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Old Sep 30, 2017, 07:56 PM
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Additional information regarding this soundtrack release:

- Performer credits for the songs were not included on the album so I have done my best to pull this data from the movie's credits or other sources. (the Susie Allanson credit was taken from IMDb - I don't have any other way to verify this but I am trying to get in touch with the film's director Jerry Rees to look it over)

- Both and iTunes have the release date listed as July 12 2005, but the Film Score Monthly message board shows a release of late January 2005:

- Jerry Rees ended up performing the singing voice for the radio as Jon Lovitz wasn't available for the recording sessions of the songs. (he had been booked on Saturday Night Live early in the film's production so all of his dialog for the film was recorded in a one-day marathon session)

1:53 to 2:10 and 16:00 to 19:36:

- Misc. info (pricing, purchase link) taken from here:

- Official statement from Percepto Records on why some tracks contain dialog (posted March 6th, 2005):

A note from me, Taylor White, the producer of THE BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER:

In answer to your jabs and inquiries, the fact is that the original master tapes for THE BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER simply don’t exist anymore. (Yes, incredible as it seems, there are scores from less than 20 years ago that DO NOT EXIST anymore!) The only source we had to work with was a very clean set of 1/4” reel-to-reel back-ups from David Newman’s private collection, which sadly were NOT 100% complete. Our only choice in maintaining the presentation of the complete score was to include the tracks with dialogue and sound effects or not at all. As a soundtrack buyer, I, too, despise ANY hint of dialogue or sound effects on soundtracks. But as a soundtrack producer, it’s my personal policy to offer the entire score, even if forced to make certain minor concessions. If we’d dropped the tracks altogether, I’m sure the outcry would have been much louder and more snide than a few of the previous posts.

(Surprisingly, no one has noticed that David Newman actually rescored certain overlays, which had also gone missing. I’m happy that his work has proved to be seamless!)
- Lots of behind the scenes information about the movie (and near complete scans of the album booklet) can be found here:

- Percepto Records has been defunct for nearly ten years now, having released only a mere 25 soundtrack albums (their other releases are film scores by Vic Mizzy, Ronald Stein, Georges Delerue, and other composers). Taylor White, the owner of Percepto, now runs a store in Burbank called Creature Features. This is where copies of the Brave Little Toaster soundtrack CD can now be purchased from at the business's Amazon and eBay storefronts:
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