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Old Nov 30, 2010, 10:42 AM
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According to Amazon and YesAsia, this will only be a 1disc release...CDJapan says otherwise, Otaku, too.

I was going to add the tracklist provided by YesAsia, but I though it would be kosher to wait until this particularity was sorted out somehow.


Disc 1
01 Kill The Sound(DR2 End Credits Theme Song 1)
02 Terror is Reality
03 Diva Comeback Amore
04 Mercenaries
05 Militiamen Rooftop
06 TK Overtime
07 Slappy
08 The Twins
09 TIR Intro
10 TIR Action Cue 3
11 Sullivan
12 TK Helicopter
13 Chuck Everyday Man
14 Dead Rising ?U
15 Down I Go
16 You’re An Angel
17 Case Zero
18 Getaway Plan
19 Ambulance
20 Chuck Fixin’ Time
21 TK Train
22 Queen Wasps
23 The Facts
24 Enter The Sewers
25 Hangman Hodwdy
26 Hangman Death
27 Looters
28 Chef Antoine
29 Postman
30 Night Zombies
31 TK Returns
32 Sex Deviant
33 The Getaway
34 Katey Turns
35 Sullivan’s Departure
36 Magicains Trick
37 Ted’s Death
38 Escaping Town
39 No Hiding Place
40 Chuck Alone
41 RIP Katey
Disc 2
01 Fortune’s Delight
02 Velvet
03 Fortune’s Embers
04 The Grand
05 Fortune’s Memory Lane
06 Fortune’s Delicacy
07 Fortune’s Bella
08 VIP Lounge
09 Super Shopper
10 Mall Mavin
11 Mechanical Bull
12 Lonesome Cowboy
13 Peep Show
14 Rosie’s Diner
15 Tiki Bar
16 Rojo Diablo
17 Cheesecake Mania
18 Wild West Grill
19 Cucinna Italianna
20 Viva Fortunato
21 Lombardi’s Candy shop
22 Bratwurst Polka
23 Speedy Expresso
24 Americana 1
25 Americana 2
26 Hamburger Fiefdom
27 High Stakes Poker
28 Money Grab
29 Wonderland
30 Bennie Jack’s
31 Magicians Muse
32 Action Cinema
33 Comedy Cinema
34 Drama Cinema
35 Horror Cinema
36 PubOGold
37 Yucatan
38 Juggz
39 Fortune Park Militiamen
40 Atlantica
41 TK’s TIR(Bonus)
42 TIR Action Cue 1(Bonus)
43 The Twins(Heavy Version)(Bonus)
44 The Shoal Nightclub(Bonus)
45 Kill The Sound(String Version)(Bonus)
46 Plight Of The Zombies(Bonus)
47 Plight Of The Zombies Finale(Bonus)
48 Chuck the Gambler(DR2 ringhtone)(Bonus)
EDIT: I just noticed the tracklist is for two discs... Apparently I'm blind... I'll go ahead and add it anyway.

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Old Nov 30, 2010, 12:57 PM
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Good to know.
Seems like the Capcom version will feature a few more tracks than the Sumthing Else release.
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Old Dec 6, 2010, 03:23 PM
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Four more by my count. Some cues it seems...

On a different, but still related note, I guess I'll hold on this one. First one was only 1CD worth of music, but man was it good compared to this. And mind you, I'm not saying this was a terrible release, but after playing the game, just about a handful caught my interest...
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Old Jan 14, 2011, 01:40 PM
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Just noticed what appears to be a small misspell in the tracklist: I don't know if the thing is intentional, since I haven't played the game, but if they wanted to give track 2.19 ["Cucinna Italianna"] an italian title, they wrote it wrong: it should be Cucina Italiana. The error can be found also on the Sumthing Else release.

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