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Old Sep 29, 2009, 03:27 PM
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It looks like Sasai's writing his name as 笹井りゅうじ these days, as can be seen in his profile pages for QueenMania and Spiders from Cabaret, so I changed it to that.
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Old Dec 16, 2014, 06:16 PM
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I've been trying to work out Sasai's involvement in anime as per his interview and VGMO profile.
Mysterious City of Gold (1982)
Music credited to:
Shuki Levy, Haim Saban, Ryuji Sasai
Windaria (1986)
As far as I can tell this seems to have been primarily scored by Satoshi Kadokura. I watched the ending credits but didn't see Sasai's name (could have missed it). I suspect this album is not the complete score. According to his VGMO profile Sasai seems to have had pretty in-depth involvement.

Adventures of the Little Koala (1984)
Can't find any Japanese episodes. The NA dub had remade music, as was typical of a lot of early dubbed anime.

Then there's his post-Square work, done under a pseudonym. Maybe when he stops doing live shows he'll settle in and release some of his older work.
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Old Nov 25, 2016, 02:44 PM
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Some nice photos here.

Photo #1: Uematsu and Kazuko Shibuya, the main 2D character pixel artist for Square's FF games. Her pixel art is as essential to FF as Amano's character designers are.

Photo #2: Uematsu again, Ito of course, Chihiro Fujioka on the far left (composer/drummer/director on SaGa3 and many others), and finally Sasai on the far right.

Photo #3: Akitoshi Kawazu.
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Old May 26, 2019, 05:50 AM
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As discussed on the FFMQ soundtrack it appears Sasai is actively composing game music again since 2015. My current guess is that he may be employed by Exe-Create which pushes out a lot of small games on its own and for Kemco, likely for other companies as well. His Japanese Wikipedia page lists a couple games.
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