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Old Feb 22, 2009, 10:49 AM
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Default SOTN Saturn tracks

Hey, does anyone know if the bonus castlevania remixes on SOTN Saturn (EG. Beginning, Vampire Killer, etc for Richter) are available anywhere other than the sound test? I can't seem to find an album that includes them. I don't mind whipping out a saturn emulator or ripping them for my own personal amusement, but if a better source exists I'd sure like to know about it. =]
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Old Mar 6, 2009, 06:07 PM
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The SotN Saturn tracks are .pcm files that are playable in Foobar (sorry, I don't remember the plugin). All the tracks play just fine except for the VA tracks (named SDD0-SDF0). Dunno if anyone at HCS64 figured out how to make 'em work, but you can load them into an audio program like Audacity or CoolEdit and mess with the playback speed. Just play 'em in Foobar and convert to wav or whatever and go from there.

Anyway, some editing is required because they just kinda end abruptly. You can find 'em in the SD folder and just copy/paste or drag/drop. Check out the Omake while you're at it - images of Kojima art.

These were never released on an actual album. I did a custom SotN soundtrack using the original CD and swapping out some tracks I didn't like with the Saturn mixes until the album was full. (I also edited Crystal Teardrops to add the extra bit from the Saturn version with the same fadeout of the PS1 version). With the DX Chronicles, you can custom it further with the better ending theme.

EDIT: Oh yeah, none of the Saturn extra tracks ever appeared on an album. Kind of odd, considering... I think Guardian was even used in the DX Chronicles.
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