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Old Nov 8, 2020, 11:25 AM
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I've been holding on to some info for a few days now, but I don't think it's going anywhere as it is, so I think I should post about it by now. This follows on from the discussion in this thread.

There is a Facebook profile for a person named Nanae Suizu (水津奈々絵). There's a good facial profile of her from December 2012.

That's clearly the same person. Also, her friends list contains a lot of SEGA folks, including the other WOW ENTERTAINMENT and/or SEGA WOW sound team members from back in the day that are on Facebook, that being Haruyoshi Tomita, Makito Nomiya, Susumu Tsukagoshi and Eriko Sakurai.

She's also probably the same person as the Enospa project, since Seiichiro Matsumura is also in her friends list.

I sent a message over her way asking if she was the person who composed for SANGOKUSHI TAISEN, since there's still the small chance it's not her, but it's been several days with no response, not that I expected to get a response at all.

cal (nextday) has brought to my attention that she also has a (dormant) twitter account:
Another matching photo, and she follows a lot of the people she's friends with on Facebook, including Tatsuya Suizu. She also follows a couple accounts related to Michael Jackson, and Kenda did mention in the Sanpe column she wrote that Michael Jackson was her favourite.

EDIT 2: She messaged me back!
Sorry for the late reply. When I was working at Sega, I composed the Sangokushi Taisen. I'm glad you remember the music of the Sangokushi Taisen game. Thank you very much.
I also used a translator. I'm not good at English.
EDIT 3: Follow-up
Sports jam! That brings back memories when I was working at Sega.
 I‘m still friends with SEGA’s music composers but I quit SEGA also I haven’t been composing but l feel like composing again.Thank you for your very happy message ! Please continue to love SEGA’s game music.
So yeah, Kenda and Suizu are the same person. Awesome!

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