might also be able to translated as "Sido Sky Prison" (maybe "floating prison?) As Jane does say the following about it, "It is impossible to approach it from the ground and there is only one entrance by air." as well as, "No one's ever escaped from this floating dungeon."

*14: I'm not familiar with the word "ソルフェジェット," but from what I can tell it appears to be "Solfeggietto" which would make sense as the track appears to be an arrangement of "Solfeggietto" by C. P. E. Bach.

*16: I believe "コスモ" could also be translated as "Cosmo."

*17: "襲撃" appears to be more commonly translated as "attack," but seeing as another track already uses "アタック" (attack) I'm assuming that an alternate meaning was intended. A "raid" probably makes more sense in this context anyway as the Snow Gorilla's are attacking the bus headed for Sun City in order to steal the money, jewels and weapons belonging to the passengers.

*21: In the English dub Dominique says "it is a Myrus Tradition," but I don't think "掟" can actually translate to that so I just went with Law, I'm not sure what terminology the official subtitles used.

*26: I'm not sure if "ブラック" can also be translated as "dark" or not as that would probably make more sense than "black."

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