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Old Apr 8, 2011, 06:06 AM
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Lineage Saga

I am making the thread here for all of the people unfamiliar with the game (i am too!) because i was clearly lost with all the titles/subtitles.
I had trouble finding these information as the first Lineage is still an obscure MMO, so it could be helpfull to have a recap. here

The first game is divided in 4 big parts (dates being approximately 1998, 2003, 2009, 2013).
Each big parts have subtitles, called episodes.
They just represent big patches & changes through the game.

Ep. 1 Talking Island
Ep. 2 The Feudal Territory of Gludio
Ep. 3 Kent Castle
Ep. 4 The Mystery of Magic
Ep. 5 The Elven Forest
Ep. 6 Windawood
Ep. 7 The Valley of Dragons
Ep. 8 Giran
Ep. 9 Heine
Ep. 10 Lair of Valakas
Ep. 11 Oren
Ep. 12 Aden

Ep. 1 Lights and Shadow
Ep. 2 Heaven and the Earth
Ep. 3 Life and Death
Ep. 4 History and Memory
Ep. 5 The Lastavard - The Tower of Chaos
Ep. 6 The Lastavard - Inevitable Destiny
Ep. Re: Return to adventure

Crack of Time - Thebes
Crack of Time - Tikal
Dragon Slayers 1st
Dragon Slayers 2nd

Chronicle 1: Harbingers of War
Chronicle 2: Age of Splendor
Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness
Chronicle 4: Scions of Destiny
Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood

1st Throne: The Kamael
1st Throne: Hellbound
2nd Throne: Gracia Part 1
2nd Throne: Gracia Part 2
2nd Throne: Gracia Final
2nd Throne: Gracia Epilogue
2nd Throne: Freya
2nd Throne: High Five

Chapter 1: Awakening
Chapter 1.5: Harmony
Chapter 2: Tauti
Chapter 2.5: Glory Days
Chapter 3: Lindvior
Chapter 3.5: Epeisodion (Korea) / Chapter 3.5: Valiance - (North America and Europe)

Chapter 1: Dimensional Strangers

I am not really sure if we should list all the episodes in the products represented.. or if should stick only with the title of the "big parts".. or simply go with "Lineage" / "Lineage II".
Some soundtracks have musics from 3, 4 or maybe more episodes.

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