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Old Feb 3, 2017, 12:41 AM
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Can I just say OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!

It's like a dream come true. I've been deliberately holding off on buying anything with Goemon, partly because it's so damn expensive, but also because of the extremely slim chance of something like this releasing at some point. I can hardly believe it actually happened.
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Old Feb 3, 2017, 01:11 AM
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I wonder why there isn't those N64 Goemon soundtracks included on this box, but good to see something like this happen, even if I'm not interested in Goemon at all.
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Old Feb 3, 2017, 05:21 AM
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I fucking need this.. Looking around where to buy it..

Edit: Too bad it doesn't have the missing songs from the N64 games

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Old Feb 3, 2017, 06:02 AM
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Holy shit.

* Added links
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Old Feb 3, 2017, 06:41 AM
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maybe it'll have a box 2 (10 cds too) with

GB がんばれゴエモン〜星空士ダイナマイッツあらわる!!〜 (2000.12.21)
GBA ゴエモン ニューエイジ出動! (2002.2.28)
GBA 傑作選!がんばれゴエモン1・2 ゆき姫とマッギネス (2005.4.21)
DS がんばれゴエモン 東海道中 大江戸天狗り返しの巻 (2005.6.23)
PS がんばれゴエモン〜宇宙海賊アコギング〜 (1996.3.22)
PS がんばれゴエモン〜来るなら恋! 綾繁一家の黒い影〜 (1998.12.23)
PS がんばれゴエモン〜大江戸大回転〜 (2001.3.29)
PS ゴエモン 新世代襲名! (2001.12.20)
N64 がんばれゴエモン〜ネオ桃山幕府のおどり〜 (1997.8.7)
N64 がんばれゴエモン〜でろでろ道中 オバケてんこ盛り〜 (1998.12.23)
N64 ゴエモン もののけ双六 (1999.12.25)
PS2 冒険時代活劇ゴエモン (2000.12.21)

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Old Feb 3, 2017, 07:31 AM
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can't buy from ac-mall cart reverts to 0 when trying to check out.. hopefully or cdjapan gets this ..
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Old Feb 3, 2017, 09:33 AM
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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! About time!!! Oh holy lord, I can't believe this is FINALLY happening! Love you, EGG MUSIC :*

I bet, there will be another box, which contains the N64 and PS soundtracks (which are awesome, too! Especially Shin Sedai Shuumei! & Kuru Nara Koi! Ayashige Ikka no Kuroi Kage) Oh, and don't forget the beautiful PS2 Goemon soundtrack.

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Old Feb 3, 2017, 11:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Vegeta View Post
can't buy from ac-mall cart reverts to 0 when trying to check out.. hopefully or cdjapan gets this ..
Should not be any issues using CDJ Daiko for this. I've ordered multiple Egg Records releases this way.
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Old Feb 3, 2017, 04:20 PM
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I managed to track down the composer credits using a combination of SNESmusic, PMH, and this site:

Anything I was remotely unsure about I labeled as the Kukeiha Club. Incidentally, Goemon is based on Goemon Ishikawa, the historical outlaw from 16th century Japan.
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Old Feb 3, 2017, 05:11 PM
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Just confirmed through Facebook that Harumi Ueko composed all the songs for "The Legend of the Mystical Ninja", and Kazuhiko Uehara was responsible for SE only. Will try to confirm with Kouji Murata his compositions too, wish me luck ^^
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Old Feb 3, 2017, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by dancey View Post
Should not be any issues using CDJ Daiko for this. I've ordered multiple Egg Records releases this way.
Well so far It's not on there.. (assuming CDj Daiko means cdjapan?.. not even sure what a Daiko is lmao)
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Old Feb 3, 2017, 06:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Vegeta View Post
Well so far It's not on there.. (assuming CDj Daiko means cdjapan?.. not even sure what a Daiko is lmao)
It's their special request service. I just requested it this morning, I'm sure it will be put up soon.
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Old Feb 4, 2017, 06:21 AM
Crash Crash is offline
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It's up on Konamistyle as well, if you are OK using a middleman:
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Old Feb 4, 2017, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Zhane Masaki View Post
gmb100 isn't always accurate if so for other albums
sakimoto is in the list of compo for master of monsters for example
and some details (bgm played in game) for some games are wrong
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Old Feb 4, 2017, 07:55 AM
Rrolack Rrolack is offline
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Is this a limited edition that's expected to sell out before the release date? If not, it seems kind of early to get orders in (3.5 months before release)...
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Old Feb 4, 2017, 09:34 AM
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No, but if you want something, why wait? Especially something as sought after as this series?
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Old Feb 8, 2017, 12:01 AM
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It's on cdjapan..
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Old Feb 8, 2017, 03:57 AM
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That's interesting. The CD Japan price is including tax in the base price, then adding another layer of tax on top of that if you live in Japan. I don't know if I've seen that before.
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Old Feb 19, 2017, 03:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Crash View Post
That's interesting. The CD Japan price is including tax in the base price, then adding another layer of tax on top of that if you live in Japan. I don't know if I've seen that before.
It might be, because they have to first get it from the original seller, and charge a middleman service fee. Although I'm ok with it. Rather get this now before the price jacks up to over $500 when its gone.
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Old May 27, 2017, 09:06 AM
Rrolack Rrolack is offline
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This is released now, and there is already a copy on YJA. I'd love to hear some impressions from folks who have the box.
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Old May 29, 2017, 08:28 PM
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So they went for a 'space-saving' style with only 5 jewel cases:
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Old Jun 1, 2017, 04:32 AM
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Now just to pray for an English track list
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Old Jun 5, 2017, 07:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Vegeta View Post
Now just to pray for an English track list
I am working on this but it will take some time. There are a lot of historical Japanese references and some of the later albums have track titles that may be problematic (i.e., less of a track title and more of a sentence, play on words, or colloquialism)
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Old Jun 5, 2017, 10:51 AM
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In much the same vein as other major box set releases I've done, this post will be continually updated with Disc 1-10 information until complete, at which point I will ask for edits/checks/validation, after which I will post it in it's entirety to the English tracklist. I don't want to make 10 separate posts and spam peoples' emails or the thread with separate replies. If you are interested in edits, either monitor this thread every couple days or wait for a subsequent post from me stating that I'm done and then use the entry.

Some overarching things across all 10 discs that I'm not totally sure what to do with.
  • There are a number of "..."屋 tracks, indicating that it's a Shop, but sometimes it doesn't make sense to add it in, other times it does.
  • What to do with カラクリ, which literally translated means "mechanism", however also is a reference to Karakuri puppets (some of the monster design). From "The word karakuri means "mechanisms" or "trick".It is used to describe any device that evokes a sense of awe through concealment of its inner workings." There's not an immediate great way to express that in English, so I have just been using "Mechanism" for 'things' (places, objects, items) and "Mechanical" for 'people' (names, descriptors of people, etc.). For example, "Mechanical Island" is ambiguous (is the island mechanical?) and adding more description "Island of Mechanical Things/Island of Mechanisms" is clunky. Saying something like "Sasuke the Mechanism Ninja" is also clunky. This has for the most part worked okay but I am open to suggestions.
  • Everywhere I have seen in English referring to Goemon's girlfriend they call her "Omitsu" but everywhere in this tracklist and online in Japanese I see Omi-chan. (おみっちゃん), except for one track late, late in the set (Disc 9 or 10). I am really not sure if I'm wrong or everyone else is wrong.


01 Opening ~ Coin Sound ~ Stage 1 BGM1
02 Acquired a Money Chest --- *sen-ryo-bako, there's not really a good translation for this. It's the jingle when you hit the sen-ryo-bako (literally "1000 ryo box", a box to store 1000 ryo in Edo period) mid-level, which sets up the end of level gold toss.
04 Stage1 BGM2
05 Pattern Clear
06 Stage2 BGM3 ~ BGM4
07 Stage3 BGM5 ~ BGM6
08 Final Stage Clear
09 Power Up Invincibility
10 Game Over
11 Ranking Entry
12 Ranking / Name Entry Complete --- Technically Name Entry End/Close/Termination
13 BGM1 (Extra)
14 Town
15 In a Shop ---lit. means "shop interior or in-store".
16 Underground / 3D Maze
17 3D Maze Exit
18 Passing Through a Checkpoint --- This is a reference to the Edo period sekisho that were tolls/checkpoints on major roads connecting cities.
19 Pattern Clear
20 Ocean
21 Mountain
22 Village
23 Outside the Castle
24 Inside the Castle
25 Daimyo Appearance
26 All Pattern Clear
27 Player Out
28 Game Over
29 Town
30 In a Shop
31 Underground / 3D Maze
32 3D Maze Exit
33 Passing Through a Checkpoint
34 Pattern Clear
35 Village --- I verified the following three tracks are out of order from the previous triplet and that the tunes match. No mixup here.
36 Mountain
37 Ocean
38 Outside the Castle
39 Inside the Castle
40 Daimyo Appearance
41 All Pattern Clear
42 Invincible
43 Player Out
44 Game Over
45 Relaxing (Shop) --- This is the music used during the opening scene where Goemon and Ebisumaru are talking, and also the music used inside shops.
46 Starting Out (1 / 5 / 8st)
47 Underground Tunnel (Underground / Castle Maze)
48 Kyushu / Kanto (2 / 7st)
49 Stage Clear (Stage Clear)
50 Passing Through a Checkpoint
51 Shikoku / Tokai / Chubu (3 / 6st)
52 Gambling Shop --- 賭博屋
53 Bathhouse (Bathhouse) --- 屋 is on this track too but I think the "Shop" part can be implied.
54 Maze (3D Maze / Hell)
55 Maze (3D Maze Clear)
56 Chugoku / Hokkaido (4 / 9st)
57 Sideshow (Sideshow) --- This is basically the circus freak show:, I used Sideshow instead of Freak Show because I don't think it's supposed to be that shocking, just a mild in-game joke. From some random walkthrough: "At level 3 and 7 there is a show house where you can watch a dancer who shocks you with her strange neck, but there is no obvious effect after doing this. Probably just a whacky joke."
58 Edo Castle (In Front of Edo Castle)
59 Mechanism Castle (Inside the Castle) --- See previous note about Mechanism vs. Mechanical.
60 Death by Boiling Hell (Boiling Hell st) --- Goemon was historically boiled alive (with his son), thus the reference. There red scarved statues in the game that if you hit with your weapon(s), will send you to this Hell stage. Haven't found any videos of this because most of the play throughs and long plays obviously focus on completing the game and since this stage is entirely punitive, it's avoided entirely.
61 Mechanical Puppet Boss (Boss st) --- The final boss in Karakuri Castle is a weird puppet looking thing that takes different forms over the course of the encounter: This is the boss music for all bosses.
62 Game Over (Game Over)
63 Goemon's Sorrowful Journey (Ending)
Disc 2

01 Game Start
02 Opening Demo
03 Passing Through a Checkpoint
04 Town, Village
05 Tenement ---, could arguably use Town House here because Tenement isn't really a common word but not sure it matters.
06 Resurrection Shop --- This is 3 separate kanji that literally mean "Revive Restore Shop/Seller", and the vendor offers Resurrect (ふっかつ) and Detox (げどく) services ( I think Restoration Shop or Resurrection Shop are probably the best options. I went with Resurrection since the interior and exterior are decorated with skulls and the first option the vendor offers is Revive.
07 Shop
08 Gambling Shop
09 Honshu Map
10 Enemy Appears
11 Battle
12 Battle Clear
13 Rank Up
14 Inside the Castle
15 It's Morning
16 Boss
17 Case Closed --
18 Cave
19 Maze (Dungeon)
20 Linear Basket --- at 1:35. I think this is a train you take to cross large bodies of water. I don't know why it's called a basket but bullet trains are called Linear Motor Cars, so I guess this works?
21 Bathhouse
22 An Enemy Trap
23 Enemy's True Form -- Not sure if this should be Enemy or Opponent
24 The Curtains Open
25 Sayori-chan Show --- This is the strip-tease building.
26 Ohana-chan
27 Bat Flute --- After researching later albums and identifying Ebisumaru as using a flute and in later games you can use the weapons outside of battle, this makes sense now.
28 Kyushu Map
29 Chugoku Shops
30 Shumai Village
31 Magic Show
32 Chugoku Map
33 Laughter Flute
34 Bananan Island Shop --- This is obviously a tropical island and a play on "Banana" but can we use it here?
35 Bananan Island Map
36 Bananan Island Village
37 Ebisumaru Show
38 Before the Castle Gate
39 Fiery Rumba --- Definitely 8bit Rumba
40 Sumo Robo Appears
41 Sob Story
42 Three Ninjas Appear --- サンニンジャー = San Ninja = Three Ninja. It's a boss.
43 Hokkaido Map
44 Robo Robo Appears
45 Hondo Tanishi --- couldn't find a reference for him other than the wiki, but I believe he is a character.
46 Emergency Situation
47 Part Time Job
48 UFO ~ UFO Launch
49 Saved by the Gods -- I don't think this is accurate at all but I have no idea what else it could mean.
50 Ryugu Castle
51 Traveling Entertainer
52 Pemo's Flute
53 Rescuing Omi-chan --- See overarching note about Omitsu vs. Omi-chan at the top.
54 Final Boss
55 Ending
56 Ending ~Party~
57 Staff Roll
58 After Everything Else
59 Game Over
60 BGM1 (Extra)
Disc 3

01 Name Input Screen
02 Opening Demo
03 Beginning Beginning
04 World Thief Tournament
05 Town of Oedo
06 Private House
07 Shop
08 Department Store & Bell Coupon Showroom -- for Bell Coupon. Department Store is like a 5 story version of the previous shops where it has an Armor, Resurrection, General Merchant and Armor Merchant all in one building.
09 Resurrection Shop
10 Dungeon
11 Battle
12 Battle Clear
13 Level Up
14 It's Morning
15 Found Korezo-kun ~ Dungeon --- I have no idea what or who Korezo-kun is. Could not find anything in game for it.
16 World Thief Tournament Player Introduction
17 Large Map
18 Lupon Appears --- One of the Tournament players based on Dracula / Arsene Lupin
19 Village
20 Camel Travel --- Technically Camel Movement but you just travel by Camel across sand you can't normally cross.
21 Pyramid
22 Lupon's Plan
23 Yorozu Village
24 Donden Taiko Shop --- I'm not really sure what this is but I think it's some sort of memory game, and I also think they left out the ロン part. Maybe it's onomatopoiea for drum sound? Looks to be a minigame in the town of Buruburumura "楽しめるミニゲーム
中盤、3種類のミニゲームで遊ぶことができるようになる。「ドンデンタイコロン」と「アカニンジャはどーれ だ」は前者は記憶力、後者は動体視力が求められ、結構ハマる。" -


Shaking Village

Here, you pay 10 Coupons and there will be four drums on the screen. You will
be shown a specific pattern, which you must replicate exactly when it is your
turn. You will win 20 Coupons for the first round and your total will double
with each successive win. If you mess up, you lose all of your winnings.


25 Temple School --- could also just use Terakoya here
26 Ghosts Appear! ~ Temple School
27 Spirit Medium Ghost's Room --- Hard to hear but it's the BGM when you're in this particular bosses room:
28 Boss Appearance
29 Boss Battle
30 Please Help Me
31 Hot Springs
32 Tower of Babel
33 The West + Foreign Ship --- idk if the '+' is supposed to be literal or not but it's basically "Western" + "Foreign Ship". I went with a little poetic liberty on this one.
34 Simon Appears --- Simon is the boat boss, he's actually Dracula.
35 Town, Harbor
36 Subgame
37 Case Closed
38 Ship Travel --- same as Camel Travel, you take a ship across the sea.
39 Posan Village, Minato Village
40 Devil's Forest --- Devil's Forest, Forest of the Devil? Can we stretch to Cursed? options.
41 A Village with a Problem
42 A House in the Village with a Problem --- this sounds really weird
43 Noten Ondo Instruction Part 1 --- I'm really not sure on all 3 of these. Guy in a hut who teaches you the 3 songs. I'm not sure if Noten is a name, aliterating out "Note", or short for 脳天 [Top of the head]
44 Noten Ondo Instruction Part 2
45 Noten Ondo Instruction Part 3
46 Noten Ondo
47 UFO
48 Surprise ~ UFO
49 Inside the UFO
50 Warning ~ Emergency
51 Yakyuken Outcome ---
52 Submarine
53 Land of Oo
54 3D Maze + Fortune Telling Hut
55 Princess Yuri's Room
56 Antarctic Research Vessel Travel
57 Hierun Port, Sappui Village
58 Antarctic Map
59 Ice Palace, Frost Pillar House
60 Burning Samba
61 Underground Map
62 A Problem Inside Paya Castle --- not sure
63 Kuimonmon City Paya Kingdom --- not sure on kuimonmon, or if it's a typo, since the next track is just Kuimon
64 Kuimon City Castle
65 Sugar Palace
66 Papila Summon --- a butterfly
67 Papila Travel
68 Above the Clouds
69 Tobunbi Travel --- can't tell if it's the name of the ship or something else. I think it is a play on words for 飛ぶのび
70 Magma Swamp Cave
71 Haduki Appears
72 Beauty Whistle
73 Sidejob
74 Suspicious Cave
75 Bridge to the Moon
76 Moon Map
77 Rabirabi Village
78 Suprise ~ Emergency
79 UFO Travel
80 Hope Mountain
81 Wish Jewel
82 Final Boss
83 Epilogue Part 1
84 Epilogue Part 2
85 Staff Roll
86 Game Over
Disc 4

* Some of the towns are referred to as their current name in the tracklist but the game references their historical name (i.e., Hizen Province = Nagasaki, Naniwa = Osaka, etc.)

01. Goemon Dance (Title (Goemon Ondo))
02. Outskirts of the Town of Edo (Opening Demo)
03. No Problem (Daimyo Map)
04. Beginning of the Journey (1st Nagoya, Shizuoka)
05. Townspeople (Inn, Bathhouse, Subgame Shop, Shop)
06. Hidden Passage (Hidden Room)
07. Head to the Checkpoint (Stage Clear)
08. There's No Point (Between Stage Demo) --- not totally sure on this but I think it's an intentional way of spelling しょうがねぇなぁ (仕様が無い). Goemon likes to basically whine about why he's bothering trying to save Ebisumaru and the general inconvenience of it
09. Naniwa Detective Story (2st Osaka)
10. Solemn (Solemn Conversation)
11. Sle~ep (It Became Night) ~ Solemn (Solemn Conversation)
12. Goemon Stage (8st Miyagi)
13. General Merchant's Ambition (Caught in Conversation with the General Merchant) --- You go to the General Store at night and you get caught by the him, then you blow the whole place up after rescuing Chisato's brother. I don't think his name is actually Yorozuya. He is the main antagonist of the whole game as you *spoiler* come back to fight him in the end. I don't think he's even named, literally just "General Merchant"?
14. Give Me the Rope (Jail) --- I think this is some sort of euphemism I'm not familiar with
15. Town of Foreigners (3st Nagasaki) --- all of the people in this town speak gibberish when you talk to them
16. Steam Ballad (Men's Public Bathhouse)
17. Naked Heaven (Women's Public Bathhouse)
18. He Takes the Stage (Subgame 1)
19. Miyajima in Aki (4st Hiroshima, Shimane, Tottori) --- I think this is a reference to Shinto shrine in Aki province, since the map is a Shinto shrine
20. Bad Guy (Boss)
21. To the Capital (5st Kyoto, Shiga)
22. Phantom of the Imperial Palace
23. Snow Country (6st Niigata)
24. In That Case, Let's Begin (Subgame) --- does not say "Subgame 2", just "Subgame"
25. Mechanism House (Mechanism House)
26. Lame (Stupid Enemy Conversation)
27. Dancing in Tsugaru (7st Aomori, Hokkaido)
28. Dragon King Cave (Cave)
29. The Dragon King (Dragon King, Lord of the Sea) --- not sure what Sazae is but this song is used for both The Dragon King and The Lord of the Sea.
30. Scatter the Scent of the Ocean (2st Inside Yorozuya's House)
31. Tummy Ache (8st Poisonous Dumpling) --- The English game calls it a Dumpling
32. Charming Castle Town (9st Edo)
33. Edo Castle Battle (Inside Edo Castle)
34. General Merchant Attack (Final Boss)
35. It's Me, Ebi-chan (Ebisumaru)
36. Peace and Good Weather Reign Over the Lands (Ending)
37. Boo-hoo.. (Game Over)
38. Fanfare 1
39. Fanfare 2
40. Title Demo
41. Chapter Title
42. Character Selection
43. Stage Map Screen
44. Synopsis
45. Opening Demo
46. Castle Town 1
47. Underground Passage
48. Castle Town 2
49. Inn, General Store
50. Minigame
51. Minigame.Event Clear
52. Boss Battle
53. Inside Mechanism Castle
54. Baron Conversation Demo
55. Abandoned Village
56. Ant Nest
57. Gull Harbor
58. Skull Ship 1
59. Skull Ship 2
60. Lonesome Village
61. Inside Skeleton Island
62. Yae-chan Returns Home
63. Final Game
64. Final Chapter Baron's Escape
65. Ending (Staff Roll)
66. Game Over
67. BGM1 (Extra)
68. BGM2 (Extra)
69. BGM3 (Extra)
70. BGM4 (Extra)
71. BGM5 (Extra)
Disc 5

There are not that many Let's Play/playthrough videos of these games, it was a struggle finding information. for mononoke GB game

01. Opening Demo
02. Title / Ending
03. Name Entry
04. Beginning
05. Hajime's Village
06. Tengu Appears
07. Battle 1
08. Fanfare
09. Battle 2
10. Modern Town
11. Clamanda's Theme --- closest I could find was two characters from the game, inspirationally drawn by someone who just got the soundtrack I guess they are Clamanda and Clamaria. There are no YouTube Let's Plays or Playthroughs of this, only a really long 9 playlist one one nicovideo and I can't skip through nicovideo without a premium account :\ -
12. Boss Battle
13. Port City Espania --- I find it strange that Espania is written in hiragana instead of katakana, I imagine it's supposed to be thematically based on Spain.
14. Game Over
15. BGM1 (Extra)
16. BGM2 (Extra)
17. Opening Demo
18. Title Screen
19. Load Screen
20. Opening Teahouse, Snow Festival
21. Hagure Village
22. Theme of the Gang of Three --- poetic liberty with this. I believe this is in reference to the 3 main antaganists, Takeru, Imari, and Miroku
23. Map of the Entire Country
24. Tokaido
25. Battle 1
26. Victory
27. Battle 2
28. The Woods
29. Gang of Three Appear Scene --- awkward sounding
30. Gang of Three's Signature Pose
31. Boss Battle 1 (Imari)
32. The Mystery of the Slate
33. Blurry Photo (Sound Effect)
34. Horohoro Temple --- Think this is actually a type for てら (寺), it's found that way on other Goemon-related albums (
35. Storage Shop
36. Inn
37. General Merchant
38. Oshu Highway
39. Battle 3
40. Battle 4
41. Battle 5
42. Ruins Discovery
43. Dungeon 1
44. Guardian Spirit Appears --- some poetic libery here, "Guardian Deity"
45. Boss Battle 2 (Guardian Spirit)
46. Important Item GET
47. Aomori
48. The Kuinbisu, Hell Tour --- Maru is the typical suffix for ships but it has also been used in these albums for bosses (Seppun Maru, Seppuku Maru), my guess being that "-maru" is a diminutive honorific to mean baby or dimwitted. I do not know if this is refering to a character or a boat. I think this one is actually a boat, though.!%E3%80%9C: ワニザメ
青森から函館へ向かう豪華客船「くいーんびすまる号」を強奪しようと就航中に襲ってきた海賊。お供のうみボ ウズからは「アニキ」と呼ばれており、ハワイ辺りの暖かい海で美女をはべらすのが夢。後に通常のもののけと して登場する。
49. Level Up
50. Hakodate
51. Daisetsuzan, Undersea Cave --- idk if this is Daisetsuzan or Daisetsuyama.
52. Dungeon 2
53. Dog Sled Race
54. Game Over
55. Osaka
56. Dungeon 3
57. Beppu
58. Tanegashima
59. Sigma Battle
60. Sigra Battle --- Is this a transformed version of Sigma?
61. Last Event
62. Ending
63. Heavenly World --- The Heavenly World stages are an after-game tower area where you are climbing up a tower and each level has difficult bosses with special drops and stuff.
64. Heavenly World Imari Miroku Battle --- Learned later that Imari, Takeru, and Miroku are 3 antagonists.
65. Heavenly World Sigma Battle
66. Heavenly World Seppun Maru Battle --- Not sure on this either but fairly certain both Seppun Maru and Seppuku Maru show up in this game.
67. BGM1 (Extra)
68. BGM2 (Extra)
69. BGM3 (Extra)
70. BGM4 (Extra)
Disc 6

I made some significant changes from existing tracklist on, there were a number of errors.

01. Goemon Ondo (Title Demo) --- Torn between continuing to use "Ondo" or using the existing translation of "Marching Song", since Otogashira is just the kun reading of 音頭
02. The World's Bounciest Duo (Opening)
03. Partner's in Crime (Map Demo)
04. Travelling in the Town of Hagure (1st.Bright) --- original translation is incorrect
05. Misty Ghost Town (1st.Dark)
06. Mysterious Horohoro Temple (1st.Action) --- original translation is incorrect
07. Rod and Eggplant (Bonus)
08. Ghost Appearance! (Ghost ~ Boss)
09. A Cat's Debt of Gratitude (1st.Demo) --- original translation is incorrect.
10. Welcome (Maze Shop) --- "Maze" "Hut" "Storefront" and I don't know how to word that very well. "Storefront" is accurate because from this series forward, a lot of the shops are in the front and then there is something else in the back. I think this is just a makeshift maze setup like a circus would setup.
11. Where Are We? (Maze) --- This could be either Where Am I? or Where Are We? and I don't know that the distinction matters. Again, "Hut" here but I just chose to omit it.
12. General Store Merchant and Meal Helper (General Store, Food Store) --- difficult one here because meshinosuke is probably めしの助, but I'm not sure. I think it's describing the lady that sells food at the food store, like the General Store Merchant is the person at the General Store. It's also difficult because it's two words combined with no grammatical separation, so in English it would need an "and" or a comma to separate the two subjects. Also, Meal Helper sounds kind of stupid but the alternatives are equally bad.
13. A False Resume (Sidejob Storefront) --- This track also has the "Hut" kanji and I am also going to leave it out. Storefront makes sense here because in the front is the shop, in the back are the games.
14. Mediocre Strike (Whack-a-Mole) --- "殴って凡" I think
15. Secret Art Technique (Wall Painting) --- Plastering is technically correct but this is the mini-game where you paint the canvas ala Snake, so I'm going more literal to use the actual word "Paint"
16. Let's Do It Cheerfully (Goblin Extermination) --- the minigame in the US version is called Goblin.
17. That Girl at the Flower Garden (Omi-chan) --- Original translation is wrong. Again with the very pronounced おみっちゃん, so not sure if just literally every other place has it wrong (Omitsu) or if it was just a perpetuated mistranslation in the only English game we ever got, or if I'm wrong.
18. Sorry to Disturb (Townspeople) --- I think this is Kyoto dialect for ojamashimasu/ojamashimashita. This is the music used when you enter a house that is *not* a merchant, i.e., a regular townsperson.
19. Heiji's Room (Guardhouse) --- likely a reference to Zenigata Heiji, need to see where it's used in game.
20. The Old Gypsy (Fortune Telling)
21. Throw It Down (Gambling Hut) --- Have to use the kanji for "Hut" here. Original translation is definitely wrong, I think this is some sort of saying for gambling with dice, as this is a dice game minigame. I think it roughly translates to "put it out" or "throw it down"
22. Oedo Travel (Travel Agency)
23. Hooray! (Stage Clear Demo) --- I have no idea what chonmage is doing in this and I cannot make any sense of it. Jisho says chonmage can also be slang for "Please do" but I'm not sure if that even works here.
24. Goemon's Solitary Journey (2st.)
25. Fashionable Soap (Bathhouse, Inn Storefront)
26. Good Night...BABY (Inn)
27. Dance! Hyottoko Army (Bon Festival)
28. Gallant Savior (2st.Demo)
29. Bridge of Tears / Floating World Bridge (3st.) --- original translation is wrong, 3rd stage is broken into a few areas, first bridge you cross over to get to an amusement park which I presume is supposed to be the Namidabashi of Edo period fame, then you get through the amusement park and come to another bridge that is top-to-bottom, with lots of clouds to give the impression that you're pretty high up so I think that's where Floating World comes from.
30. Oomph! Mechanism Island (Mechanism Island) --- Not sure what Dokkoi means in this sentence. I think it might be the sound for exerting oneself hard.
31. Shop Assistant's Ambition (Horse Race Storefront)
32. Allure of Horse Racing (Horse Race Select)
33. Konami Prize Contest (Horse Race)
34. Well Earned (Horse Race Winnings) --- "Profit" or "Earnings" isn't wrong but when you go to a Horse Race and win, as with most gambling wins, it's called "Winnings".
35. Nervous Breakdown (Picture Matching Storefront)
36. Rendezvous with That Girl (Picture Matching)
37. The Truth Has Been Revealed (Mystery) --- made this slightly more poetic than just "Revealed Truth". It's the Quiz Show game
38. Prize Present (Prize Present)
39. Gamer Island (Game Center)
40. Aerial Battle from Gradius (Gradius Aerial Battle)
41. Gradius 1st. (Gradius 1st.)
42. Boss from Gradius (Gradius Boss)
43. Ping Pong Pong (Ping Pong) --- this is the sound Ping pong makes, original translation used "Pang" but ぱ isn't there.
44. Complete Mastery (Ping Pong Clear)
45. Got Some Black Soybeans! (4st.) --- some poetic liberty
46. Infidelity Master (Dojo) --- Changed this a bit
47. A Nice Hot Bath (Bathhouse Shop)
48. Regret Those Black Soybeans (4st.Action) --- some poetic liberty
49. Excellent! Yae-chan (4st.Clear) --- More than just "Ok"
50. Buddha Monks of Iga (5st.) --- original translation is wrong
51. Kabamero of Iga (5st.Action) --- no idea what Kabamero are but as far as I can tell this is the only place it's used
52. Old Man's Sigh (5st.Clear)
53. Welcome (6st.)
54. How About It Bro? (Sideshow Storefront) --- translation needs checking. This isn't in the US game, it's the Sideshow and you get to watch 4 Ebisumaru's dance.
55. Hostess (Sexy Showtime) --- second removed minigame from the US version with the striptease.
56. Ebi-chan's Laugh Time (Sideshow Ebisu Show)
57. Sorry to Disturb (Informant House) --- Another kind of regular townsperson house but these ones give you small hints.
58. Smile Bossa Nova (Travel Diary Scribe House) --- the house that gives you the password, it's not an Agency though.
59. High / Middle / Low (Lottery Shop Storefront) --- Added Storefront here since the next track repeats Lottery Shop. This is the BGM in the NPC room where they ask if you want to play
60. Mechanical Jumbo (Lottery Shop)
61. Durr~ (Slow) --- poetic liberty since it's a perjorative
62. Peaceful Death (Game Over)
63. Please Input (Password)
64. Good Evening (6st.) --- I think this is dialect that I don't understand
65. Adolescent Boss (Midboss)
66. A Man's Towel (7st.)
67. Izumo's White Mirror (7st.Clear)
68. Welcome (8st.)
69. Burning Thieves (8st.Action)
70. Momentary Happiness (8st.Clear)
71. Oedo de SWING (9st.) I know this works with ___ de Chocobo but I don't know if it works the other way around. SWING with Oedo?
72. Diamond Head (9st.Action) --- This doesn't make sense
73. This Case Is Closed (Ending Demo)
74. Port City Blues (Ending Captions)
Disc 7

01. East and West (Title) -- maybe? Given that this series is about Goemon trying to save the East from the West, it seems plausible. Gozai is also the polite form of aru in feudal Japan ."Living in the East and West"? It could also be an onomatopoeia since the title song is just the sound of a bouncing ball falling.
02. Tsugaru Traveling Tune (Save)
03. Who (Select)
04. Starting a Vacation (Opening 1)
05. Starting a Vacation (Opening 2)
06. Picture Scroll Start (Area Opening) --- "Start" is technically "Resuming work after vacation" but I simplified it
07. Returning from Summer Vacation (Area 1-1 Ryukyu Resort)
08. Tons of Stuff from the Tanuki (Stage Clear) -- I had to add the "of stuff" part here to make it work in English. The Stage Clear is you hitting a Tanuki statue and picking up the coins that come out of it. Large Quantities from Tanuki doesn't really work all that well.
09. Charming Dou MAP (Bright Map of the Entire Country) --- Bright is the same bright/dark separation from the first game. There is a bright map and a dark map
10. Yasuragi City (Town 1)
11. I Love Sumiko (Town 2)
12. If I See You In My Dreams (Inn)
13. Sunset Guys (Area 1-2 Batten Road)
14. Running Through the Pine Hallways (Castle Stage)
15. No Need to Boast, You'll Lose!! (Before Midboss Battle) --- I think this translation works but it could use review
16. At Last Your Time Has Come (During Midboss Battle)
17. What Have You Done Here... (After Midboss Battle) -- I will need help with this one
18. Goemon Impact Theme (Goemon Impact Demo)
19. Mecha Army Attack! (Mecha Boss Fight) -- Needs review
20. Pull Out! Goemon (Area Clear Demo 1)
21. Ups and Downs (Dark Map of the Entire Country)
22. You're Welcome on the Ghost Road (Area 2-1 Maruta Road) --- could use review
23. An Angry Man (Area 2-2 Inaba Pass)
24. Kibi Pass (Area 2-3)
25. Mysterious Woman (Cho-han Gambling, Omikuji)
26. Relaxing in the Bathhouse (Inside a Bathhouse) --- I think this literally translates as "Until Shoulder Rest", which I think is a phrase for relaxing in a bath/spa/onsen until your shoulders slip under the water from being so relaxed.
27. Good Things Underground (Underground Tunnel) --- not sure on いい事づくし, maybe they mean 良いことづくし?
28. Sasuke the Mechanical Ninja's Theme (Area 2-4 Kishu Pass) --- so many descriptors on Sasuke make this sound weird.
29. Thunderstorm (Area 3-1 Dragon Lake)
30. Doing Fine (Area 3-2 Fujimi Road)
31. Wonder Cliff (Area 3-3 Mountain Hidden by Leaves) ---, makes sense in context of the stage.
32. Oedo Castle Crisis!! (Area Clear Demo 2)
33. I Told You So... (Area 4-1 Oedo Castle Underground Workshop)
34. Departure! Plane Coaster (Area 4-2) --- This word (鉋 -- かんな) is for a Planer, the thing you use to plane down wood. Not an actual plane. It's actually that in the game Not really a better way to say it though.
35. Red River Suspense (Area 4-3)
36. Festival Town
37. Light Wind Drive (Area 4-4 Nebuta Road) --- Surely doesn't mean "Japanese-style".
38. Ahh Matsushima Matsushima (Area 4-5 Mutsu Road) --- I think this is supposed to be an expression because of the "breathtaking" view of this stage and what are presumably the Matsushima islands in the background.
39. A Snowy Mountain Beckons (Area 5-1 Heavy Snow Mountain Lift) --- ooyuki = 大雪
40. Chased by a Snowman (Area 5-2 Heavy Snow Mountain) ---
41. You Know This Is Absurd (Area Clear Demo 3) --- literally "Absurd You Know", took some liberty.
42. The Gate Outside Oedo Castle (Area 6-1 At McGuinness's Castle)
43. Crimson Flame (Area 6-2 Outside Wall of McGuiness's Castle)
44. Noisily Rotating Maids (Area 6-3 McGuinness's Castle Tower) --- there are enemies that are robotic maids that constantly spin, so this makes sense.
45. Got You! McGuinness (Before Fake McGuinness Battle Demo) --- Needs verification
46. Fight to the Death! Fake McGuinness (During Fake McGuinness Battle)
47. I'm the Real Thing (After Fake McGuinness Battle)
48. Impact's Gone Mad (During Final Boss Battle)
49. I Did Nothing Wrong (After Final Boss Clear Demo 1)
50. Omi-chan's Theme (After Final Boss Clear Demo 2)
51. Case Closed (What Are You Doing Omi-chan) (Ending 1) --- could use review
52. Sunset Sky (Ending 2)
53. Oomph! Mechanism 2 (Mechanism Island)
54. Bazooka Shin-chan's Theme (Bazooka Battle)
55. A Chance Crossing of Paths (Panel Pictures) --- took some liberty with this.
56. I Won (Player Won Fanfare)
57. I Lost (Player Lost Fanfare)
58. Surprise Manual Labor (Dirty Work Side Job)
59. Complete (Perfect Dirty Work)
60. Prologue with Game Tips (Before XEXEX Game) --- loosely translating "行かす" as "tips"
61. With Zero G (XEXEX 2STAGE) (XEXEX Stage)
62. Boost Up1-Gimme A High Five (XEXEX Boss Stage)
63. Cleared the Game (XEXEX Game Clear) --- Can say "Cleared the Game", which maintains the クリアー, can say "Mastered the Game", which maintains the 行かす. I don't think you can say them both together in English. Cleared and Mastered the Game, maybe?
64. Bon in Hell! (Hell Stage) --- Is this a play on words with ボン祭り?
65. Vampire Killer ~ At Last Your Time Has Come (Hell Stage / During Boss Battle)
66. Feeling Discouraged (Game Over 1)
67. I Give Up!? (Game Over 2)
Disc 8

01. Giant God Appears On Screen (Title Demo)
02. Opening Demo
03. Edo Field
04. Edo General Merchant / Inn
05. Edo Fortune Teller Shop
06. Edo Oedo Tourist
07. Ninja House
08. Before Frog Boss
09. 2D Boss Shared --- Presumably like the other games, some of the boss themes are shared.
10. Sasuke / Yae Introduction Demo
11. Walking Before Panic --- Music before the 3D "Panic" stage starts
12. Panic Stage
13. Festival Village
14. Travel Bill House --- Tegate are the travel bills that were required for travel in Edo period. I imagine this is a house where you could get one but this is a side-scrolling action map so not really anything I can verify.
15. Important Item Acquisition Fanfare --- You actually get a Tegate as the important item
16. Dojo: Yae / Goemon / Ebisumaru Training
17. Before Acquiring a Conch
18. Escape After Acquiring a Conch
19. Abandoned Ruins at the Town of Hagure --- Not a good way to say this but the Abandoned Ruins are the town of Hagure. Maybe "Town of Hagure, Now Abandoned Ruins"?
20. Sister Bismaru's Theme --- Bismaru is the main antagonist of this series and is basically a future descendant of Ebisumaru
21. Omitsu's Kidnapping / Old Man Rescue Demo --- Not sure on Old man. First time おみつ has been used instead of おみっ/おみっちゃん
22. Boarding the Impact Demo
23. Impact Before Walking ~ Impact During Battle
24. 3D Boss Shared --- again, assuming Shared music.
25. Future Appearance Demo
26. Future Field (Area 1 ~ 4)
27. Future General Merchant / Inn
28. Future Oedo Tourist
29. An Old Woman Underground / In a Tunnel
30. Omikuji Squad Appears / Tumbling Doll Boss --- Need a review on the Omikuji Squad. It's not a squad, just one guy. Corps?
31. Defense Mecha / Unsung Hero John --- John?
32. Outskirts of the Jail
33. Thieving Cat Event
34. Future Fortune Teller Shop
35. Hideout A (Factory)
36. Hideout A Sub MUSIC
37. Hideout A Clear Demo
38. Church
39. Hula Hoop Demon Event
40. Hideout B (Tower)
41. Hideout B Sub MUSIC
42. Before Hand Boss
43. Before Lion Boss Stage
44. Icy Snowy Mountain Stage
45. Hideout C (Big Bathhouse)
46. Treasure Ship Boss
47. Future Field (Area 5)
48. Before Lightning Hannya Boss Stage --- Literally two Hannya, one on each side of the room, shooting lightning.
49. Conversation Before Approaching
50. Approaching a Building Demo
51. Face to Face with Jurokubei on the Roof
52. Giant God Rebirth Demo
53. Giant God Final Confrontation
54. Kabuki Boss Confrontation
55. Game Over
56. Omi-chan Reunion --- ok... back to Omi-chan? Come on...
57. Jurokubei's Reform
58. Staff Roll
59. Epilogue
Disc 9
01. Opening Demo
02. Title Screen
03. Road to Planet Impact or Synopsis (Demo)
04. Regular Map
05. Oasis Town
06. Travel Shop (Oedo Tourist Storefront)
07. Kubasa Road
08. Stage Clear
09. Scorpion City (A Perplexing World -Mist-)
10. Scorpion City (Church)
11. Scorpion City (Omitsu Turns Into a Tanuki)
12. Scorpion City (Original World -Sunset-)
13. Desert Forest
14. Cave (Kick Knock, Dosukoi, Tackle) --- Dosukoi is a sumo chant, there is a sumo looking mech that you have to outrun in part of the stage. There are two other things in the stage that might be related to Kick Knock and Tackle. Monkey mechs doing pushups that you have to go under to pass through, and a bear throwing snowballs down a wall at you, that you have to dodge.
15. Kubasa Castle (Soccer Stage)
16. Kubasa Castle (Soccer Boss)
17. Kubasa Castle (Item Area)
18. Kubasa Castle (Baseball Stage)
19. Kubasa Castle (Kabaddi Stage) --- I think this is supposed to be カバディ but typo is present in insert.
20. Tsujigiri Squad Theme --- not sure on Squad. Both times I've used it it's been a single person, not sure how else to say it.
21. Receiving Impact
22. Planet Kubasa Boss (Bungee Ascension) --- There is a boss that is a giant mecha with a katana that bungee jumps at you and you have to reflect it.
23. Planet Kubasa Boss (Jump Outcom)
24. Planet Kubasa Boss (Huge Success Fanfare)
25. Planet Kubasa Boss (Bungee Massive Failure)
26. Area Clear Fanfare
27. Kanai Town, Nampa City --- Not sure if this is Nanpa or Nampa
28. Synchro Road --- short for synchronized swimming, as synchronized swimmers shoot up from the water throughout the stage as well as enemies diving.
29. Kikkori Forest, Hakkutsu Pass --- Not sure if they mean anything or if they're romanized wrong.
30. Fortune Teller
31. Nampa City (Obisumaru Appears) → Nampa City (During Nampa Event) --- Not happy with the → but Unicode, can't really be converted to ASCII unless you want to use -->
32. Nampa City (Contest...Win)
33. Nampa City (Contest...Lose)
34. Fores Castle (Outside) --- Not sure on the romanization of Fores
35. Fores Castle (Gymnasium)
36. Planet Fores, Akuan, Boss Battle --- Again, not sure if romanized right. Akuan or Aquan.
37. Tundra Town
38. Diver Pass -- look like a bunch of sky divers in this stage.
39. The Old Newspaper Delivery Man's Request
40. Newspaper Delivered
41. Rifusky, Bridge Valley --- Not sure on romanization.
42. Midboss (Diver Pass, Depth Lake)
43. Suia Castle (Karate Stage) --- Romanization of Suia
44. Suia Castle (Boxing Stage)
45. Planet Suia Boss Battle
46. Planet Suia Boss (Survival Race Defeat)
47. Seseragi Town, Fubi City --- more unknown romanization
48. Sakkasu Forest --- more unknown romanization
49. Water Highway --- This stage isn't really water related but maybe the background? Most of Yae's planet is water-related since she can turn into a mermaid.
50. Surf Point
51. Fubi City (Sukiyaki Shop Side Job) --- I get the feeling that Sukiyakiya Arubaito is a play on words because the Sukiyaki building is decorated with hearts and stuff and that has nothing to do with normal sukiyaki (beef), or anything to do with a part time job.
52. Bungee Pass
53. Akuan Castle
54. Sector 17 Exit Event
Disc 10

01. Depth Lake
02. Snow Wall
03. Sky Drop
04. Planet Impact (Seppuku Maru Area) Map
05. Kubasa Tower
06. Fores Tower
07. Suia Tower
08. Akuan Tower
09. Seppuku Maru and Planet Catch Ball (Final Boss)
10. Ending
11. Staff Roll
12. Subgame Select
13. During a Subgame
14. During a Subgame (Time Pilot)
15. Subgame "Winner" Fanfare
16. Game Over Screen
17. Game Over When You Select "Quit"
18. Title
19. Setting Screen --- Setting as in a movie, novel. i.e., plot
20. Password
21. Opening Demo
22. Field Map
23. Area 1
24. Area Clear
25. Area 2
26. Area 3
27. Area 4
28. Area 5
29. Area 6
30. Area 7
31. Slot Machine
32. Rotation Technique
33. Ballet Technique
34. Pier
35. Boat Travel
36. Treasure Island
37. Bonus Stage
38. General Store
39. Showdown! Mechanical Mecha --- double description meaning the same thing :shrug:
40. Ghost Leg --- this is a lottery game
41. Ghost Leg Failure
42. Death Blow! Naked Dance!
43. Dice Contest
44. Bad Ending
45. Showdown! Lil' Boss Mecha --- not sure how to word the honorofic use of 'o' boss. It's an old honorific for females in edo period right? Maybe like "Lil' Boss Mecha"?
46. Boss Battle Victory
47. Mechanical Gonzaemon's Theme --- This is some mechanical robot that took over Mechanism Island, from Goemon 2 I guess?!!
48. Good Ending
49. Player Battle
50. Match Victory
51. Game Over
52. BGM1 (Extra)
53. Goemon BGM (Konami Krazy Racers Advance/GBA

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Doing good so far it seems.
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Thanks, dancey. That's quite a handful.

Before the heavens, before destiny.

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According to the official site (below), there was some sort of typographical error with the box. I'm not sure what it is.
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Originally Posted by Rrolack View Post
According to the official site (below), there was some sort of typographical error with the box. I'm not sure what it is.
Thanks, noted here for future reference. I'll go back and make appropriate edits after I'm done. The first two parts are mistakes in the CD Jacket and Booklet, which are just mistakes for describing which games Discs or parts of Discs refer to. The third is tracklist edits.

ページ	DISC	トラック	誤	正
6	DISC 3	8	デパート&ベルクポンショールーム	デパート&ベルクーポンショールーム
15	コレゾウ君見つけた	コレゾウ君見つけた~ダンジョン
22	ルポんのたくらみ	ルポンのたくらみ
26	幽霊出た!	幽霊出た!~てらこや
57	ヒルエン港、サップイ村	ヒエルン港、サップイ村
7	DISC 4	11	し~ん (夜になった)	し~ん (夜になった)~しんみり (しんみり会話)
8	DISC 5	48	びすまるく号、地獄巡り	くいーんびすまる号、地獄巡り
11	DISC 8	1	巨人登場デモ (タイトルデモ)	巨神登場デモ (タイトルデモ)
4	江戸万屋・宿舎	江戸万屋・宿屋
37	アジトAクリアデモC	アジトAクリアデモ
38	協会	教会
55	おみっちゃん合流	ゲームオーバー
56	重禄六兵衛改心	おみっちゃん合流
57	スタッフロール	重禄兵衛改心
58	エピローグ	スタッフロール
59	ゲームオーバー	エピローグ
12	DISC 9	19	クバーサ城 (ガバティーステージ)	クバーサ城 (ガバディステージ)
47	セセラギタウン、フービーシティー	セセラギタウン、フービーシティ
51	フービーシティー (スキ焼き屋アルバイト)	フービーシティ (スキ焼屋アルバイト)
Image (to maintain formatting):

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Thanks for your work, it's surely not easy
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Man, I'm glad I saw this thread. Jumped to CDJapan and bought this.

Big thanks to dancey for translating all this. Gonna be a huge help when it arrives and I have to rip and rename all this.

I really hope they release another box with the rest of the games. The N64 ones are too good.
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