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Old Feb 20, 2010, 06:45 AM
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Default Separate track names and subtitles

I've been thinking this for a while, and now I hear tracklist data in going to be modified it may be a good time.

Quite a number of albums have printed track names along subtitles/descriptions that aren't part of the actual name, but still are official info we should have here imo. My idea is that we could take accuracy a step further and have a separate field to store these descriptions. Then they could be displayed like "trackname (in white) subtitle (in gray)" plus you could choose display/hide them in the options (useful for external taggers and those who don't want them).

Right now we have these subs like "trackname (subtitle)", "trackname - subtitle" and similar variations, but often these don't quite match the original. Ex.- Cave albums have simply "trackname subtitle", but other do have "trackname (subtitle)". This way we could have them closer how they are written (yes, I'm anal enough to care about that).

Some albums do display these descriptions smaller, in a softer color or such to denote they are not part of the name, but still they are shown consistently in different scans, official sites, etc that I think they are official and important to keep them. Examples from my head: Cave albums, Shadow Hearts series, many SNK albums...

Now it may be hard to modify the tables and pages just for that, so maybe an alternate solution would be some kind of a internal delimiter character marking when the subs start. Sometimes it can be debatable when albums have subtitles but for many other it's fairly evident.

Any thoughts?
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Old Feb 20, 2010, 07:35 AM
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Well, a lot of albums print tracks as '[artist] - [title]' Does that mean we should put that as the track name? No, because the artist is obviously not part of the track name. The same thing applies here. This information can't even be considered subtitles, you shouldn't confuse the two. It's extra information about the track, but not part of the track name (you said this yourself.) If it's important it should go in the notes.

If you really want to freedb tracklists with the stage names in them, it would probably be simpler with the new tracklist system to set up freedb to return a modified track title (a new freedb query), querying the stage name from the source product's track and appending it to the title. Alternatively, stage name could be written to a different field (COMMENT or something), which I think would be more useful, that way you could still search for it (assuming you're using a player that lets you search all metdata) and you'd have the proper track titles. Though, I don't know what the final product/tracklist system will look like, so this might not be possible at all.
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Old Feb 20, 2010, 01:30 PM
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The same thing applies here... why? This is just about track names and official notes/descriptions (if 'subtitle' isn't an appropiate term), which there are many cases in the db. Surely artists are different thing, and I believe artists are going to attached per track someday anyway. I'm not saying this needs to be applied to every album either.

Plus I'm actually agreeing with you, just that you'd have the descriptions in the notes and I'd have them next to the tracks in a new field, the album notes should just have general notes. This is important to have per tracklist (original language + translations), otherwise you lose useful db info to query, translate and stuff. Plus if you don't want them you could hide them.

I don't want stages info... just to list what the album uses with tracknames. It may be stages or not, and the same tracks in different albums can have different descriptions so getting it from products is wrong. My point is that such official info is consistenly used with track names, so we should include them here along names as well, let each one to judge if should be displayed or not.

Some examples of what I consider subtitles/descriptions: 0 and 0, 0 and 0 and 0, 0, 0, 0, 0 and 0 and so on.
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