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Ok, as I promised, here's the summary for the story this album tells. It's mostly based on the Drama CD, as while the manga is for the most part faithful to it, it also deviates quite a few times from it in order to further expand the characters and setting. I'll also be adding the explanations for the bonus songs from the limited editions from the manga and the last track from the drama CD.

Overture of Creation ~WEL ARY TINDHARIA?~

This song simply shows how the young Goddess Aria created the world of Tindharia. The song also states it on its lyrics, where Aria is telling someone that she is creating FELIA (the Moon), SHELIA (the Sun), and finally, the Small Aria (all of the life forms). In the drama CD, on the other hand, we hear the narrator telling this about the world:

Goddess Aria created the world, and formed the first Principles: Whenever the trees of the forest that nurtured the world began to wither, the Small Aria (now simply known as the Aria) would sing to restore life to the trees and the forest, thus, keeping the world in balance and sustaining it. However, in order to accomplish this, the Aria would have to sing the ARIA (the Song of Life), which would take away their own lives to give them to the forest. Most of the Aria simply complied with this, just seeing it as their duty of protecting and maintaining the world; however, there were other Aria that were in disagreement with these Principles, and thus, they left the forest for the deserts that were beyond them, built a city, and established there. That was how the Humans came to be.

However, this only brought terrible things to the world: the Humans forgot how to sing, and the duties they had when they were Aria, and instead of taking care of the forest, they repeatedly went and took away the resources the forest had to sustain their own existence. The Aria that remained were enraged by this, and whenever Humans and Aria meet, it always ends in disaster, with both sides attempting to kill each other. This is why the Humans consider them as demons, and try to avoid encountering them, which is the reason behind them considering the forests both a blessing, and a symbol of fear.

After the narration ends, we can hear a young Aria girl talking with the current leader of the Aria, asking what kind of lives the humans like the one that once saved her have, and asking why they are always fighting with the Aria. After a while, the girl says that she wants to meet the Humans, and try to understand them, so they won't have to fight anymore. The elder replies that she is a very special child, even among the Aria, and says that she might be destined for something important. The girl then replies that while she wants the fighting to stop, she also doesn't want the forests to ever change.

As an additional fact, the Aria don't have any names of their own: when they are born, they are destined to protect a tree, and so, when they need to be differentiated from the other Aria, they are called by the name of the tree they protect, in this fashion "Aria of x", where x is the name of the tree.

Seed of Prayers

While in the Drama CD this song doesn't show up until the very end, at the Epilogue, in the album itself it serves as the introduction to the world of Tindharia, and foreshadows the events to come in the future of the plot. Also, it describes how the Humans live: as mentioned above, they live away from the forests, in a city surrounded by a desert, and thus, they have to go to the forests to harvest and search for food and water. This is why the Aria have branded them as traitors to the natural cycle of life: they never give their lives back to the forest, and instead, they rob it from the resources it has to continue their own lives, thus disrupting it.

Shards of a Vast World

While this song doesn't show up in the Drama CD, except for an instrumental version, it actually gives some insight on the main character for this story: Salt Fennel. Salt is a Human boy that lives in the city, and contrary to the other humans, he isn't afraid of the Aria or the forests: he actually admires them, and has always impatiently waited for the time in which he would become one of the Gatherers, the armed groups that went to collect food and water from the forests, to finally begin exploring the forests, and to be finally able to meet one of the Aria he has heard so much about during his life. He also had learned a bit about them because he secretly had in his possession some books on the Aria, which his father, the current leader of the city and commander of Gatherers, had deemed as forbidden documents and didn't allow anyone to read or have them. Many times, he wanted to go to the forest by himself, but no one except for the Gatherers were allowed to go outside of the town given how dangerous it was to venture into the desert and the forest, and his friends Fitz and Nasta always told him to wait until he became a Gatherer to fulfill these dreams.

Finally, on a certain day, Salt was approved to go with the Gatherers, thanks to the influence of his father, Junde Fennel, and departed to the forests. There, he and his superior Clesson began gathering fruits and wood to carry them back to town using their Kururu (giant chickens), and after a while, Salt began to go deeper into the forest to search for water. He got lost within it, and after some hours wandering aimlessly, he heard a singing voice. Following the voice, he finally met up with an Aria girl, and he was left awestruck upon seeing her. The Aria girl noticed his presence because Salt's Kururu, Maria, growled a little too loudly, and she stopped singing. Salt tried getting close to her, but he only got his face hurt, and when the Aria girl went closer to him, he got scared and broke off one of the branches from a nearby tree to use it as a weapon to defend himself. The girl asked him what he was doing, and then, went close to him, and asked him to extend his hands to her.

Cyclic Principles

The girl then began singing a different song, and while she was singing, the branch began shining and then it reattached itself again to the tree from which Salt had broken it off. Salt asked what that song was and what she was, and the girl then told him that it was the song for returning life to the trees and forest, and that she was an Aria. Salt was taken aback by this, and the girl got a little flustered by this, and that he had broken a branch from a tree, and began to go away. Salt asked her to wait a little, and introduced himself, while asking her name. The girl then asked him if he was the Aria of a tree called "Salt Fennel", and Salt, surprised and amused to this, told her he was a Human. Now it was the turn for the girl to be surprised, and asked him what was a name. Salt told her it was only what he was called, his name. The girl then told him that since she was an Aria, she didn't have a name, and asked him why he and all the other humans had one. Salt told her it was to make themselves distinct from all the other humans, and since she didn't have a name, he offered to give her one.

He began thinking all sorts of names, although one slipped out from his mouth without noticing it: "Parsley". The girl liked it, and told him to call her like this from now on, not without Salt protesting against the idea.

After Salt returned to the town that night, he met up with his friend Fitz, and began talking about how he met an Aria, about Salt's childhood dreams, and finally, about the "Eternal Blessing" that everyone was always seeking, which the humans thought it was hidden in the tree that served as the core of the forest protected by the Aria: the Tree of Tindharia. Many Gatherers had several times tried to reach that place to find the fabled Eternal Blessing, but whenever they tried to approach Tindharia, they found themselves back at the entrance of the forest. Next morning, Salt returned to the forest to talk with Parsley and continue having fun with her. This time, Parsley explained him how the Aria could feel the feelings of the forest, and sang to it in response to these feelings. Then, she asked him if the humans could do the same as the Aria: return their lives to the forest whenever it was in danger, but Salt had never heard about that before. And when Parsley tried to demonstrate to him how the Aria sacrificed their lives for the forest by singing to give her life to him in gratitude for giving her a name, Salt stopped her, since he didn't want her to die like that. Parsley just laughed, and told him that the Aria aren't gods, since the Aria actually can't give their lives to anything else besides their own trees. Salt was relieved, but Parsley just laughed saying she was only playing around with him. Then explained to him that the Aria return their lives only to the forest, to the Tree of Tindharia, to continue protecting the Principles that the Goddess had established, since said Tree was the very first thing that the Goddess created in this world. Here Salt told her he knew about the Tree of the Goddess, and about the Eternal Blessing that was hidden in it. The Eternal Blessing was basically the definition of paradise: something that bestowed boundless food, water and resources to those who managed to attain it.
However, Parsley had never heard anything like that, and told him she didn't know anything like that. Then, both began arguing because Salt couldn't comprehend why giving their lives to the forest was the maximum happiness to them, while Parsley couldn't understand some things about the humans, beginning with the giving of names, and that like the Elder had told her, the humans were like that, and began running off. Then, they began wondering if this was why both humans and Aria were unable to live together.

The next day, Salt came over to meet with Parsley again, and when he tried picking up a few of the fruits that were dangling above them, Parsley ordered him to stop, and then she explained why the Aria hated the humans so much: the sadness of the forest of getting everything it produces being taken away, and no matter how much the Aria sung, the humans would come again and take away everything they had restored by giving their lives.
Salt then suggested her to begin searching for the Eternal Blessing, to make everyone happy.

When they returned to the town that afternoon, Salt noticed that Maria seemed to be sick, and asked Fitz, Nasta, Clesson and even the ill-tempered Gatherer captain Titri to help him with it. They couldn't do anything about it, and advised him to let the Kururu rest. However, when they went back to their homes, Maria began running away, forced Salt to saddle up on her back, and ran to the forest at full speed. Once there, they found Parsley singing, but while they tried to approach quietly to not interrupt her, they ended pretty much falling down from the place from where they were watching. Parsley was surprised to see them, but then she smiled, and then began singing other song...

(Bonus) Crossing the Dreams

Upon listening to it, Salt got very relaxed, while Maria fell asleep from it. Parsley then explained this song was what the Aria used to force the stagnated cycle of life to flow again, and they used it whenever there plants and trees that had trouble growing. She also told Salt it was quite useful for whenever he had problems sleeping.

After a while, they went back to their conversation from the previous days, and Salt asked her if she hated the town, to which Parsley said that she didn't quite like it, since the forest feared it. However, she said that she didn't hate all the humans, since Salt was one that didn't try to bring any harm to the forest or the Aria, and there were ought to be others like him.
Salt then stood up and invited her to have fun in the city during the Flower Festival, so she could see how the humans were. Parsley accepted the invitation, and then, they agreed to meet again at the day in which they would go to the festival, which was also was given as a free day to the Gatherers.

Salt then went to talk to Clesson, to ask him if there would be a way to find the Eternal Blessing to not continue taking away things from the forest, so the Aria and Humans would stop fighting each other. Clesson then asked him if he was in league with the Aria, to which Salt replied that he didn't, but he merely wanted both sides to stop fighting. Clesson just told him to try to not think too hard about it, and to be careful about saying these things. Salt then just asked if the Eternal Blessing could truly exist in this world, to which Clesson replied he didn't know either.

Likewise, Parsley went to talk with the Aria Elder to see if she would know something, but the Elder told her that the Eternal Blessing was a human-made story, and then, she fell down. Parsley asked her if she was okay, and she told her that she was going to have to return her life very soon to the forest. Then, she gave to Parsley a necklace that was the keepsake of the human that had saved her some time ago, and it had written in it "Rosewood", which Parsley wondered what it meant when she went to sleep.

Maidens of the Flower Festival

That day, when Salt brought Parsley to the town, both Nasta and Fitz were quite surprised to see her, and Fitz told him to drop the idea, mostly because everyone would know what she was from her clothes made out from tree bark, leaves and vines, until Nasta took her away to make her change clothes.
They met again when the Festival started, and Salt was taken aback when he saw Parsley's new clothes, and Fitz began making fun of him because of this.
Then, they began walking around, and talking with the people they met in the plaza of the town, such as Clesson and captain Titri.
Titri was the direct subordinate of Salt's father, and a person that held an strong hatred towards the Aria, because they had killed her father 15 years ago, which was shown when she began arguing with Clesson because of how he was talking about the Eternal Blessing and the Aria.
Parsley was quite amazed to see everything in the city, and how the things the people were playing (the musical instruments) produced sounds (music). Then the traditional flower spreading began: a girl with a basket filled with flowers began throwing flowers around.
Salt apologized to her, because he thought this would be to the Aria other of the things they hated, but Parsley told him that this didn't matter, after all this was a festival for the humans, and as such, an special occasion, and she was having a lot of fun. However, it turned out that Parsley had unknowingly drunk wine, causing her to get drunk, and then she told Salt that she was also going to do something special for the people: sing.
This brought about a show of lights, and Salt and his friends had to take her away from the city so the people wouldn't find out she was an Aria.

Until the Moon of Tonight Sleeps

After they left the city, Salt and Parsley began talking while they were looking at the full moon near the border of the forest.
Both thought it was so mysterious, that the humans and Aria were so different, but there were some things they had in common.
And then, Parsley offered to Salt to show him her own special song in gratitude for the fun she had in the festival.

The Sounds of Light

Which is this one: an special song that fills the forest with the light of its own life, and serves to guide the lost Aria back to the correct path. Salt was surprised and overjoyed with this, and Parsley also told him this was in gratitude too for giving her a name.
After Salt went away, the other leader of the Aria, the Aria of Grenbarn, appeared. He told her that the Elder had already sung her final song, returning her life to her tree, Nim, and now, he was in charge. Then he seized her, and after calling her a traitor for making friends with a human (pointing the fact that, contrary to the Aria of Nim, he was a radical human hater), he took her away and imprisoned her within the forest, to force her to marry him next day.

That night, and all the following day, it rained...
that day, Junde began choosing people to send to the forest for hunting down the Aria, and the chosen one was no other than Titri Rosewood, who also had pushed to be chosen to avenge the death of her father at the hands of the Aria.
Then, when she reached the border of the forest, she saw a girl fallen down to her knees, and crying in sadness and despair. That girl was Parsley, and she asked Titri if she knew Salt. Titri recognized her immediately as the girl that was with Salt in the festival, and noticed that she was an Aria.
Titri then, letting herself by guided by her hatred, drew out her spear and pointed it to her, while screaming that fifteen years ago, her companions had killed her father. Parsley recognized her surname as the same thing that was written in the necklace she was wearing, and showed it to Titri.
Titri recognized it as the keepsake of her father, and violently denied that a man as her father tried to save an Aria, despite Parsley telling her that was the case, and that was the same thing that the Aria of Nim had told her.
Titri continued saying that was all a lie and, tried to stab her... but she was paralyzed by some reason.
Then, Parsley continued pleading to her to believe her, that her father really did help her, and Parsley also told her that her father was a very gentle man, like how Salt was to her. To be more precise, when Parsley was still a baby, she was once left at the border of a ravine by accident during a very rainy day. The Aria of Nim was too scared to go after her, but at that moment, Titri's father arrived, and quickly took the baby and gave her to her. However, immediately after, the ground below him collapsed, sending him plummeting into his death, and only leaving behind the keepsake that Parsley was wearing now.
Titri then fell to her knees, dropped her weapon, and began to accept the truth...
But then, the Aria of Grenbarn appeared...
Parlsey only retorted that she wanted to be friends with the humans after he called her a traitor once again, but he only called the humans idiots, to which Parsley reminded him that a human had saved her life a long time before, and tried to make him see that it was possible for both Aria and humans understand each other by talking, and that they could be very gentle too. The Aria of Grenbarn just mocked her words, and told her that since they are the protectors of the forest, they don't need any emotions, nor they need to talk anything with the "idiot humans", and just need to continue singing and obeying the Principles, as the Goddess told them to.
Parsley tried to continue reasoning with him, but it was in vain... Titri then entered the discussion, telling him that if the Aria were so emotionless as he said, he wouldn't be filled with so much hatred and rage, which made him grab her weapon, and stab her with it...

Then he grabbed Parsley again, who was only sobbing and crying, and took her back to the forest...

Elsewhere, Fitz and Salt were fighting over because of Parsley being an Aria, until Nasta called Salt over because his father was summoning him. Salt thanked Nasta for this, and went towards the place where all the Gatherers were assembled.

The Whispers That Return to the Forest

While she was imprisoned, Parsley began having a dream... in there, she met with Goddess Aria, who asked her if she was hurt or sad.
Parsley answered that she was hurt, but that she didn't want to feel these feelings, that she didn't want to continue feeling like this...
The Goddess told her that she made the Principles to make everyone happy, but she didn't expect that things were going to turn out like this, and she decided it was time to change the Principles... to create a new Promise for everyone.
Then, she taught Parsley the song for making that possible, but warned her that singing this would bring new kinds of sadness and happiness to this world.
And furthermore, Parsley was the only one who could not only communicate with Goddess, but also change the Principles because she was the Aria of Tindharia...

When Parsley woke up from the dream, she noticed that not all of it was dream, because she could still remember the song the Goddess had taught her. However, since this song would make the Tree of Tindharia to turn back into a seed in order to change the Principles, it would take the same toll on her as the Song of Life: she would disappear. Still, she knew that there was no other way, given that things were only getting worse between the humans and the Aria.

The Flames of Truth

The assembly that Salt's father, Junde, had summoned was because of the attack on Titri, who the people had found unconscious in the outskirts of the town. All the people present were shocked to hear that an Aria had attacked a person like her, and Junde announced that they were already sick of the Aria killing their people, and dismissing them as demons, he told it was now time to finish them off: they would go to the forest, and burn it down to ashes, not only to get rid of the Aria, but also to reach Tindharia and get the Eternal Blessing from it. Then Salt stood up to his father, and after asking that if Titri was indeed attacked by an Aria, he explained to him that if the Aria were to die, they all would die as well, and the same thing would happen if they destroyed the forest. Junde told him that all of this was foolishness, but Salt then explained to him why the Aria hated the humans so much, and pleaded him to find a way to make both sides to agree without having to kill each other, to try and find the Eternal Blessing together.
Junde just dismissed him as a traitor, and ordered Clesson to take him away and lock him up in the dungeon.
Then, the humans departed to completely destroy the forest and the Aria.

The Path that Leads to a Dead Land

The rain had already stopped...
And while he was locked up in the cell, Salt began thinking and remembering... the times he had spent with Parsley, and then, he began thinking he was a complete idiot to think that the Aria and the Humans would be ever able to understand each other, given how old and deeply the problems between both races ran... Everything was lost now... he never would be able to do anything about it...
Until Fitz came to set him free.
Salt continued being depressed, but Fitz began talking him out from it, he told him to stop being so stupid and go and stop his father. That Parsley was waiting for him, and if he really was useless enough to to leave her unprotected.
Salt finally reacted, and after asking Fitz how he was going to get him out, Fitz showed him he had the keys to all the cells, and opened the door to Salt's.
Salt thanked him, while Fitz only told him to hurry up and go to protect his girl, and also told him to make sure to return in one piece.

The Protectors of the Forest

Once the humans had finally reached the forest, they began setting everything in fire...
Until a terrible song began echoing throughout the forest...
And the trees then began attacking the humans, bringing a fierce battle to its start.
Salt then began using the song that Parsley had taught him, the Sounds of Light, to make the forest show him the path to Tindharia, and told Maria to follow these lights, until she was stopped. Salt asked her with did she stop, but it became evident a second later: the Aria of Grenbarn was just in front of him. Then, Grenbarn began berating him for being one of the idiot humans, for doing something as useless as giving Parsley a name, and for being one of the ones that only take away the life from the forest, and that don't know anything about the Principles of the world.
Salt replied that he did understand all of that thanks to Parsley, and told him that he had come to stop this senseless fighting. Grenbarn mocked his efforts, calling the humans stupid beings that would never understand anything, and even if they tried to talk things out, the humans weren't reliable, mostly because of the fact that the forest was now engulfed in flames. Furthermore, with each tree the humans burnt down, a Aria died.

However, Salt told him that the humans could also feel the same things as the Aria, and that he would do anything to stop this. Even if he wouldn't be able to repair the damage that was done to the forest, he would seek a way of making everyone happy. The Aria of Grenbarn told him he didn't trust in his words, but when he saw how serious Salt was, the Aria mocked him again, and told him to stop the flames. He would only listen then to his words, given that the only happiness for the Aria is protecting the forest. Salt accepted the challenge, and continued his way to where the humans were, while he remembered how he and Parsley had been so happy, and he thought they should be able to convey that same happiness to everyone else.

When he found them, the others were fighting against the attacks the forest was launching them, burning the trees with their torches, which was causing several of the Aria to die and disappear in the air, while Parsley screamed at them to stop, since at this rate the forest would completely burn down, killing everyone with it. Junde only told her to shut up, and if she wanted this to stop, then she had to make the song stop. Then, he ordered his archers to shoot at her. When the arrows were about to hit her, Salt jumped in the way screaming at them to stop, and received them instead of Parsley...

A Promise with the Life

After Salt received the arrows that were aimed to Parsley, he told the others that they would never find the Eternal Blessing like this. Parsley thanked him for having come; and that she had believed all this time that he would come, while he apologized for having took so much time to come.

Junder then asked why he had done such a foolish thing, but Salt just repeated the explanation he had given at the assembly, and upon getting word from his men that the Aria indeed died and disappeared upon getting their respective trees burnt away, he accepted to stop the fighting, and ordered everyone to drop their weapons. However, this wasn't enough: an strong rumble was then heard, showing the fire had managed to reach Tindharia, which would pretty much spell the doom of this world... Junde then ordered everyone to retreat from the forest... but Salt was so wounded that he couldn't stand up, and Parsley apologized to him. Salt asked her why she was apologizing, but she just told him that, thanks to him, she was able to know many more things than what she would have learned if she had just lived secluded within the forest, and even if she couldn't sing to heal him, she would still sing for him.

- "Why do you say that? What do you mean?" - Salt asked.

- "Because of me, too much people has been hurt... even you, Salt... and this is the only way in which I can help you..." - answered Parsley, filled with sadness.

- "No, it isn't your fault..." - Salt replied to her.

- "I know now... why the Humans give names to each other... and the feelings that they put into them... I could feel them because you gave me a name..." - said Parsley, thankful for that display of affection.

- "It's true... Parsley..." -

- "Because of that, I was thinking about to who I should leave my feelings... It'd be okay if I left them to you?" - Parsley said as she distance herself from Salt a little.

- "P... Parsley? Where are you going?" -

- "I'll show you my last, and most precious song..." -

- "Your last...? No, you can't... Parsley... Are you going to...?" - Salt asked, realizing what she was going to do, while he stood up and grabbed her by the arms - "No, don't sing it!" -

- "Even if you try to stop me, I'll still sing it" - she said while she laughed a little - "Please, promise you'll always remember me, okay? Salt..." -

Then, she only said this phrase...

"Who are you? I am Tindharia."

- "I sing here and now, for this world, for the Aria, and for the gentle people I have met..." - Parsley thought as she entrusted herself completely to the song she sang - "And please, I want that these feelings, that these wishes I had as "Parsley", to go on to the future... For Salt's sake..." -

All of the Humans and Aria around saw how Parsley began to shine; and began disappearing as she gave off a soft glimmer.

- "It's like the miracle we saw at the festival" - a man commented.

- "This is... the song that the Goddess would bestow upon Tindharia only!" - the Aria of Grenbarn said, filled with amazement - "She truly has returned..." -

- "This is Parsley's song?" - Nasta asked seeing the strong light that came out from the forest; and hearing the song resound everywhere.

- "I can hear it, too..." - Fitz said, at Nasta's side.

- "Someone's... singing..." - Titri said, as she awakened from her coma.

- "PAAARSSLEEYYY!!!" - Salt shouted as he ran to embrace her, but it was too late: Parsley had already vanished, together with the Tree of Tindharia.

- "WEL SIE RIO? FEL MIE TINDHARIA..." - Salt said, repeating the same words that Parsley had said - " 'My name is... Tindharia' "-

- "You were... the Aria that protected Tindharia?" - Salt said, filled with sadness and surprise.

- "You didn't even know that, did you?" - the Aria of Grenbarn said, as he came closer to Salt - "As I thought, the Humans truly are idiots, aren't they?" -

- "He's one of Parsley's companions... an Aria..." - Salt thought.

- "Though it seems to not be valid anymore... she has disappeared, but it seems she has left new Principles to us..." - he said as he pointed Salt towards an spot in the ground, where Parsley stood a little before.

- "This is what shows us the new Principles?" - Salt asked as he looked at the place Grenbarn showed him - "A Seed?" -


Some time after, Salt came again to the spot where the seed was, and began taking care of it, following Parsley's last wishes. Also, he talked to the seed as if he was talking to Parsley, and told her everything that was happening now to the world. Now the Aria were getting used to not having to return their lives, though they hadn't still getting used to being called by a name, particularly the Aria of Grenbarn, who always made a sour face whenever Salt called him "Gren".
Junde and Clesson were now dealing with new problems, but it seemed that things were working out nicely, although Clesson was having quite a handful with Titri...
Fitz and Nasta were now getting in some kind of relationship, though they seemed to be awkward towards it.
And finally, Salt had begun studying and learning about the Aria and their world, and while he still had a long way ahead him to be able to understand well the language of the Aria, he was doing a good job with it, and he was glad that the world had been progressing so well, and hoped that they would someday, somehow, see each other again - "Parsley..." -

(Bonus) Symbol of Wishes

This is the song that Grenbarn sang to the Tree of Tindharia after Parsley disappeared. Despite having acting so much like a jerk, he actually loved Parsley from the bottom of his heart, and thus, he took upon himself the job of being the guardian to the seed that she left them, alongside Salt. He later on built an stone monument that would watch over the Tree of Tindharia, and with Salt's help, he wrote the score of a song in it, which contained his wishes for the Tree to grow healthy and strong, and for the world to eternally prosper. That inscribed song is actually formed by the initial and final choruses of this one. Naturally, this made Grenbarn into the first MESYARIA, and the founder of the Apiareid family.

(Bonus) Illuminating A Promise

This is the bonus song from the Drama CD, and it pretty much tells what happened after the story's ending from Salt's point of view: the Aria learned about many other emotions besides rage, hatred, and the happiness of returning their lives, and the fact of how much sadness this caused to the people that loved them. This was why they ultimately got used to not having to return their lives to the forest. Aside of this, Salt also pledged to make sure to take care of the world that Parsley had left them for as much as he lived, and until the small seed became a great tree, like the old Tree of Tindharia was.

(The End

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Sorry for the double-post, but I thought it'd be a good idea to mention I also added the performers to this album.

However, I didn't add the chorus members, as I think the performers section would have exploded if I did (which I think it's the same reason why no one added the chorus members to the credits of the Ar tonelico 1 and Ar tonelico 2 Side Red Hymmnos Concerts, given the number of people in the chorus) xD
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Originally Posted by aquagon View Post
However, I didn't add the chorus members, as I think the performers section would have exploded if I did (which I think it's the same reason why no one added the chorus members to the credits of the Ar tonelico 1 and Ar tonelico 2 Side Red Hymmnos Concerts, given the number of people in the chorus) xD
We have some albums with overwhelming performer lists, so as long as it improves our perfectionism, I think it's definitely welcomed. The reason why we may or may not see such explosion so often lately is maybe because of the lack of times, rather than we hate it.
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Ok, I've added the chorus members as well, and I'll be doing the same for the credits of every Ar tonelico album where Phantasmagoria, EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/. and Hartes ciel, melenas walasye. appear.
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Old Jun 7, 2012, 05:32 AM
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Great works. Two small things are I would keep some unit name in romaji (Tindharia chorus -> Tindharia Gasshoudan, People of the World -> Sekaiju no Hitobito) and credit both group and its individual performers though.
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Old Jun 7, 2012, 11:41 AM
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Again, terrific work on that summary!
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Old Jun 7, 2012, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
Great works. Two small things are I would keep some unit name in romaji (Tindharia chorus -> Tindharia Gasshoudan, People of the World -> Sekaiju no Hitobito) and credit both group and its individual performers though.
Hmm, okay. I'm not really partial to using either an English or romaji name for the units, so anything goes for me.

Originally Posted by LiquidAcid View Post
Again, terrific work on that summary!

Although talking about the story, from what I've seen this is the only of the three albums to end in a bittersweet note, but the other two (Griotte and ARIA) have quite tragic endings. I'm kinda fearing what will happen when Shimotsuki performs the songs from both of them live this June 30th during her FEL FEARY WEL concert. xD
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Originally Posted by aquagon View Post
I'm kinda fearing what will happen when Shimotsuki performs the songs from both of them live this June 30th during her FEL FEARY WEL concert. xD
Nice, I didn't know that a new concert was upcoming. Any idea if there are plans to physically release this one, like the 2009 FEL ARY ARIA concert?
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Old Jun 7, 2012, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by LiquidAcid View Post
Nice, I didn't know that a new concert was upcoming. Any idea if there are plans to physically release this one, like the 2009 FEL ARY ARIA concert?
Unfortunately, there haven't been any news yet on it, but having the FEL ARY ARIA concert as a precedent, I'm fairly confident that they will release the concert in video (either as DVD or Blu-Ray), as it doesn't suffer the same problems that plague her other lives or Shikata's concerts: having so many songs in the setlist whose copyrights are held by several people aside of themselves, which makes them a nightmare to license.
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