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Old Oct 8, 2012, 06:43 PM
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1999 Shoujo Tai is the reunited version of the original Shoujo Tai group, and consists of Reiko (Yasuhara Reiko (安原麗子)), Chiico (Ichikawa Mieko (市川三恵子)) and Tomo (Hikita Tomoko (引田智子)).
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Old Aug 11, 2020, 08:41 PM
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So if I'm understanding the title correctly, this is a combined version of the first two CD releases (VICL-60382 & VICL-60381) correct? It looks like a few of the tracks on those ones got omitted on this one though.
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Old Mar 13, 2021, 06:26 PM
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Here's my attempt at translating the titles, there's a few that I'm on the fence about though so if there's anyone that could give them a look over that would be much appreciated.

*01 "のりしろ1" → "Glue 1"
03 "タイトル・バック" → "Title Back"
04 "メイン・テーマ" → "Main Theme"
05 "小田豪鯉ノ介〜三百年の時を隔て" → "Koinosuke Odago ~ 300 Years Apart" (Note: For some reason "小田豪鯉之介" is rewritten as "小田豪鯉ノ介" on the combined albulm.)
06 "本剣越中学校2年B組" → "Hontsuru Jr. High Class 2B"
07 "野望" → "Ambition"
08 "バンカラ" → "Ruffians" (Note: In the English dub the Ruffians are instead called the "Unrefined.")
*09 "想い" → "Feelings"
10 "かげりゆく心" → "Heart Clouded"
11 "ド・タ・バ・タ" → "Slapstick"
*12 "やさしい気持ち、いつまでも…。" → "Warm Feelings, Forever..." (Note: I think you could also translate it as "Kind" or "Tender" feelings as well.)
*13 "必死の想い" → "Desperate Feelings"
14 "刺客" → "Assassin"
15 "対決" → "Showdown"
16 "二代目、柳生十兵衛" → "Jubei Yagyu II"
*17 "ボーイっすぁんっ!" → "Boy-san!"
18 "転校生ラブリーズ" → "New Student Lovelies"
*19 "のりしろ3" → "Glue 3"
20 "Forever〜最終回ON AIR MIX ver.2004" → "Forever ~ Final Episode on Air Mix Ver. 2004" (Note: Seems to be the "California" & "Recollection" mixes of Forever from the Broadcast Area OST combined. Also, as the name implies this version is heard in the last episode.)
21 "白幡多丸乙女" → "Otome Shirahatamaru"

*01/19: I'm not really sure how to go about translating "のりしろ." The most basic translation I can find for it seems to be "glue" or "tab," but if I'm understanding this correctly it's specifically referring to the part where glue is attached when pasting something onto something else. I'm not sure if the context would help any with these, but I know "のりしろ2" is used for most of the show's eye-catches while "のりしろ1" & "のりしろ3" are both short variations of the Ruffian theme. のりしろ1 is a bit hard to differentiated from the regular Ruffian theme so I'm not sure if and where it plays, but のりしろ3 can be heard when Bantaro (the leader of the Ruffians) is laying around in class in the first episode. Additionally, it might be worth mentioning that the label on Bantarou's shirt features constantly changing kanji which displays his current emotion or something relating to an action that he's currently performing, so perhaps that's what "のりしろ" is in reference to? It would make sense seeing as two of the three tracks with that title are variations of his theme.

*09/12/13: I wasn't sure whether or not both "想い" & "気持ち" should be translated as "Feelings" or not since if they were intended to have the same meaning then I imagine they would have just used the same characters for both. I believe "想い" is often used to denote feelings of love which would make sense since the track is primarily used when Shiro is thinking of or talking to Jiyu. Alternatively, I think you could also translate it as "Thoughts" which might work too. "やさしい気持ち、いつまでも…。" is mostly used during sentimental scenes such as ones between Jiyu and her father. I think "必死の想い" is only heard briefly during the second eye-catch in episode 7, it does seem to reprise a bit of "想い" in it, albeit at a faster tempo, but I suppose it's fitting considering that Shiro duels Jubei in that particular episode.

*17: Based on what I could gather, "っすぁん" is an exaggerated spelling, but when pronounced it wouldn't be that different from "っさん." Additionally, judging by this sample of the track (03) it does sound like they're saying "Boy-san!," at the start, so I figure it would make more sense to maintain the honorific in the translation.

As for the albulm titles, from what I understand "放映地区" & "未放映地区" would be "Broadcast Area" & "Non-Broadcast Area" respectively. The Broadcast Area soundtrack covered tracks from the show while the Non-Broadcast Area soundtrack featured vocal and karaoke tracks, many of which weren't actually used anywhere. While I'm not entirely certain, I get the impression that it might simply be an image albulm. I did come across this linear note written by the series' animation director which seems to be giving some details regarding the Non-Broadcast Area soundtrack, but I could be mistaken.

I think the three albulm titles would look something like this if written out in English.
"十兵衛ちゃん -ラブリー眼帯の秘密- 放映地区オリジナルサウンドトラック" → "Jubei-chan -The Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch- Broadcast Area Original Soundtrack"
"十兵衛ちゃん -ラブリー眼帯の秘密- 未放映地区オリジナルサウンドトラック" → "Jubei-chan -The Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch- Non-Broadcast Area Original Soundtrack"
"十兵衛ちゃん -ラブリー眼帯の秘密- 放映地区合体オリジナルサウンドトラック" → "Jubei-chan -The Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch- Broadcast Areas Combined Original Soundtrack"
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