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Old Nov 17, 2010, 10:20 PM
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Lightbulb About Super Street Fighter II SFC

Okay, i have lately been wondering who did this version of SSFII's OST, there are credits on SFII World Warrior and Turbo, but not in SSFII. I have seen some people who assume Ippo Yamada, but from what i have heard. he just did some of the sound effects, no music here. So in this case, who was responsible for the music on SSFII on the SFC? Was it the same people as the Previous two? Was it the same with one or two more added? When i listen to it and really look into it, i can clearly tell there is more than one person doing this one. But who they are i ponder.

One of the people seem to be the same person who did the SFC port of Muscle Bomber, this person would have been the one who did Guile's theme, Ken's theme, and a few others from what i can tell, but there are others that use a similar programming style but it sounds way different like different people worked on it, unlike many games where it has more than one composer but they stay more consistent with the rest and allow it to conform better, not so much here.

My guess as to one of the people are Yuki Iwai, Isao Abe, and possibly Setsuo Yamamoto(something about guile's theme in this version sounds similar to his usual style, also it looks put together in a similar fashion to X-Men MA's music) and maybe another one or two? I read somewhere Bun Bun did it, but i can't say whether or not he did anything with it. And if he did, i doubt he was alone due to the differences in many tracks. And could Yuko have had anything to do with it?

Sorry if this seemed like a silly topic, but it was something i had interest it. If anyone managed to read this stuff somewhere, please let me know.

Also, did the same people have any involvement with the MegaDrive version? Or maybe just one of them, and the one/s that did this one were responsible for the ones that sound closer to the SFC and just redid it that way and didn't do the ones from the SFC version that sounded different on the MD? Just a guess.
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