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Old Aug 25, 2011, 08:58 AM
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Is there an updated version of Muramasa coming out? It says unreleased story?
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Old Sep 1, 2011, 07:36 PM
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Added the Japanese tracklist.

Track 3 seems to be a new piece, based on the sample (sample 2) having only composer information (Yoshimi Kudo)

From what I can gather, here's the English tracklist with the new tracks and the medley still in Japanese:

Losing Consciousness
Dim Twilight
Magnificent Palace
Frugal Eating
Seasonal Beauties
Deep in Mountain and Valley
Desires Connected to the Enlightenment
Mutual Love
メインテーマ(開巻劈頭/生生流転) PRESS START 2010より

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Old Oct 4, 2011, 11:15 PM
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The album was added to iTunes with a new English tracklist, which I have added to the entry. Some track names are the same though, although I suspect this is merely a coincidence.

Also, the album was added as "Muramasa: The Demon Blade Arrange version". Should we add this title as an alternate?
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Old May 6, 2012, 04:15 AM
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In case someone cares, I have found possible readings for some artists:

Artist: 福原寛菜 (fue player) = Kanna Fukuhara
Source 1 (Site with a little info about this artist, the URL reveals her given name)
Source 2 (Page with several videos of traditional japanese music, she is credited as flutist in one of those videos)

Artist: 日原暢子 (sou player) = Yoko Hihara
Source 1 (Personal websiste's profile)

Artist: 杵屋勝十郎 (shamisen player) = Katsujuro Kineya
Source 1 (Rakuten's product in which his name is mentioned)
Source 2 (Credited for "samisen")

Artist: 澤田成十郎 (shamisen player) = Seijuro Sawada
Source 1 (Sort of personal page, pay attention to the URL)
Source 2 (Credited as main artist on this album)

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Old May 13, 2013, 02:30 PM
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Let's do it right this time.

I've seen some inaccurate information in the notes of this album and as the aforementioned information comes from this scan, the first thing is to transcribe the text as it is written.

音楽制作: ベイシスケイプ
ディレクター: 工藤 吉三

尺八: 渡辺 峨山
笛: 福原 寛菜
箏: 日原 暢子
鼓, 大鼓, 拍子木: 阿部 真由
長唄三味線: 杵屋 勝十朗
津軽三味線: 澤田 成十朗
二胡: 土屋 玲子

レコーディング・ミキシング・マスタリングスタジオ: ベイシスケイプ
レコーディング・ミキシング・マスタリングエンジニア: 金子 昌晃
スタジオマネジメント: 浜野 真衣
サウンドマネージャー: 伊藤 美紀

トラック14 メインテーマ(開巻劈頭/生生流転) PRESS START 2010より
指揮: 竹本泰蔵
演奏: 神奈川フィルハーモニー管弦楽団
津軽三味線: 廣原 武美
尺八: 松本宏平
ギター: 窪田 晴男
编曲: かみむら 周平
レコーディング・ミキシングエンジニア: 岡部潔

ジャケットイラスト: 神谷 盛治
イメージイラスト: 前納 浩一, シガタケ, 白井 康夫, 野間崇史
A&R: 岡本 沙織
エグゼクティブプロデューサー: 崎元 仁

ゲームデザイン: マーベラスエンターテイメント, ヴァニラウェア
オリジナルゲームプロデューサー: はしもと よしふみ
スペシャルサンクス: 松本紫歩子
I've omitted the composer and arranger lists because it's information that doesn't need to be checked. And now a tentative translation of all that text:

Music Production: Basiscape
Director: Yoshimi Kudo

Shakuhachi: Gazan Watanabe
Fue: Kanna Fukuhara
Koto: Yoko Hihara
Tsuzumi, Ohtsuzumi, Hyoshigi: Mayu Abe
Naga-uta Shamisen: Katsujuro Kineya
Tsugaru-Shamisen: Seijuro Sawada
Erhu: Reiko Tsuchiya

Recording, Mixing and Mastering Studio: Basiscape
Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Masaaki Kaneko
Studio Management: Mai Hamano
Sound Manager: Miki Ito

Track 14 Main Theme (Introduction / Impermanence) from PRESS START 2010
Conductor: Taizo Takemoto
Performance: Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra
Tsugaru-Shamisen: Takemi Hirohara
Shakuhachi: Kohei Matsumoto
Guitar: Haruo Kubota
Arranger: Shuhei Kamimura
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Kiyoshi Okabe

Jacket Illustration: Joji (George) Kamitani
Image Illustration: Kouichi Maenou, shigatake, Yasuo Shirai, Takafumi Noma
A&R: Saori Okamoto
?? Management: Tsubasa Yasuoka
Executive Producer: Hitoshi Sakimoto

Game Design: Marvelous Entertainment, Vanillaware
Original Game Producer: Yoshifumi Hashimoto
Special Thanks: Shihoko Matsumoto
Right now, I don't have time to post all the sources for the readings of the staff and artists credited on this album, although many of them are verifiable through game credits. Maybe tomorrow I'll post some sources for the artists' readings, I promise.

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Old May 14, 2013, 01:52 PM
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Here we go:

福原寛菜 (fue player) = Kanna Fukuhara
Source 1 (Page with information about a shinobue concert in which a reading for this artist is available)
Source 2 (Page with several videos of traditional japanese music, she is credited as flutist in one of those videos)
Source 3 (Here, she is mentioned as fue (a sort of japanese flute) instructor, again with a reading of her name)

日原暢子 (koto player) = Yoko Hihara
Source 1 (Personal websiste's profile)
Source 2 (Koto Concert advertising)

杵屋勝十朗 & 澤田成十朗 (shamisen player) = Katsujuro Kineya & Seijuro Sawada
Source 1 (I don't know how I didn't notice this before, but on this site there is available a reading for both 杵屋勝十朗 and 澤田成十朗, who are, in fact, the same artist)
Source 2 (This is the present website of this artist, in the profile section it explains that he uses two different stage names depending on the kind of shamisen he plays. There is even a third stage name 鶴家奏弦 for this artist, but I don't know what's his real name yet)
Source 3 & Source 4 (DrillSpin profiles that confirm the aforementioned information)

阿部真由 (Tsuzumi, Ohtsuzumi, Hyoshigi player) = Mayu Abe (Correct name: 安倍真結)
Source 1 (The explanation why there is no credits for those instruments for someone named 阿部真由 is because the real name of this artist is 安倍真結. As usual in these cases, 阿部真由 and 安倍真結 both can be read as Mayu Abe. By the way, Gazan Watanabe (performer on this album too) is credited on this source along with Mayu Abe; also, look at the date (2011/10/01) of publication of that live show, which coincides with the release date of this album.
Source 2 Source 3 (Multiple sources with this artist and other musicians involved in this album credited together)
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