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Old Mar 13, 2011, 05:17 PM
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Default Verification on the rest of my Joe Hisaishi adds

Before I go adding the rest of the cds i own to the database I want to make sure they're "ok" to add per submission guidelines. The remaining stuff i have is mostly film, tv, original works.

This is what I have remaining that I have not added:

Eligible (These are ones I initially went through and deemed eligible, either original works or animation)

Sasuga no Sarutobi さすがの猿飛 (VICL-60421~2), animation
Joe Hisaishi & New Japan Philharmonic World Dream Orchestra W.D.O. BEST (UPCI-9022), original works
Joe Hisaishi THE BEST COLLECTION (UPCI-1048), original works, has tracks from Nausicaa, Arion, Spirited Away.
Piano Stories II POCH-1604, original work
Works I, POCH-1652,original work, contains a suite (3 songs) from Nausicaa, Madness (originally from My Lost City but he reused it in Porco Rosso)
Super Orchestra Night 2001 (WRCT-1005), original work, has 4 Spirited Away songs
Joe Hisaishi Best Selection (GNCL-1053), original works, has a song from Porco Rosso.
Kuusou Bijutsukan (also called "~2003 LIVE BEST~") (UPCH-1299), original works, has a song from Kiki's Delivery Service I think (I'd have to listen to it)
MKWAJU (COCB-53340), original works
ENCORE (UPCH-1142), original works, (2 songs from Spirited Away, one song from Mononoke Hime, one song from Porco Rosso)
COMPLETE Best Selection (PICL-1235), original works, song from Porco Rosso

Things I just re-went through and added to the eligible list:

Kaze no Bon (WRCT-1006), original works
American in Paris (UPCI-1036), original works, I think this was live too
Curved Music II (UPCH-1216), original works (?), do CM song compilations count as original works or ineligible? I don't see Yoko Kanno's CM compilations in the database either (I have them, too)
Chijyo no Rakuen (PICL-1085), original works
WORKS III (UPCI-1027), original works, (symphonic arrangement of jinsei no merry-go-round from Howl's Moving Castle)
PRIVATE (WRCT-1007), original works. If I remember correctly this is a compilation of songs where Joe actually sings.
Pretender (N29C-703), original works (?), I'd have to verify that this isn't a film but I don't think it is.
Melody Blvd. (PICL-1088), original works, has a song from Porco Rosso
Sound Theater Library something (NACL-1516), original works (?), would have to make sure this isn't from a film
Kishotennyo (TKCA-71916), original works, I think this is also another sound album that is for a manga that has no animation (Just like Ouke no Monsho)
alphabet city (32JC-130), original works.
Information (TKCA-30670), original works
ETUDE -a wish to the moon- UPCH-1221, original works
illusion (NACL-1505), original works
I am (TOCT-25121), original works,
RAKUEN / MALDIVES (WRCT-1010), original works

Things that are probably not safe to add or need clarification, these are in my INELIGIBLE pile:

UPCH-1191, Dolls, film
WRCT-1003, Futari, film
UMCK-9319, A Tale of Ululu's Wonderful Forest, film
WRCT-1004 Haruka, Nostalgia, I'm not sure if this is a film or not.
PICL-1082, Piano OST 1, film
AVCF-26630, Taiyo Shijinki OST 1, chinese or japanese tv drama
POCH-1918, Hatsukoi, film?
Milan French version - Le Mecano de la General, film
PCCA-00095 - Tasmania Story, film
POCH-1672 - HANA-BI, film
US Milan version - Kikujiro, film
TOCT-26910 - Saka no Ue no Kumo, Japanese TV drama?
French version - Le Petit Poucet, film
PLCF-4088 - Battleship Yamato, film
COCX-30087 - Shigure no Ki, film, I think
Silva release - Brother, film
Korean Universal release - Welcome to Dongmakgol, film
CPC8-3055, When the Last Sword Is Drawn, film
taiwan official release - The Sun Also Rises, I think this is a Chinese TV drama, or movie
MUCD-1175 - A Tale of Mari and her 3 Puppies, film
PICL-1084 - Piano, OST 2
SRCL-7360 - Akunin, film
AVCF-26629 - Taiyo Shinji OST 2, tv
UMCK-1273 - I want to be a shellfish, movie?
UMCK-1268 - Departures, movie
French release - Sunny et l'Elephant, film I think
CT32-5001 - That's Love Story, film
POCH-1928 - Shoot the Violist, film

Not sure if all the NHK TV Series are eligible, but I think it's the soundtracks to a bunch of science films/educational NHK stuff.

MRCA-20040 - Human Brain & Mind Vol. 1
PCCR-00300 - NHK Special "Gene"
PCCR-00302 - Universe Within I, Human Brain & Mind Vol 1 & 2
NACL-1503 - Universe Within
NACL-1513 - Special Issue Universe Within
NACL-1512 - Universe Within
PCCR-00301 - Universe Within Vol. 1 & 2
MRCA-20040 - Human Brain & Mind THE BEST

And just this extra one

RACA-20 tokyo.sora, Yoko Kanno, I think this was a tv drama

Please let me know if anything in my "Eligible" pile is ineligible, and if anything from the "INELIGIBLE" pile is okay to add.
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Old Mar 14, 2011, 01:31 AM
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Originally Posted by dancey View Post
RACA-20 tokyo.sora, Yoko Kanno, I think this was a tv drama
As Kanno is seen as the composer who has mostly works on anime, I think anything from her is basically eligible. I'd also have added some TV albums from her myself (Honey and Clover, Kamikaze Girls, etc.), if I could gather a set of the scans. I know less about Hisaishi, but if his main field is also anime, I see no problem.

Btw, I must say you're doing really great works. Your (and AcidBeast's) anime submissions are massive yet of high quality.
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Old Mar 14, 2011, 01:47 AM
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I believe the problem with hisaishi is he has a pretty even split. Aside from studio ghibli he doesn't do many anime and he's only done 3 game soundtracks. this is probably the best site that has his noted works and if I'd have to make a safe assumption I'd say it's split 25% studio ghibli, 35% film, 35% solo/original works, 4% non-ghibli anime, 1% game?
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Old Mar 25, 2011, 05:12 PM
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Just bumping this for visibility and more discussion. I've added all the animation/original works that I own, I only have movie/tv stuff left. There's still a lot of animation scores left to add but I'm a little uncomfortable adding albums that I don't physically own. I can get basic information off websites but there's not a lot of information on the 80s albums. Most of the early 80s albums I'm sure had vinyl releases and information on them is scarce. The other cds that do have information I'm fairly certain composer/arranger/performer/lyricist information are inaccurate at best so I'm piecing information from reprints/related albums and I don't like doing that.

If these are okay I'll finish adding the ones I own then start working on ones I don't own. If they're not i'll start working on original works/animation albums that I don't own.

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