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Old Nov 13, 2009, 08:57 AM
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There seems to be some slight packaging differences. The two uploaded pictures of the obis and front covers are different in appearance. The back cover for this version (not uploaded yet) is slightly different to the one currently here as well.

Taking a guess, perhaps one version was sold at a Comiket and the other version was published and sold officially? Which one's which?

I have the half-opaque green obi and the front cover with the logo on the top left. The CD is HBMC-008.

I would like to know if there's any useful information on the other obi, in particular, the yellow... never mind. It's the Hobibox Records logo, which doesn't exist on my obi.

Not sure if it's worth a separate entry.
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Old Nov 23, 2013, 07:40 AM
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4 years already!?

Now that I got myself another (different) copy of this album 4 years later, "mystery" solved. In true Chrono Trigger OSV reprint comparison fashion (see my past posts), I will now do the same for this album. One can assume that one copy of this album was sold earlier than the other based on the visual differences. The differences are as follows:

Front Cover (i.e. Booklet Front Cover)
Old: Album title on top, parallel with the "barcode" graphic.
New: Does not exist.

Old: "Lost Child" logo on top left.
New: Logo in center, indented to the right. Green album title also in center.

Old: Cover art.
New: Same cover art, except slightly zoomed in. Possibly stronger colours.

Old: An interesting "Powered by 埼玉最終兵器" text in bottom right corner.
New: Does not exist.

Back Cover
Back cover designs are significantly different between the two. A picture is worth a thousand words so I'll just mention that the text font(s), text placement and logo(s) font/placement/existence are different. The newer back cover has a different kind of "barcode" graphic, has a "Compact Disc Digital Audio" logo (old does not), and 2003 copyright logo (old does not). Also, both have the same art, but the newer one is much more colourful and vivid.

Left Spine
Album title font/color (thick and white) is different from new (think and light green with dark green background).

Right spine
Old: Exactly the same as above.
New: Thin and white text on green background.

Picture = 1000 words. But as mentioned, old has no Hobibox logo, new one does. Also as mentioned, the left part of the old obi is an opaque green, the new has different designs. Also, the newer one has much more text.

Not significantly different.
Old: The grey colour is... grainy, if that's the right word. Think chessboard design (white and grey) except down to the pixel.
New: An opaque dark grey.

Old: Standard "Compact Disc Digital Audio" logo.
New: For some reason, a "Compact Disc Digital Data" logo. Checked already, no data files.

Booklet Back
Slightly different. Old has Lost Child logo and album title. New has red text, black background, and tama-soft logo but no Lost Child logo.

Booklet Page 1-2
And now we reach the most significant of changes.

Old: Reasonably boring, mainly grey/black text on white background, and a similarly monochrome character art. Credits the two people who did the "vishual" design and jacket design respectively.
New: Much more colour in the font, the character art, as well as the existence of background art (left page background: Lost Child Side-B front cover art, right page background: Side-A front cover art). No design credits.

If you're still reading then you're probably impossibly bored thinking why did this guy make me read this shit I don't care about. Well, let's finish it off with the most significant change that might make your time worth it after all:

Old: Text from "PC News", I assume a magazine or something similar.
New: The existence of reasonably long liner notes/message from the composer, S.S.H. which does not exist in the old booklet. Interestingly enough (actually not really), there is a small picture of the old front cover on the same page.

As far as updating the scans the go, and the subsequent intense debate on whether these two copies should be treated as different entries in this database, I'll leave it to people who possess higher quantities of care than I do.
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Old Nov 23, 2013, 09:28 AM
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or they just reprinted it upgraded
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