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Old May 24, 2014, 01:02 PM
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Sound: Ryuji Nishida, Shuhei Seki, Tomoya Sato

Ending theme composition/arrangement/lyrics by Mitsuhiro Kaneda with vocals by MAKI, but I don't know what the title of that song is so I'm not sure it's actually on this CD.

EDIT: It's 希望のレール so it IS here.

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Old May 17, 2015, 06:40 AM
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It seems that this cd mostly reuses music from previous titles of this long-standing franchise of train simulation video games. Indeed, the only two new tracks that don't appear in previous titles of the A-Train series are the first and the last tracks, all the others were part of past soundtracks of this series.

These are the games from which the music originally comes:

A-Train 3D: 01, 30
A-Train 6: 02~04, 07, 08, 10~14, 16~18, 20~24
A-Train 5: 05, 19, 25
A-Train 2001: 06, 15, 28
A-Train 7: 09 (Original from A-Train 4)
A-Train 8: 26, 27
A-Train 4: 29

After hours and hours of intensive research, I discovered all the persons who were behind the music and sound of those games. Let's get into this.

A-Train 6

The soundtrack of A-Train 3D is mostly comprised of tracks from this album, which was composed by Osamu Yoshida, as himself states here. Nevertheless, I decided to take a look at the end credits of the game to check if other people were also credited for sound roles. At the 9:27-mark of this video, the staff roll shows this:

メインサウンド: 吉田 敦
サウンド: 中風 大輔, 小澤 昌美
This means that Osamu Yoshida may not have been the only person in charge of the music of this game. Masami Ozawa (小澤 昌美) and Daisuke Nakakaze (中風 大輔) could have provided some music to this title, although their contribution to the score has yet to be confirmed. I personally think they were in charge of technical aspects of sound (programming, sound effects, etc).

This video offers samples of the tracks found on the soundtrack album. If someone feels like comparing them to the ones found on this cd, this will help you.

A-Train 5

This game is the only one of the whole series whose soundtrack was performed by an orchestra, The Warsaw National Philarmonic Orchestra. The soundtrack was done entirely by Koshiro Nishida. This video contains all the details about the music of A-Train 5.

For those of you who are curious about the music in this game, here a video with the BGM of A-Train 5. Feel free to compare it to this (Tracks 5, 19, 25).

A-Train 2001

This game is the direct sequel to A-Train 6 and most of its soundtrack comes from the previous title. At the botttom of this page you can see how alike the soundtracks of A-Train 6 and A-Train 2001 are.

Osamu Yoshida was in charge of the music of this title, but after checking this video (10:30 mark), I obtained the following info from the end credits:

サウンド: 吉田 敦, 岐田 稔
So, Minoru Kida (岐田 稔) seems to have contributed some music to this game. Who knows what or to what extent. Not a prolific composer/arranger judging by his contributions to other albums in our database.

If anyone is interesed in listening to the A2001 BGM this will suffice. The tracks reused in A-Train 3D from this game are 06, 15, 28, check it out.

A-Train 7

From this game is only taken a track which is this. In this album, there is composer credits for this piece, originally was composed by Koshiro Nishida, who even has it listed in his myspace page (albeit a different version).

Now, looking at this lengthy video that includes the last phase and end credits of A-Train 7, around the 20:10 mark, the sought-after information is revealed:

Sound Designer: Osamu Yoshida
Apparently, Osamu Yoshida is the person in charge of the arrangement of the original piece (from A-Train 4), which has been re-arranged and used throughout the franchise.

There is a playlist which contains all the BGM of A-Train 7. No other track from this game is included here.

A-Train 8

Tracks 25 & 26 from the A-Train 3D soundtrack comes from this game. This video includes all the BGM used in A-Train 8 (at 3:38 starts the track 26 and at 16:58 track 25).

This video which shows the end credits of the game, states the following:

Sound Designer: Osamu Yoshida
As expected, Osamu Yoshida once more in charge of the sound (and music) of the game. He is the only person credited for anything related to sound in the game.

A-Train 4

The earliest game of the A-Train series in including music for the A-Train 3D soundtrack is the fourth installment. Here the original version which is exactly the one included in A-Train 3D (peniltumate track).

As I haven't found any staff roll for this game, I have used other sources for finding out the people credited for sound/music in A-Train 4. First, in this album there are some tracks coming from A IV who were composed by Koji Yamada and Daisuke Nakakaze. So, in theory, whichever of these two may have composed this track or even someone else. However, if the information on this video (track 7), which is the A IV PSX game rip , is accurate, then Daisuke Nakakaze is the composer of "狂った歯車". Anyway, I am doubtful about the video crediting only Daisuke Nakakaze because A IV Evolution was a title in which Koshiro Nishida composed music according to this album.

*See attachments for images of the end credits.
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Old Sep 5, 2015, 10:44 AM
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AIV Evolution was the first game featuring Woman on a Street Corner, to get more specific. The original AIV soundtrack was done by Yamada and Nakakaze right before Nishida joined Artdink's sound team. Pretty much all the major Artdink soundtracks from late 1994 through late 1996 had Nishida as lead musician, including Aquanaut's Holiday, How Many Robot 2 (maybe Tokio 2?), and so forth. Nakakaze himself took a backseat role in composing Artdink games after Nishida and others (in-house members like Ryuji Nishida or external collaborators like Yasuyuki Suzuki) came along; I think A6 is by far Yoshida's work, one that sounds much different (with higher-quality samples) compared to previous synthesized A-Train scores.
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