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Old Mar 16, 2013, 04:06 PM
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Default Upcoming Summoner (2000) soundtrack

Trivia: Summoner was a hack'n'slash RPG released in 2000/2001 on PS2/PC respectively by Volition (of Descent Freespace, Red Faction and Saints Row fame). There were 3 composers on that game: Dan Wentz (was concerned mostly with cinematics), Scott Lee (also known as Dezacrator) and Wally Shaw. Here are the examples of ingame music (links to Youtube): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (also, don't pay any attention to "Official Soundtrack" title - there wasn't any official soundtrack to Summoner, those are just gamerips, I'll return to this issue a bit later).

How is this relevant to anything: Not so long ago, Scott Lee (who was the main composer on the game as far as I know; he didn't take a part in the sequel though) began to post some music from the game on his Youtube channel, including, for example, this previously unreleased track. He also shared a fair amount of trivia concerning development process of the game. The most crucial part was that he had a car accident halfway through production - and while he recovered from it, leadership shifted to Wally Shaw. Some of the tracks Scott wrote ended up being heavily remixed (compare two version of the same track: Scott's version and the final remixed version), some of the tracks were left off for no good reason (as the aforementioned "Shadows track") and some tracks were inserted into the parts of game, that were completely different from initial location for which those tracks were originally composed in the first place.

Here are four recent quotes from Scott:

People keep asking for the music. I might redo new high quality 2013 version if enough people are interested.
Great news Summoner Fans! I have started production on a complete re-release of the soundtrack for the video game Summoner, a OST made in 1999, when I worked at Volition / THQ. This set will included completely redone music from the multitrack masters exclusively with all new songs never released from that era!
This will be just the music as I do not have the original code. While I plan to approach Volition to help promote, this is a separate product from Volition and is a complete re-work of my original music.

It will be a Summoner music Album, not any in game mods or support.
The soundtrack roadmap will be as originally intended for Summoner, the way I created the audio originally in 1998 at Volition Inc. No one remixing the songs, no compromises. The end credits for example, one of the favorite songs people like on summoner, listen carefully hear the melody being looped. This is because I am the only one that holds the multitrack masters exclusively to the music. Youll get to hear the full melodic version as it was intended.
So, that's right here, is the VERY REASON this topic was created on this forum. Because there is apparently a full-fleshed official Summoner album coming our way. Which... I am really-really happy about, since Summoner has some of my favorite ingame music. The official soundtrack is also welcome not just because of the original mixes and progressing, but also because most of both PC and PS2 versions' tracks were 22.05 kHz ADPCMs, so that the improved quality is a definite plus.

HOWEVER, I am not quite sure what to make of the quote #1. Even if he, as other quotes indicate, has started on the actual remastering, there is still an unwelcoming possibility that he might just drop it eventually if there isn't enough interest.

Now, I'm not quite sure what to ask of you or even what exactly I am trying achieve by posting here at all. Well, first of all, I'm spreading the word. Second - I have a request to any of you who liked all the music I linked to earlier. Please, when you have some time, don't hesitate to express your interest to the composer, so that he knows that there are people out there waiting for this soundtrack. Spreading the word on some other forums would also be a tremendous help.

And that's probably all I wanted to say.

Thanks in advance - and I hope you've enjoyed the music,

UPD.: Here are 2 announcement videos from Scott, containing excerpts from the soundtrack: 1, 2.

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