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Old Jul 13, 2020, 07:47 AM
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Default Translations for Japanese title terms

This is a list of all common terms that should be translated on the first line of album titles, as well as a few terms for artists and products.

These translations should only be used if the term is not already translated in the album's material, in which case that translation should be used.
For example this album uses "HIT SONGS" as a translation for "ヒット曲集", instead of Hit Song Collection.

When a term is translated this way, the respective romanization should always be included in the third line of the title, in order for the Romanized option under "Title / Name Language" to work correctly.

List of terms:
-- Music Terms --
主題歌 (Shudaika) -> Theme Song
挿入歌 (Sounyuuka) -> Insert Song
劇中歌 (Gekichuuka) -> Insert Song
音楽 (Ongaku) -> Music
-集 (-shuu) -> Collection
音楽集 (Ongakushuu) -> Music Collection
楽曲集 (Gakkyokushuu) -> Music Collection
劇伴集 (Gekibanshuu) -> Music Collection
劇伴音楽集 (Gekiban Ongakushuu) -> Music Collection
曲集 (Kyokushuu) -> Song Collection
歌曲集 (Kakyokushuu) -> Song Collection
ヒット曲集 (Hit Kyokushuu) -> Hit Song Collection
音楽編 (Ongakuhen) -> Music Compilation
音楽篇 (Ongakuhen) -> Music Compilation
音楽館 (Ongakukan) -> Music Hall
全- (Zen-) -> Complete
音楽全集 (Ongaku Zenshuu) -> Complete Music Collection
総音楽集 (Souongakushuu) -> Complete Music Collection
主題歌全集 (Shudaika Zenshuu) -> Complete Theme Song Collection
組曲 (Kumikyoku) -> Suite
交響組曲 (Koukyou Kumikyoku) -> Symphonic Suite
管弦楽組曲 (Kangengaku Kumikyoku) -> Orchestral Suite
合唱組曲 (Gasshou Kumikyoku) -> Choral Suite
ドラマ編 (Drama-hen) -> Drama Compilation (for actual compilations) or Drama Version (audio track of movies etc.)
録り下ろしドラマ (Torioroshi Drama) -> Original Drama

-- Bonus/Edition Terms --
特典 (Tokuten) -> Bonus
予約 (Yoyaku) -> Preorder
限定 (Gentei) -> Limited
初回 (Shokai) -> First Press
-版 (-ban) -> usually Edition, sometimes Version (e.g. MSX版 -> MSX Version)
-盤 (-ban) -> usually Edition, sometimes Disc (e.g. 音楽盤 (Ongakuban) -> Music Disc)
限定版 (Genteiban) -> Limited Edition
限定盤 (Genteiban) -> Limited Edition
初回限定盤 (Shokai Genteiban) -> Limited Edition
初回生産限定盤 (Shokai Seisan Genteiban) -> Limited Edition
特装 (Tokusou) -> Special
特別 (Tokubetsu) -> Special
豪華 (Gouka) -> Deluxe
完全版 (Kanzenban) -> Complete Edition or Full Version
完全収録版 (Kanzen Shuurokuban) -> Complete Compilation
特別編 (Tokubetsuhen) -> Special Edition
出張版 (Shucchouban) -> Spin-off
付録 (Furoku) -> Supplement
連動購入特典 (Rendou Kounyuu Tokuten) -> Combined Purchase Bonus
[shopname]購入特典 ([shopname] Kounyuu Tokuten) -> [shopname] Bonus

-- Numbering --
第1巻 (Daiikkan) etc. -> Vol.1 etc.
第一巻 (Daiikkan) etc. -> Vol.1 etc.
その1 (Sono Ichi) etc. -> Part 1 etc.
上巻 (Joukan) -> Vol.1
中巻 (Chuukan) -> Vol.2
下巻 (Gekan) -> Vol.[n] <- pick volume number as appropriate

-- Artist Terms --
合唱団 (Gasshoudan) -> Choir
管弦楽団 (Kangengakudan) -> Orchestra
交響楽団 (Koukyougakudan) -> Symphony Orchestra

-- Product Terms --
第2期 (Dainiki) etc. -> 2nd Season etc.
第二期 (Dainiki) etc. -> 2nd Season etc.
劇場版 (Gekijouban) -> [name] the Movie (only when actually part of the title, exclude if descriptor like TVアニメ)
映画 (Eiga) -> [name] the Movie (only when actually part of the title, exclude if descriptor like TVアニメ)
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