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Old Mar 9, 2009, 11:44 AM
Ramtieger Ramtieger is offline
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I just changed some track names to match the titles they have in the game, such as quest and location names etc.
After reading the discussions here about the thinking behind changing/not changing the titles to comply with the official names in the games, I guess it's up for discussion what to do in certain cases on this album.

If someone feels that anything should be changed, feel free to do so, but it would be good to discuss it in this topic first.

For instance, the location called "迷いの森" in the Japanese game is actually called "Mazewood" on the map in the jp release as well (and not only something that was given that name for the U.S. release), so that is taken directly from the original jp release.

Other track names like "最終試練" (Trials of Elore in the U.S. release) and "ラストダンジョン" (Quietus in the U.S. release) are up for discussion/interpretation since they're not names from the original jp release and could be seen as deviating from what it says in the original Japanese track title.

Btw, I changed the mistranslation of "邪聖の旋律" (originally translated as "Wicked Melody") that's been floating around all over the place since the soundtrack came out to "Melody of Evil and Divinity".
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Old Mar 10, 2009, 11:28 AM
Ramza Ramza is offline
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I don't think you should go and change MEANING in a track title. If the Japanese track title says "Last Dungeon," then the name of the song is Last Dungeon. The name of the song is NOT Quietus, even if the last dungeon is called "Quietus" in both versions of the game. Same goes for Mazewood. These are the track titles as Ito and crew gave them, and IMO you shouldn't be going around and changing the name of the track to fit your understanding of the game. Whatever the tracklist says, that's what it's called. "ラストダンジョン" = Last Dungeon. Please reverse all of your changes (except for the Wicked Melody one, that's an acceptable change).

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