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Old Jul 30, 2012, 04:23 PM
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THEORY: This was a handle of Takashige Inagaki.

  • Takashige Inagaki was part of Same Creative. Gakkie is (was?) part of Lip on Hip.
  • Lip on Hip is a subsidiary or brand or something of Same Creative, and there is staff overlap. Mitsuhiro Tabata of Same Creative = WACHA of Lip on Hip, Koichi Ishibashi = bAsHEE, etc.
  • Gakkie's last known works happened around the same time that Inagaki died (R.I.P.).
  • Name similarity: Inagaki -> Gakkie

  • Inagaki seems to refer to Gakkie as a different person in this interview: (question 3, first answer).
  • Likewise, Gakkie is credited along with Inagaki on a bunch of Ar Tonelico albums, although never for the same role I don't believe.

Feel free to spike other gigantic holes in my theory here!
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Old Oct 24, 2016, 02:17 AM
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Some more circumstantial stuff:

Gakkie was a drummer and a member of Lip on Hip. Inawo was the drummer for JUNK, which was formed by Lip on Hip members.

Inawo's alias 鷹茂イナヲ can be read as Inawo Takashige.

Inawo = Gakkie = Takashige Inagaki
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