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Old Aug 20, 2014, 02:54 PM
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Original game BGM by Shigeki Hayashi:

This is the last soundtrack in the "Cho Aniki Series" as Mesaiya decided to leave the gaming industry. He wondered why the game "Cho Aniki" came back again, but let his trainee Mr. Shigeki Hayashi to create the game sound, and Hayama worked on five new tracks (Vocal songs).
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Old Aug 20, 2014, 03:33 PM
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crap. I better update the RPGFan review info. Ugh ... might even rewrite it. That changes things. I think.
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Old Aug 22, 2014, 12:34 AM
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The tracks not found in the game are:
01 Choaniki - Otoko no Tamashii
03 Choaniki VS Muscle-Attached Bat Number One
04 My Muscular Visual-kei
18 Thomas
22 National Tour

There are five of them just as the info says and I have no doubt they are Hayama's personal work.

Much of the other music is made of new arrangements of some of his music from the original Cho Aniki game:
06 Black Comet = Botei Building
07 Chikapoko = Player Select
08 Deutsch Gingerman = German Jammin'
09 Muscle Bodyguard = Boiling with Rage
12 Brazil Came Back = Brazil
16 Stage Cleaning = Stage Clear Long Version
(Track 14, "Dance Without Justice", samples two guitar chords from "Aniki Without Duty" but is otherwise new.)

That leaves the following tracks to be Hayashi's own compositions:
02 Black Bullet Appears in Shibuya
05 Mister Posing Mania
10 City Pops
11 Kabukicho Lovers Suicide
13 Shave Your Body Hair
14 Dance Without Justice
15 Muscle Gang Leader
17 Battle Victory
19 Game End
20 Uminiin's Theme
21 It's a Serious Song, Good-bye

Some of those tracks seemed to remind me of earlier Cho Aniki stuff, but I couldn't tell if they really are from an earlier game or just that playing this game drilled them into my head with repetition and that's why the bell keeps ringing. Don't take my word on these as 100% gospel, but I think I'm right. If I find anything else through further listening I'll post it. Any other big Cho Aniki fans who can check my work?

After all this, I think the only thing that needs to be done on the page now is for Hayashi to be added as an arranger, so I'll go ahead and do that. He most likely arranged his own stuff and I bet he did the reprises from the first game too. "Black Bullet Appears in Shibuya" also has some vocals that are probably Hayama, although it could be Hayashi but I don't know what his voice sounds like so I won't add him as a performer.

Also, Masaya spelled the name written "Uminiin" here as "UM I N I N" in the instructions manual to the Super Famicom game and you can see the little dude's name's current official spelling, "Umininn", sung in a song, no less. The company that bought Masaya's IP, extreme, has decided this is how it's spelled (check out for further reinforcement). Shall we change it in the tracklist?

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Old Sep 6, 2014, 07:28 PM
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Just bought ANIKI LIVE MUSIC and discovered Hayama performs "Black Bullet Appears in Shibuya" on it, so I'd say that one's his. If that means one of the five I listed that don't appear in the game has to be bumped off of being attributed to Hayama, "Thomas" is just a reprise of "Yaemon" from the first game and could have been done by either of them. It's the only one of those five that isn't new and is the most likely candidate for not being Hayama's work. Makes sense he'd have the first four tracks and the last track on the disc, with everything coming inbetween being Hayashi's.

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