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Old Feb 4, 2009, 11:54 AM
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Cool The spiral cheese experience: Music by a lifelong gamer, 4 gamers

Does hearing Uematsu’s FF6 battle track put you into a trance? Does the riff from Megaman II’s Flash Man stage echo through your dreams? Does hearing the opening notes to Zophar’s theme make you wish desperately that you never pawned your Sega CD to buy food during this recession?*
*this is a trick question. I trust no self-respecting gamer would ever do this.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you should probably check out Spiral Cheese Horizon’s new album, Spiral Cheese Arising. An eclectic and genre-spanning musical concoction heavily inspired by Hoosier composer Ryder Timberlake’s formative experiences during the “golden age” of gaming (NES - Playstation 1), Spiral Cheese Arising is at once a nostalgic temporal trip for long-time gamers and an innovatively eccentric step for video game and electronic music. The album is a 12-track journey to the center of the circuit by a lifelong connoisseur of video games, sporting music that ranges from the primitively synthesized “No need for a hero”, to the funky and foreboding “Gradual onset jungleitis”, to the fusion of sampled world instruments and styles in “Nightfall: Kyoto, Vienna”. The record also includes memorable tracks from the soundtrack to Fythorn: Curse of the Skull Bandit, an RPG that currently exists only in Timberlake’s head and which owes a great deal to the 1995 Super Famicom classic Tales of Phantasia.

If you grew up with video games in the 80s and 90s, you will instantly recognize many of the aesthetic nods to the classics, and likewise appreciate the artist’s own unique spin on that era’s formulas. If you started playing video games this millennium, you’ll discover an enriching musical world markedly and refreshingly different from the one you know, as well as numerous compelling and familiar elements. In short, if you enjoy video game music – but especially if you long for the good old days and appreciate artists who buck trends – this is an album you must check out!

Available now on iTunes and Amazon!

Also check out the Spiral Cheese Horizon website:

You can contact the artist directly at:

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