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Old Jan 2, 2018, 03:50 PM
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Anison's link:

No mistake, they just forgot to add the chorus arranger Makoto Nagai for the track 2, and don't mention the names of the fictional characters Acha and Kocha [アチャとコチャ] performed by Kaneta Kimotsuki and Shinobu Adachi on the track 6.
I put a photo of the complete credits from the booklet of the album.

But with, there is always the problem to know if the infos about the insert/image songs are correct.
According to Japanese Wikipedia and contrary to what Anison says, the songs 4 and 6 are insert songs too, Kagayaki no Mai/輝きの舞い is used in episode 23, and Acha Kocha Cha Cha Cha/アチャ・コチャ・チャチャチャ is used in episode 29 (Wikia confirms that for this one:
So only the songs 8 and 9 are image songs:

My opinion about this album: a wonderful hit song collection, surely the best of the 90s for a sentai.
Just see all the names of the known artists who participated in the album to guess its quality.
All the songs are great pop rocks songs; Kentaro Hayami, Mari Sasaki and of course Hironobu Kageyama are excellent singers.
Only the song of Acha and Kocha is of lower quality and more delirious.

Anyway for me Ohranger has just the best music (OST & Songs) for a sentai in the 90s. It's somewhat equivalent to Choujuu Sentai Liveman for the 80s.
I also consider Ohranger as one of the best soundtracks of Seiji Yokoyama, his best work by far for a tokusatsu (better than Metalder and Winspector) and it's also my favorite soundtrack from this composer just behind Saint Seiya.

Finally it's a pity that Ohranger didn't have a complete song collection CD like other previous sentai, it would have been worth it.
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