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Old Mar 8, 2011, 06:45 PM
Xenofan 29A Xenofan 29A is offline
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Hasn't 72 been confirmed as having been composed by ACE, rather than Mitsuda?
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Old Mar 8, 2011, 07:16 PM
kyubihanyou kyubihanyou is offline
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Originally Posted by Xenofan 29A View Post
Hasn't 72 been confirmed as having been composed by ACE, rather than Mitsuda?
Take a seat. This will take a while to explain:

First, the track credits she provides from her website ( are slightly different from what you see here.

composition : June Chikuma(83 tunes except M-14,15,17,18Takeaki Kunimoto, M-16Daisuke Inoue, M-56,57Akifumi Tada, M-71,72Yasunori Mitsuda, M-77,78,81,83Kazunori Maruyama, M-01,02(SFX),M-30,35,42,54,73,74,75,79,80,82unknown)

Not only was her total off by one track, she also forgets to count one track by the time the 70s roll around (points to M-71, 72). Fortunately the problem is easily fixed when you know what the exact content of each track is. You have my word that the version in the notes section is as accurate as possible.

Second, as noted in "Jun's tracklist," she credits both Baku Bomberman 2/The Second Attack! credits to Mitsuda. In addition to the Kazunori Maruyama credit (I couldn't find that theme in the Bomberman Jetters OST,) these are the only composition and/or arrangement credits I found questionable. You'll see why in the next point.

Third, Chikuma provides very specific information for the other games and CDs on her website. She notes whether she composed, arranged, or performed for a track or a collection of tracks she worked on and even gives an exact number in some credits. Game credits are especially detailed to the point of providing information down to who was the programmer, which helped A LOT in filling in the arrangement credits not mentioned in "Jun's list."

Looking at it now, I see why you would bring this up. Chikuma was in no way a part of games like Second Attack! or Generation, which is reflected in that none of her themes are present in them. As such, she wouldn't have listed the information for that games. However, this can be contradicted by the fact that Chikuma wasn't involved with Bomberking (or at least the five tracks here; the two versions having been composed and arranged by Takeaki Kunimoto and Daisuke Inoue), and yet she still knows who did what. Perhaps it's just because she knew more about the older games than the newer ones.

Long story short, I guess you can apply that change if you have official backing for it. As I said in another thread, I still need to break that game down, as I haven't gotten used to the finer details yet.

Furthermore, I'm not exactly keen on Maruyama being the one credited for that battle theme (didn't it originate with Shohei Bando in Generation?), but based on the amount of information she provided and including the likes of Takeaki Kunimoto and Daisuke Inoue (both old names that double as an effective within-game credit validity test that excludes her participation), I can't immediately say she's wrong about these things, either.

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Old Mar 9, 2011, 10:00 AM
Xenofan 29A Xenofan 29A is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2009
Posts: 609

I was referring to this.

"Bomberman: The Second Attack, on the other hand, was done by multiple composers including Mitsuda-san and Hiroda-san. ACE composed the themes for the opening, ending, title screen, boss battles, the character Lily, certain stages, and so on."

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