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Old Aug 20, 2008, 04:32 AM
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DETECTIVE WORK started by blah-sempai and then continued by myself a bit.

GMCL has an entry for 近藤洋 (Hiroshi Kondo), listing him as a composer for Climax Landers (Time Stalkers in the U.S.) and Dark Savior. On this page, 近藤洋 is listed as a composer for Climax Landers along with three members of T's Music. 近藤洋 however is not a member of T's Music himself, despite my erroneous linking of him to the group. This has been corrected. Incidentally, he is also not Rei Kondoh, an actual member of T's Music, as well as an actual composer of Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes, which 近藤洋 was previously linked to.

These four pages here for the four Dark Savior albums and JGML and this place and well really any Japanese page on the internet credit Dark Savior composition to 近藤洋史 (also romanized Hiroshi Kondo but the name has an additional character). The web site of him but mainly some vocalist he's worked with is here. Neither Dark Savior nor Climax Landers is listed anywhere on the site, as far as I could see.

近藤洋史 doing Dark Savior seems very solid to me. 近藤洋 doing Climax Landers seems a bit shakier, since we don't have scans of the inside and the only sites crediting him are GMCL and the one I linked earlier. Given that Climax Landers and Dark Savior were both developed by Climax Entertainment, and that they are both related to the game Landstalker (as well as Lady Stalker), it seems unlikely to me that CE would hire two different people named Hiroshi Kondo to do the music to the games. Therefore, my gut feeling is that they are the same guy, and his name is 近藤洋史 (making GMCL incorrect). But I don't really have any definitive proof.

Also Chudah's Corner lists Hiroshi Kondo as 近藤洋史.

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Old Aug 20, 2008, 04:37 AM
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"Hiroshi Kondo" is printed on the back cover of Dark Savior Sound Factory Series Vol.2, so that's definitive proof of the romanization at least.
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Old Aug 20, 2008, 04:49 AM
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The back scan for Vol. 1 has really tiny, fairly illegible credits beneath the last track. But given that that track is a vocal theme from Dark Savior that's on other albums, it can't be anything but:

作詞:寺田敏雄 / 作曲:近藤洋史 / 編曲:松本晃彦 / 歌:アン・ルイス
Lyrics: Toshio Terada / Composition: Hiroshi Kondo / Arrangement: Akihiko Matsumoto / Vocals: Ann Lewis

So 近藤洋史/Hiroshi Kondo for Dark Savior is pretty much confirmed.

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