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Old Mar 13, 2015, 03:42 PM
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There is one thing that have been overlooked about Ami Mimatsu on these 3x3 EYES releases:

Yes, she joined TAKADA BAND but not under the name Ami Mimatsu at first. She used the alias of Ami Itabashi.
See all "Insert front" scans for confirmation.

Now why Ami Itabashi = Ami Mimatsu?
Well, while it is hinted in many websites, there was no real proof of that. But she did performed songs outside of TAKADA BAND, such as for Mamono Hunter Yohko.

Now, thanks (again) to the people who did scan the booklets, we can see: -> Ami Itabashi sings "泣く" (M-08) -> Ami Mimatsu sings the same song... and this album is a best of MHY songs...

And voilà, that's it, Ami Mimatsu's alias was Ami Itabashi around 1990-1991.
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