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Old Aug 3, 2011, 07:39 PM
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Default Few questions regarding the database


I was considering adding a videogame compilation album that I own, namely this one (not my pic), to the database, but I screwed up big time on my first album submission (been fixed by a staff member) due to a lack of knowledge about how to use the submission forms and editing tools on my end, so I'd rather have some things clarified for this one so as to avoid any unnecessary mistake.

First, I'd like to make sure it's elligible to be added in the database. I'm pretty much sure it is, but better safe than sorry. In case more infos would be needed, it's a videogame compilation CD containing tracks from various videogames from the 90's, a few rock arranges, and a couple original songs. It's definitely a legit CD, as it was sold with one the most famous videogame magazines in France at that time (Player One).
I don't think it could be considered a bootleg, even if some of the music has been ripped without getting the rights (just an hypothesis, I know nothing about whether they got all the rights for the music they punblished or not) since there are at least some original material, and most of the tracks have been slightly edited.

Second thing, the tracks titles are quite peculiar, and usually differ a lot from what they are on some soundtracks.
Example provided, one of the tracks is THE DISCOLORED WALL by Michiru Yamane, on the Castlevania Rondo of Blood & Castlevania Bloodlines soundtracks. On this compilation, the track is called "Castlevania The New Generation MD (Konami) - Stage 1 level 1".
Should I input in the tracklist those track titles from the compilation as is, or get the "official" ones when available? I imagine it's better to keep them as they are on the release for which I'm making the tracklist, even if noticeably different, but I'd rather make sure before I do.

Still regarding the titles, a few of them, including the album title, are in French. Do I have to translate them as it would be done for releases in Japanese or can I simply put them untranslated as an English tracklist, like it's been done for this album, for example?

A last couple questions related to artist pages.

I believe we (read: new members) can create artist pages for units, but can't add or remove members to them without the help of a Trusted Editor (I think it's how it's called). I wanted to add a new one, and there's also one that is involved in the album I just talked about that I would have liked to add, so as to avoid any credits confusion, as one of the members of the unit has a name (alias) that differs by only two letters from the name of the unit itself. What should I do to get a Trusted Editor to add the missing infos to those artist pages?
I'm asking this in the event I might need to do it again, should I add other units that aren't in the artist database yet.

My second questions is about the alias feature. I noticed some artist pages have aliases listed in them that are written in white, which means, if I'm not wrong, that the corresponding artist page hasn't been created. However, the only way I found (explained on the forums) to add an alias to an artist page was to create an artist page with the alias name, then edit it to change it to an alias.
So, is there a way to add an alias to an artist page without having to create a new page for said alias?

Thanks in advance for clarifying those points.
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