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Old Nov 28, 2015, 08:11 PM
Rrolack Rrolack is offline
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I created this child album for the physical CD, as it has an additional track which the digital download lacks, in addition to having slightly different track times.

Unfortunately for me, it looks like vgmdb locks the track list between original albums and reprints. As a result, the new tracklist can't be entered.

What's the best play in this case? Should my entry be deleted in favor of a completely new entry (even though the physical and digital albums have the same name), with its own tracklist?

For reference, the physical release tracklist is the following:

01 Strago's Theme 2:01
02 Ukulele de Chocobo 1:54
03 Terra's Theme 3:11
04 Lizard Dance 1:54
05 Costa Del Sol 2:16
06 Wutai 2:10
07 A Flower Blooming in the Slums 2:02
08 Vamo Alla Flamenco 3:07
09 Descendant of Shinobi 2:07
10 Cosmo Canyon 2:56
11 Burn! Bobonga! 1:25
12 The Veldt 2:09
13 Dancing Calcobrena 2:25
14 Strago's Theme (Remix) 1:39
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Old Nov 28, 2015, 11:23 PM
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Reprint is only if the tracks are the same: just one less or one track more and it's not a reprint. So this one has to be separated.

Another thing, the snapshot from 30 October 2013 is the first one that has the CD. I'm guessing it was added at some point between June and October 2013 (June because it's the last snapshot without the CD). We'll put just a year for now.
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