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Old Mar 29, 2021, 06:09 PM
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Here's my attempt at title translations, I feel confident that these are accurate although I'm not sure if it would be more grammatically correct to say "Clash of Fighting Spirit" or "Clash of Fighting Spirits."
I'm also not sure if the addition "たち" would make "ライバルたち" into "Rivals" as opposed to just "Rival."

01 "NO FUTURE (TVサイズVer.)" → "No Future (TV Size Ver.)"
02 "ストライクレーザークロー" → "Strike Laser Claw"
03 "ジャッジカプセル投下!" → "Judge Capsule Release!"
04 "戦いの序章" → "Prologue to Battle"
05 "戦いが終わって..." → "The Battle is Over..."
06 "紅き閃光!" → "The Red Flash!"
07 "ぶつかり合う闘気" → "Clash of Fighting Spirits"
08 "ダークバトル" → "Dark Battle"
09 "ライガーとの出会い" → "Encounter with Liger"
10 "企み" → "Scheme"
11 "高速の戦闘" → "High-Speed Battle"
12 "ビット・クラウド" → "Bit Cloud"
13 "バックドラフト団" → "The Backdraft Group"
14 "ハリー・チャンプ" → "Harry Champ"
15 "ビットの休息" → "Bit's Rest"
16 "トロスファーム" → "Toros Farm"
17 "ゼロ・イェーガー" → "Zero Jager"
18 "エレファンダー" → "Elephander"
19 "リノン・トロス" → "Rinon Toros"
20 "ピアス" → "Pierce"
21 "アルタイル" → "Altair"
22 "バラッド・ハンター" → "Ballad Hunter"
23 "トロス博士" → "Dr. Toros"
24 "流離人 ~さすらいびと~ (inst.)" → "Wanderer (inst.)"
25 "NO FUTURE (inst.)" → "No Future (inst.)"
26 "ゾイドバトル" → "Zoid Battle"
27 "ジャック・シスコ" → "Jack Cisco"
28 "ゼロ・シュナイダー" → "Zero Schneider"
29 "ゼロ・パンツァー" → "Zero Panzer"
30 "バスタースラッシュ!" → "Buster Slash!"
31 "勝利の余韻" → "Afterglow of Victory"
32 "夕闇に染まる惑星Zi" → "Planet Zi Dyed in Twilight"
33 "ダークジャッジマン登場!" → "The Dark Judge-Man Appears!"
34 "黒い炎" → "Black Flames"
35 "渦巻く陰謀" → "Swirling Conspiracy"
36 "サラ" → "Sarah"
37 "崩壊の足音" → "Footsteps of Collapse"
38 "邪悪な影" → "Evil Shadow"
39 "ライバルたち" → "Rivals"
40 "父の影" → "Father's Shadow"
41 "流離人 ~さすらいびと~ (TVサイズVer.)" → "Wanderer (TV Size Ver.)"


03 I believe "投下" is more commonly translated as "drop"/"dropped," but based on what I could find it seems that it can also be read as "release" such as in the context of a plane releasing bomb(s) which fits inline with how the Judge Capsules are released from space and fall to the planet's surface. Additionally the exact phrasing seems to change throughout the dub so I'm not sure if it would be better to say "release" or "released." In episodes 1 and 6 it sounds like they're saying "Release!" but in episode 12 they definitely say "Released!" I can't make out which they said in episode 20 and episode 3 is the outlier as there they instead said "Launching Judge Capsule!"

06 In the dub Naomi Fluegel's nickname is changed from the "Red Flash" to the "Red Comet" which is likely meant as an allusion to Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam.

19 In the dub "Rinon Toros" is changed to "Leena Toros." However, her original name "Rinon" can still be seen on Harry's parachute in episode 12. Interestingly, some of the Japanese Zoid model releases have gone on to use "Leena" instead of "Rinon" as seen on the HMM Gun Sniper LS box.

21 In the dub "Altair" is changed to "Altile." Although there are no subtitles or closed captions this spelling can be seen on episode 22's description on the back of one of the DVDs: The Dragon Under the Sea: In search of the Ultimate X" The vacationing Blitz Team battles under sea with Altile in search of the Ultimate X

22 In the dub "Ballad Hunter" is changed to "Brad Hunter."

33 In the dub "Judge-Man" is changed to "Judge" and "Dark Judge-Man" is changed to "Dark Judge." Also, during episode 5 when the Blitz team is preparing for their next battle the original Japanese name can be seen on the screen in English and the spelling used there is "Judge-Man" as opposed to "Judgeman" or "Judge Man."

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