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Old May 11, 2011, 03:40 PM
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Default Final Fight 2 Composer Discussion

Well, since i know this kind of stuff is accepted, i decided i would go on with a FF2 composer discussion. This is one i have been interested in since i came except back then i didn't know if it was accepted to talk about something that has no album, but i've seen some people do it here, so i figured, why not do one of this game? lol

Anyway, to those who don't know, the composers to the game are:

Yasuaki Fujita(Bun Bun)
Mari Yamaguchi
Setsuo Yamamoto
Yuko Takehara(Kadota at the time the game was made)
Yuki Iwai(Yuki Satomura when game was made)

So, i'll just get down to business what i can pick out, cause some i can tell, some i can speculate, and some i can't tell yet.

Bun Bun: Well, with him, the one song that i feel is definitely his is "Bears are Hiding in the Woods". For one, after listening to Rockman 3, i get a jist on his composition style, can't exactly explain it, but from what i can pick out, this song sounds like that same style, also has a similar sound and feeling to Gemeni Man from RM3. Considering he's at the top of the list, perhaps he's the one that made the intro themes? I can't really say, just an idea. I'd have to see more from him to tell which else he might have done.

Mari: Well, i am not too familiar with her work, but i suspect she might have done "No Time to Lose"? I can't make any claims with her as i don't recognize her style quite yet.

Setsuo: One song that i feel 99% certain is his is "Sleep Junk Down" For one, the bass style sounds very much like something he could do. It has that similar tone to it to songs like Adon's theme, and i think it shares mostly the same beat as Gambit's theme from X-Men MA as well as many other similarities to the theme, like the mood and the melodic style, and one part does resemble a part in Adon's theme, listen to them back to back and you might just pick out what it is. As for anything else i can't exactly tell, Creeping Wheeping possibly? Can't say.

Yuko: No song in the game sounds like her usual style here, so i really can't say, exactly. The song "Finished" i think is definitely her's due to the percussion style. Spit on the floor also comes to mind, i am unsure with this one but i also suspect "Carve a Dragon Wood" could possibly be her's too? The song is energetic and upbeat and shares similarities with Gambit's theme from X-Men vs Street Fighter on one part. The bass also sounds like something i could see her using. But i also wonder if setsuo yamamoto might have done the song too, but i lean more towards Yuko with this one.

Yuki: This one seems easier than some others. Two i definitely feel like are her's are "Fret Street Beat Beat" and "Lift Fighter II" FSBB, well, when i first heard that song, all i could think of was "Street Fighter III", she was responsible for working on that game's music, to those who don't know that. And LFII, that song sounds like Rockman X2 to me, same bass style, and the end part really strikes me as when Yuki used that brass, like in Goof Troop.

Anyway, this is my take on the whole thing. Anyone else have idea, feel free to hand them out.
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Old May 11, 2011, 10:09 PM
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First things first.
Music: Bun Bun, Mari, Yuki, Setsuo, Yuko, Anie
Sound Effect: Anie

Tatsuya Nishimura, much like Toshio Kajino in Final Fight 1 (SNES) actually does music for once during his time at Capcom.

For the record I'm going in blind. This should be fun...

Yasuaki Fujita: Destruction [Opening Demo 1], On Like Mad [Opening Demo 2], No Time to Lose [Player Select], Don't Hesitate [Round Start], Work's Done [Round Clear], The Frenzy [Bonus Stage], Finished [Continue], Perfect Solution [Last Round Clear], Flower Shower [Ending/Staff Roll], Spit on the Floor [Unused], Elevatorboy the 3rd [Unused]

Mari Yamaguchi: Creeping Weeping [Round 1.5/3/4.5/6.25], Bears are Hiding in the Woods [Round 6]

Yuki Iwai: Fret Street Beat [Round 2], Lift Fighter II [Round 5.5/6.5]

Setsuo Yamamoto: Sleep Junk Down [Round 5]

Yuko Takehara: Carve a Dragon Wood [Round 1/6.75]

Tatsuya Nishimura: Bust Up the Railway [Round 4]

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Old May 14, 2011, 12:56 AM
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Wow, uh, i never caught Anie's name in the actual credits...I feel stupid...Anyway, i don't know anything she has done so i can't say exactly what she might have done. Well i think so, according to her page on here, she is a he(male symbol)

Anyway, i see me and you agree on a few things here, however, i think Lift Fighter seems more like something Yuki would do considering the bass style sounds a lot like something she would use, listen to Flame Stag from Rockman X2 and you'll see what i mean. It also sounds more alert, like it's ready to go, much more like the work of Yuki. But then again, The boss theme from X-Men MA sounds like the work of Yuki much more than Setsuo but i see nothing about her working on that game, only Yamamoto. so who knows exactly? lol

As for, Bust up the Railway, i would say setsuo due to using that layering effect on the slap bass, which as i mentioned many times, is a trademark of his on the SFC.

The reason why i credit Yuko to Spit on the Floor is because i tend to think of Boomer Kuwanger with that one, which i assume 99.9% is her's. And Finished has her percussion style.

Just my two cent.
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Old May 14, 2011, 08:12 AM
kyubihanyou kyubihanyou is offline
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-I now think you're on point with associating the Round 5 theme to Setsuo because this game serves as the reason he arranged Bay Area for Stage Rolento in Alpha 2. It only makes sense that he did Rolento's stage in Final Fight 2 for him to specifically take charge of that character later on (and since his level in FF2 is a bay it also explains why Bay Area [Round 5] from Final Fight 1 was used instead of Industrial Area [Round 4] for Rolento [Round 4 Boss]). Lift Fighter II is technically not his theme since it is used a second time, and I suppose it resembles Magna Centipede a bit.

-Sleep Junk Down [Round 5], now that I've listened to it more, gives me an Armored Armadillo vibe (not Yuki).

-Lift Fighter II [Stage 5 Boss] uses the same general approach as Sting Chameleon [with the outro] (which I use to think was Iwai's), but the background of the latter track is clearly Yamamoto's. On the other hand, the general idea to reuse the intro for his Alpha 3 theme (by Takayuki) might be because it was originally his wife's (had Yuki composed that theme this would be open and shut).

**Keep in mind that Iwai is above Yamamoto for a reason.

-I put Nishimura to the Train stage [Round 4] because it seemed the least inspired and, well, off (or rather distinct) compared to the others. I also went in with the idea that with 6 rounds and 6 sound team members everyone essentially did a round.

-Carve A Dragon reminds me of Boomer Kuwanger, MvC and Rose Stage, so I agree with you there.

-Looking back Creeping Weeping has a lot of similarities to Bears...

-Then I just put Fujita to all the main/miscellaneous themes, which are all basically the same sound. As for Bears... [Round 6] I'd only otherwise give it to Mari, who has "secondary main/miscellaneous themes" (i.e. Player Select and wherever Elevatorboy came from).

-While it is not as prominent or uniform in SNES games as arcade games, Capcom definitely has a "balancing act" thing going on among some or all of the members of a game's sound team.

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