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Old May 3, 2013, 02:06 PM
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As I already announced, I'm going to update these old Yamato albums with the information found by dancey and CHz and, of course, with my own findings. I will only discuss the doubtful artists.

-Round 1-

下館広起 (Horn player)
It doesn't exist a single source for the romanization of this musician and I think his name is correctly written on the booklet because there are more credits on the web as hornist for 下館広起. Even so, it's true that in an album (New Sounds in Brass) this artist is credited as 下広起, although only in this album, so I think the correct name is 下館広起 (more credits and more mentions under that name). Hiroki Shimodate is likely the only possible romanization for that name, but no information on the net confirms it.

後藤勉 (Horn player)
A similar case to the previous one, enough mentions on the web to be reasonably sure it's correctly credited. There are no sources for a romanization of this artist's name, and too many possible romanizations with those kanjis, so let's leave it as it is.

塚田彬 (Horn player) = Akira Tsukada
Okay, I think I got a source for this musician's romanization, look. I know that some albums' credits on discogs are not reliable, but I think this is not the case (booklet is likely written in English), and furthermore, along with Akira Tsukada is credited Shin Nagaoka who was also a member of the Symphonic Orchestra Yamato. The release dates of both album are quite similar (77 vs 80), so I think they're the same artist.

初鹿野司 (Violin player) = Tsukasa Hatsukano
It was CHz who found this site, although there are many more mentions on the web of a violinist named Tsukasa Hatsukano, but what really matters is the information provided by that site, since it says that he was member from 1972 to 1981 of the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra (dates coincide with the release date of this album) and there's another musician credited on this album who was also a member of the YNSO (Tatsuo Kodagawa).

小林啓泰 (Violin player) = Hiroyasu Kobayashi
I don’t know if the name is correctly written, but 小林啓泰 only got two credits as violinist on the web (the second credit is here), although there is another Hiroyasu Kobayashi who is the president of the Min-On Concert Association, maybe they’re the same person. Anyway, on this album there is a Hiroyasu Kobayashi credited along with a bunch of other musicians who were part of the Symphonic Orchestra Yamato. The credits on this album are the only source for some other obscure musicians’ romanizations and I think the information seems reliable enough to be used, but if someone believes otherwise, please say it.

大松八啓 (Violin player) = Hachiro Omatsu
The reason why 大松八啓 is only credited on three Columbia records albums is because the real name of this artist is 大松八路, who is credited on this album along with other members of the Symphonic Orchestra Yamato. The credits of the strings section is riddled with mistakes, which complicate things quite a bit.

牟藤伸二 (Violin player) = Shinji Muto
As CHz pointed out, it’s just a misprint, since the real name of this artist is 武藤伸二. Again, I’ll use as source this album because it’s credited someone named Shinji Muto along with a lot of musicians of the Symphonic Orchestra Yamato.

黒柳方晶 (Violin player) = Noriaki Kuroyanagi
Another mistake, 方晶 is not even readable as name. The artist’ real name is 黒柳紀明 and he’s listed as performer on another yamato album and on this album too, along with other violinists of the SOY.

藤畑健生 (Violin player) = Kensei Tomeda
Again, a mistake, the artist’ real name is 藤米田健生. Here he’s listed as performer of the SOY.

福島明 (Violin player) = Akira Fukushima
A mistake (yeah, who'd have thought it?) for a change. CHz already noticed that this violinist’s real name is 福島粲. This may be his facebook account and this is a screenshot taken from his defunct music school web to confirm that reading. It’s not anything new that this artist is almost certainly this one already included in our database.

大村信介 (Violin player) = Shunsuke Omura
Whether it’s an extremely rare musician (not a single mention as violinist on the entire internet) or it’s simply an inaccurate credit. Either way, I don’t have a clue about his real identity, a real mistery. Well, a tentative reading may be Shinsuke/Nobusuke Omura. Searching for another artist I found the real name of this violinist, he's 大村俊介 (here a little profile of him), and on this album is credited along with other members of the SOY.

蔡芳男 (Violin player) = Yoshio Sai
If you try to romanize 蔡芳男 the most likely reading is Yoshio Sai and it turns out that there is a violinist whose name is Yoshio Sai (although with different kanji: 佐井芳男).

小林行雄 (Viola player) = Yukio Kobashi
It was already discussed that this artist’s real name is 小橋行雄. And I say that 小橋行雄 it’s the correct reading because you get hits with "小橋行雄" and ビオラ (viola). Also, it’s really interesting that on this album it’s listed someone named Yukio Kobashi as part of the staff of musicians.

茂木新六 (Cello player) = Shinroku Mogi
CHz already pointed out that this artist’s real name is 茂木新緑. This violist has also been part of the NHK Symphony Orchestra, as many other musicians of the Symphonic Orchestra Yamato.

Wow, this took me more than I expected.

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Old May 3, 2013, 11:06 PM
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Okay, this is all the information transcribed from the page 7 of the booklet:

• Symphonic Orchestra YAMATO/シンフォニック・オーケストラ・ヤマト
Drums: Akira Ishikawa/石川晶
Electric-bass: Masaoki Terakawa/寺川正興
Gutt-guitar: Yoshio Kimura/木村好夫
Electric-guitar: Kiyoshi Sugimoto/杉本喜代志
Piano: Kaoru Iiyoshi/飯吉馨, Hideo Ichikawa /市川秀男
Percussion: Naoki Yamamoto/山本直喜, Isao Kanayama /金山功
Latin: Minoru Ishiyama /石山実
Flute: Yukio Eto/衛藤幸雄, Takashi Asahi/旭孝
Trumpet: Akira Miyashita/宮下明, Masanobu Arao /荒尾正伸, Koji Hatori/羽鳥幸次, Fumiharu Murata/村田文治
Trombone: Yasuo Hirauchi/平内保夫, Sumio Okada/岡田澄雄, Eiji Arai/新井英治, Harumi Mita/三田治美
Horn: Koji Yamaguchi/山口弘治, 下館広起/下舘広起, 後藤勉, Akira Tsukada/塚田彬
Clarinet: Motoe Miyajima/宮島 基栄, Kazuo Uchino/内野一男
Oboe: Yoichi Yamamoto/山本洋一
Tuba: Shuhei Kubo /久保修平
Harp: Matsue Yamahata/山畑松枝
Violin-solo: Shigeru Toyama/外山滋
Violin: Takeshi Kobayashi/小林武史, Kiyoshi Osawa/大沢浄, Yoshinori Tada/多田吉徳, Tsukasa Hatsukano/初鹿野司, Hiroyasu Kobayashi/小林啓泰, Yuji Fukuda/福田雄二, Masatsugu Shinozaki/篠崎正嗣, Hachiro Omatsu /大松八啓/大松八路, Ko Miyauchi/宮内洸, Katsumasa Nozawa/野沢勝正, Yutaka Tomohiro/友広裕 , Shinji Muto/牟藤伸二/武藤伸二, Noriaki Kuroyanagi/黒柳方晶/黒柳紀明, Kensei Tomeda/藤畑健生/藤米田健生, Akira Fukushima/福島明/福島粲, Tatsuo Kodagawa/古田川達男, 大村信介, Yoshio Sai/蔡芳男/佐井芳男
Viola: Yoshiaki Nakatsuka/中塚良昭, Yukio Kobashi/小林行雄/小橋行雄, Sayaka Kunori/九里澄, Katsuhiro Shinoda/篠田勝洋, Katsuhiko Hayashi/林勝彦, Tatsuya Miyake/三宅達也
Cello: Tomio Yajima/矢島富雄, Shinroku Mogi/茂木新六/茂木新緑, Shigeru Watanabe/渡辺滋, Hidekiyo Hirano/平野秀清, Seiho Natori/名取晴甫, Hideo Fujimoto/藤本英雄
Contra-bass: Mitsuo Otsu/大津三男, Michio Sato/佐藤道雄, Hideki Hoshi/星秀樹, Kazuhisa Terada/寺田和久

• Recording Data/録音データ
Date: September 30, 1977 at Columbia 1st Studio/コロムビア第1スタジオ
November 8, 1977 at Columbia 1st Studio/コロムビア第1スタジオ
November 11, 1977 at Columbia 2nd Studio/コロムビア第2スタジオ
November 21, 1977 at Columbia 4th Studio/コロムビア第4スタジオ
November 22, 1977 Columbia 1st Remix/コロムビア第1リミックス
November 23, 1977 Columbia 1st Remix/コロムビア第1リミックス
November 30, 1977 Columbia 1st Remix/コロムビア第1リミックス
Tape Recorder: STUDER A-80 16 TRACK
Tape: SCOTCH #250
Monitor: TANNOY

• Staff/スタッフ
Producer: Yoshinobu Nishizaki/西崎 義展
Composer, Arranger and Conductor: Hiroshi Miyagawa/宮川 泰
Scat: Kazuko Kawashima/川島 和子
Performance: Symphonic Orchestra Yamato/シンフォニック・オーケストラ・ヤマト
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Old May 10, 2013, 02:45 PM
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Pardon, wrong thread.
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