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Old Feb 25, 2009, 05:04 AM
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Default Tracklist (translations?)

Hello everybody. 1st post here, but using the site long time ago, so first of all: thank you to all of you who made all this possible.

My question is about the language on the tracklistings. Many times the releases in this database are submitted with the tracklist on english and japanese, but I would like to know how does it comes on the hands. I mean: does the release come with the tracklist only on japanese and then the english is a translation that the submitter did?. Or does the CD come with the tracklist on both languages?

For example, lets say this album:

I'm curious if those CD in real life come with the track list on both languages. The title of the release is clearly shown on the cover on english, so its "original" title is the one on yellow (and the one on gray below could be a translation done by the submitter?). But when talking about the tracklist, it comes on the page with the option for both languages and I want to know which one is the one used on the release or if it originally come with the two of them.

Thanks so much in advance and excuse my poor knowledge about this.
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Old Feb 25, 2009, 05:22 AM
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It depends on each release. For the album title, we have 3 main types: "display", "original", and "romaji". Frequently for Japanese albums, the "original" title contains the Japanese text, and the "display" title (the one in big golden letters) is a translation of that. Some Japanese albums (such as the one you linked to) already have an English title, so we use that in the "display" title (the Japanese title isn't actually a translation; it's provided on the official site and may be printed on the spinecard as well).

As for the tracklist, frequently the English version is a user-submitted translation of the default Japanese tracklist printed on the album. There are cases where a Japanese album does come with both Japanese and English tracklists, but this is uncommon. Also, if an album is released domestically with an official translated tracklist (or the domestic game release contains a sound test with translated track titles), we'll use that version -- however if it differs significantly from the user translation, we'll post both versions of the English tracklists (see the Okami soundtrack).

I understand that currently it may be difficult to discern which is the "default" tracklist for a particular album, or whether it is official or user-translated. That'll be fixed in the future, when we restructure our database and interface.
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Old Feb 25, 2009, 05:58 AM
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Thank you very much for your support.

This doubt became initially when I knew that this album was released, so I found its info here, but later when looking on some online shops, the english tracklist they have were different on some tracks than the one you had. So I was in doubt if that release came with only the japanese one or not. I guess it only comes with the japanese and the english one is a translation then.

Thanks one more time and good to hear that on the future a feature will mark wich one of the tracklists is the one the CD comes with.
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