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Old Mar 2, 2009, 08:18 AM
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Default Manually adding "Related Albums"?

Would there be a way to open a little more flexibility into the "related albums" field, such as being able to manually add them?

Currently it's only linked to an exact match of the game title of the Product Represented field, correct? (sometimes the game title doesn't produce any matches when it should either, due to ANY variance in the text of the title...)

One example of manually added relations I'm thinking of now could be this Legend Box, and how there are 3 other Boxes in that Legend series. Being able to manually link the other boxes would be nice, as people may not know that is a series.

Would manual relation links work with just a small tweak to the current fields, or would that require too much coding changes to bother?
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Old Mar 2, 2009, 03:24 PM
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We could add something like that.

I'd been toying around with how to do a complete rewrite that combined:
- albums related similarly by the people who rated this album
- albums with similar artists
- albums with similar games
This would be used for gathering a list of candidates, and displaying the top 5. Some of these relations need to be fuzzy instead of exact match (like Joe Smith rates this album a 3.5, but another album a 4. That 4 album is also a candidate, but weighted less. Similarly if an album has most of the same artists, but not all, it's a candidate but has a different weighting.)

I'm not sure how slow that would be, or whether the results would be useful or rubbish. We could allow staff to manually insert some subset of the 5 choices.
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